The VCR Days

What is your favorite childhood movie? Is it a Disney movie you grew up watching almost everyday with your family? Is it a movie you snuck to watch with a parent or older brother or sister? You would think my favorite childhood movie would be a Disney movie or something around there, but no. I didn’t watch the normal all kid movies when I was younger. I watched PG-13 and R movies when I was little too. Nobody is perfect and most of the movies I watched only had make-out scenes and that’s it. So nobody is to blame there.

We know I watched both Bad Boys and Purple Rain, but there was a third to my list. I actually watched it yesterday and I still enjoyed it as much as I did when I was little. I don’t think my sister would remember the movie at all. She hardly remembers anything I do. Must be nice. Anyways, when I first watched it was on this VCR tape where it had two other things on the tape with it. It had the Halloween special of Charlie Brown and something else that I can’t remember at the moment. It’ll come to me later on. At least I hope so.

This movie has of course, Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Dedson, but also Nia Long and Will Smith. This movie was released around the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days, so Will’s character kind of acts the same as his character on the TV show. When I watch this movie I swear I could probably quote the whole thing. But probably not without the closed captions though. It’s an interesting and hilarious movie. I don’t know which character I like the most. Earlier, it would be Will’s character, but watching it today (like, now) it would be Ted’s character Hal.

I remember watching this movie yesterday and feeling like it was 90’s all over again. Not only did I find out that S Club 7 was coming back and releasing a new album, but something about yesterday just felt like the 90’s. I went back to my childhood, and at the end of this movie I wished that the Charlie Brown’s special cut out the credits of the movie and switched it over, but it didn’t. So that part kind of made me sad but oh well. At least I got to watch it. It doesn’t normally come on anywhere at all. I’ve seen it play on TBS and TV Land, and of course they would shorten it by taking the scenes that weren’t acceptable for cable TV out. So I was very lucky to have found out it was playing on one of our movie channels. Hopefully something else in my past, like this movie comes on soon.