I’ve been up since around 10:30am and I actually feel like I’m going to be getting any sleep tonight. I’ve been feeling like crap for most of the day. Been having pain all over my lower half. Good news though, I did get to go to my nana’s house for lunch. We had Subway and I wasn’t really feeling it. Apparently, food isn’t getting along with my stomach today. The only thing I ate to where I didn’t want it to end was an ice cream popsicle. I haven’t had ice cream in a long time and I was craving something sweet even though I didn’t finish my wrap. I just ate dinner and I was actually really excited about it too! My mom made stuffed crust pizza and I like to save the crust for last, because it’s the best part of the entire thing. I saved the pieces I didn’t eat for last and I literally had six pieces left, but I couldn’t eat anymore. I was so pissed, because you don’t eat the non-stuffed part only. I mean, that’s unnatural. I hate my stomach at the moment. Funny thing is, I’m also watching one of my favorite shows, Unique Sweets and I know I have a dark chocolate bar (or at least I think I do) and I don’t even want it. I need to stop asking for certain things if I’m never in the mood for them later, but I mostly forget about them and somebody’s just taken it. That’s how it is in our house.

After I got home from my nana’s house. I just spent my entire afternoon — and I’m not joking either when I say this! — on the laptop finding new music. Technically, it’s not “new” music, but they’re new to me because I’ve somehow missed these tracks. I thought radio was loving dubstep? For some odd reason, I’ve never heard the songs I’ve been listening to all afternoon. I mean, like there is one song I have heard, but I’ve only heard the original. My sister had me watch this video on YouTube, it was a clip of a dance routine on So You Think You Can Dance and they had used Benny Benassi’s song “Cinema” and it was remix with Skrillex. You can’t hate on Skrillex. He’s too damn awesome to hate! My sister and I love his tracks. My mom is even starting to like him. What a bonus! Anyways, ever since then I’ve been thinking of that damn song, so what did I do? I added it to my starred list on my Spotify. I also finally caved in and listened to the songs to the two dubstep playlists and I discovered my new favorite DJ. I was going in line and I got to the fourth song and all hell broke loose! It was “Firetrap” that got me all excited! I love intense and bassy dubstep tracks and this so fits my style! Just the intro can intoxicate you. It’s just awesome! During this time I was already talking to my friend Carolee about the band RED and I heard this song and I had to send it to her. I’m happy to say she likes metal AND dubstep! Which is the same as me!

I sent this to her on Facebook and I think we both could have killed over. We were both in love, because we both like intense and bassy dubstep tracks, and this fit both categories. I didn’t stop at that song, you know how I am, I had to find some more tracks by that DJ and I did! The DJ is Don Diablo and he is from the Netherlands, of course! I have a good track record with finding and loving musicians from there. I’ve been on his Spotify and SoundCloud going freaking crazy! I can’t wait to show my sister he’s stuff. I hope she likes him. Other than him, I’ve been listening to a few others. I have starred them all on my Spotify list. I hope you like these tracks, because they’re pretty bad ass!

I couldn’t find “Firetrap” but this was another awesome track by Don Diablo.

Dirrty Remixes

I think I have earned a new nichname. “Remix Junkie” I swear I’m seriously addicted. I just can’t get enough of them. In love with these different DJ’s that I find and the songs that they redo. I am in the mood for some Christina Aguilera remixes. So bare with me. I hope you enjoy these as much I have.