REVIEW | The Girlfriend Experience

I’ve done it again! I’ve started watching a new series on Starz. Ever since Flesh And Bone ended I’ve been really sad because it was something that I really looked forward to on Sunday nights. Now I’m watching this show called The Girlfriend Experience. 

One of the differences between Flesh And Bone and this one is that I had seen promos as early from July and the show didn’t premiere until early November. I had only known about this series for maybe a month or so. I knew early on that it wouldn’t be a show I would able to watch in the middle of the night without having to explain to my dad why I’m watching a show about a woman who is working as an high-end escort. I’m still trying to figure out why I wanted to watch it in the first place.

The way I publish this review will be after the second week, so I won’t be including my thoughts about that episode. Just the first two episodes called “Entry” and “A Friend.”

Normally when you watch a show on TV, there’s a small introduction of who stars in the show followed by the names of crew. Well, there’s no little written names at the bottom of the screen or an actual theme song, so I had to look up who plays the main character Christie Reade, who is an intern at a law firm and she still goes to law school with her friend Avery who works as an escort. She’s generally the one that gets Christine interested into the deal in the first place. However, Christine seems like a very adventurous person sexually speaking considering she and Avery go to a bar and she finds a guy at the bar and sleeps with him. So you already have this vibe that she’s always been curious about escorting, or at least that’s what I got while watching that first episode.

The second episode she actually gets her picture taken very boudoir and starts working with Avery’s I want to say manager, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s still pretty close considering anything the girls are comfortable with doing with their clients she gets about 30% of the amount. This person, Jacqueline is her name books her clients and offers to pay a deposit on Christine’s new experience apartment that she ends up having to share with Avery at the end of the second episode because the client she was living with asked her to leave. Anyways, in the course of both episodes Christine has about three different clients.

While I was watching the first episode, it was pretty interesting. The actress Riley Keough, at times reminded me of Kristen Stewart in Twilight very timid and quiet. You want to know what she’s thinking in her head in different scenes. She also reminds me of Emma Watson in some senses, especially when she dresses up all fancy. The waviness of her hair made me think of Emma. One of the main things I like whenever I feel like is because the lighting around, it’s very dark and almost murky. It creates a very raw atmosphere. I’ve only heard of the bad side of escorting and from seeing the previews for the later episodes, it could turn bad for Christine or Chelsea as she’s called by her clients. I sense something goes down with keeping those two personalities and jobs separate. I see her or maybe Avery fucking something up in the near future!

Have you watched The Girlfriend Experience yet? What are your thoughts on it?