Birthday Bash | Part 2



So I know it seems a bit of a gap from the previous post of the birthday festivities, so if you would like refresh yourself here’s part one!

This post contains what my mom, Blondie, Brandon, and I did on the Saturday of my birthday week. My dad was supposed to go with us, but he was basically up and down the night before so he didn’t feel like going; in ways I felt weird it was only to be the three of us going to Evansville, and I really felt bad for Brandon considering he was the only male out of three females! Now he knows what my dad went through before he came into the picture!

I’ve been wanting to go back to Barnes & Noble when we first there in 2012. I would have been fine if my mom had just left me there! I’ve been looking forward to go back because I love being around books. Libraries make me feel a bit weary, mostly because of the amount of people I know that work in our hometown library, but I don’t necessarily get the same feeling as going into Barnes & Noble! There were a couple of things that were different from the first time around:

  1. I was in a manual wheelchair, so I was being pushed around.
  2. My mom and I literally went into every corner of the store!

The last time we were there, I had went online and actually looked up where my books would be located in the actual store. This time I didn’t and I actually liked that because I was able to see everything (well, almost!) but at first I wasn’t necessarily able to find anything I really liked or needed. My mom was finding books for herself and since she pushed me around, I would stop in the middle of looking for books for myself and she’d get into a daze whenever she’d find a book by an author she likes. I’m pretty sure we did this like three times! We were also sent there to find things for my nana too! So we were finding everything for them, but me… until I found a book from the opposite side of the floor..

There is one other book that I bought that wasn’t even on my list to begin with, sort of like the first book I bought, but I love anything on royalty I want to get it so in other words I caved!

When we first walked into the store though it was kind of funny, because poor Brandon had never been into a Barnes & Noble before, so this was his first experience! Once he was inside and he showed me a Marvel fact book (that I ended up buying for the both of us at the end of the trip!) and he basically took off from us, Blondie would go back and forth to us and find him throughout the store! He only bought a Funko toy of Batman. Blondie got like four books about serial killers – if you want to know what that’s about, you should read her new Odyssey article called Why I Chose The Not So Normal Major. 

I have been working on a secret project for the past month or so, and it’s one that I’ve been sort of afraid to discuss out loud but I figured I would share what I prompted this trip to Barnes & Noble in the first place.. I’m only missing one more book because I forgot to go back to get it before we left.

After checking out and realizing that not only did I leave there with only a $1.50 in my wallet, but my mom forgot about one of my books in the bag we grabbed when we first walked in the place, so she had to pay for it and so that meant I went over my budget which I have to say, I don’t care it’ll be worth it later! Anyways, when we got outside and my mom put me into the car, as Brandon was loading the wheelchair into the back I guess one of the wheels came off and at one point, my mom came at me and said, “okay, so no Steak n Shake for lunch”  but like a minute later Brandon snapped the wheel back onto the chair and she came back again and said, “ok, never mind he got it!” and we went to my favorite place to eat out.

15027654_10202150465081203_2052377124398795471_nThe last time we went there was when my friend Brittany surprised me with tickets to see Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown in concert back in May, still think that was pretty evil but I still love the place! Since that day I was in my papaw’s wheelchair, I was shorter and I was unable to feed myself at the table. There’s nothing worse than having somebody else feeding you when you’ve been able to do at home. So when it came to this visit, I was a bit worried but luckily I was at the same height as the table so I was able to eat like I do at home. I was very happy and usually whenever I get this chance, my anxiety will heighten as well because I’m usually worried about people watching me eat but I did not care! I was just ecstatic that I could feed myself – with the occasional spoonful of my milkshake whenever it wouldn’t go through my straw! It was a good lunch date!

The weekend before my birthday, our video store was holding a sale if you bought 10 movies you’d get them for $10, so I was really wanted to go because I knew I had exactly $10 in my wallet. So my mom and I went there Friday morning and went through the whole place because they can never put the ones on sale in their section to make things easier for us! I only found 5 movies out of the 10 and so we couldn’t get to do the actual sale, so that part sucked but I did purchase 5 different movies!

I also need to mention that there is always a perk that my birthday is the day after Halloween, because everything is on sale on my actual birthday! One year, my mom found me some skull napkins at the store and I think they’re too awesome so I’ve never used them! She saw this wreath at the dollar store and noticed the colors alone would make fall in love with it. It’s covered in purple bats, but I think it’s so cute! Right now, it’s located where we put my candy corn banner on my wall! I’m just happy, it makes less noise whenever the fan blows on that section of the room!


So what do you think of the selection above? I might discuss a little bit more about three of the books I got, the reference books on a later post but don’t get your hopes up!


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