My New Wheelchair!


This seems so strange to talk about online, because it’s been an incredible long journey getting to this point where I can say “I got a new wheelchair” with a smile on my face! What I find to be even weirder is that, this is the first wheelchair announcement I’ve ever done on my blog! I got my first chair dubbed “the purple chair” when I was four! Honestly, I still don’t think children under the age of four, need a power chair. The only reason why I say that is because of how much of a monster I was driving around in it! I managed to scare everyone I came into contact with, because I was either speeding, not watching out for others, and running over feet left and right. I was a terror on the loose!

In 2006, I received the hot pink chair two days after Christmas. Thankfully, by this time I had sort of grown out of the menace stage, but I still loved to drive fast and threaten people that if they didn’t behave accordingly, I would run over them. So, maybe I didn’t grow out of it after all! If you’re looking at those dates and wondering why there’s such a big gap in between them, honestly, you’re not supposed to have a power chair longer than five years, because of the way your body changes and grows overtime, but after the mess of getting the pink chair, I had both of them passed the five and even 10 year mark! My logic was if it still worked, then why switch to a new one?

For this chair, the journey started back in 2012, when I was in physical therapy for the first time since I was in middle school. My pink chair had officially crapped out on me. It no longer wanted to charge for us. This was also the time where my mom exchanged it with this puny $20 transfer chair, that I would end falling out of close to six times from 2015 to like mid-February! This is why it is literally called, “the death trap” within my family. My dad would do anything to pitch it because he hates it that much! By the end of 2017, I was basically done with anything and everything that had to do with getting a brand new chair, because we kept being stopped by our insurances. It was exhausting and frustrating at the same time!

I want to say a couple of days before we moved into our new house, we got some papers back of things that we wanted included on the chair, that were approved; I was shocked! The only thing that worried us was the fact our wheelchair provider had to order it before the end of the next month. The government doesn’t allow a lot of leg room! And then, we were finally told to look forward to the first week of February, because that was when they were going to deliver it to us! Again, I was stunned! My dad was even surprised on how fast this was now going after waiting almost 7 long years. One of the main reasons why everything was going so quickly was because we had been waiting so long, that we all just wanted a wheelchair that had a joystick on the left side of pedals and it all worked, that’s it. I am supposed to have a whole custom seat put on it soon, but that’ll only happen when the weather improves and my dad can work on the deck and ramp to get me out of the house, because right now I’m a little stuck!

Try to ignore the commode in the background, okay?

The wheelchair itself is very different compared to the previous chairs, because I tend to look at them as the standard powerchair, motor underneath the seat, joystick at the feet. Okay, so maybe that last part isn’t really standard, but is it for me! Anyways, this chair is really bulky. It has a lot of structure and weight, because of the improvements that was put on it,¬† that wasn’t on my last two.

When I first saw the chair, I was a bit wary of it. After we were told that we would be receiving it soon, I immediately got very nervous of the prospect of having a motorized wheelchair again. I didn’t think it would have been such a big deal at first, because I was mobile while I was in the manual chairs, why was this suddenly becoming an issue? I still haven’t found the answer to that overwhelming question, because I actually haven’t spent a lot of time in it yet to finally feel comfortable with it yet.

Here are some new things that was put on this chair!

  • It has 3 controllers!
  • I have two different speed features – indoors & outdoors!
  • It can lean back while I am still in the sitting position.
  • The joystick and foot pedals can move up and down.
  • I have 6 wheels!
  • While I change directions from left to right, the middle tires stay straight but upper part of chair and little wheels turn instead.
  • The armrests lift up like a Lamborghini
  • I have headlights but no turn signals unfortunately.
  • When you look at the back of it, you’d swear I was a damn Transformer!
  • Oh, and it’s red.

I think the two things that has everybody freaking out is first the fact that I can lean all the way back. I could actually sleep in my chair! Once I get my new seating, I might just be doing that if it’s really comfortable! When I sat in it, that was one of the first things that I was shown because the dude that helped us get it, Shelby, is as much of a goofball as I am! However, since I was already nervous about having a wheelchair again, this happens.

I was way too happy to be back to normal, sitting upright again, after he showed us the rest of the changes made to it. The “main” controller really is cool, because a lot has changed since my first chair where I only have the color coordinated lights of how much battery there was, and knobs for the power, horn and of course the joystick. These newer models are progressing to the point where they have a good quality screen, it’s easier to read and understand. You can apparently hook it up to your phone to move it even if none of the controllers want to work for you! Even though, I have one controller that is situated on my left armrest that is purely for what I’ve just explained a little bit ago, I can also do it on my own screen using the buttons and stick to alternate how back or forward I need to be. This feature is on all three controllers on the chair!

Now we get to discuss the color preference. This was actually really easy compared to the second chair, which I will stand here and tell you that I never picked one out. I would never chose hot pink for anything! I even tried to talk my sister out of having me wear baby pink for her wedding! I thought since I was her maid of honor, that I could get away with wearing it in silver, but nope. I lost the battle. So, this time I was determined to pick a color for this chair to hopefully avoid this disaster again.

This time around, there wasn’t a large amount of colors to pick from, but even then I still felt obligated to get purple because I love dark purple, but then I saw both the electric blue and red. I thought about having a blue chair for my love of Butler basketball and of course my papaw, but once I saw the red, I knew I would automatically go for it. I was asked twice how color I wanted my chair and both times I said red. If you’re unsure why I decided on red, well it’s for my love of another basketball team: Houston Rockets. Even though I love and watch four separate teams, I just felt like I needed to choose a team and color that I know I enjoy watching during the colder months. Since I picked out the color back in October, you should have seen my reaction to the color of my new camera I got for Christmas! It’s navy blue like Butler!

What do you think of my new wheelchair? For those of you wheelchair users, were you ever nervous before getting your chair? Do you have any special reasons for the color of it too?

OOTD: Valentine


Hi ūüôā

I bet you’re wondering why I am posting again, well yesterday I went for my first day in physical therapy and I went to my nana’s house afterwards, so I got dressed all fancy for Valentine’s Day!¬†I also want to apologize for the brightness on the pictures. My mom put me right in the direction of the sunlight and I knew this would happen. I tried to fix it on PicMonkey but it was driving me crazy and they would not let me save them without creating an account first. So hopefully everybody that reads this post will understand. Oh, and you’re going to love my expressions!

Okay, let’s start this off! On Sunday, my mom, sister and I had ourselves a girl’s day out and we went to a bridal expo, which I will talk more about sometime next month. We also went to Wal-Mart and I still had a gift card from Christmas and I used it up in one day buying all new clothes! Retail therapy has its perks!

First things first, we have to discuss something. My mom has the worst time lifting me up into the car while I wear my coat. She cannot get ahold of my arms and safely put me into the seat, so we’ve had to remove it beforehand. We found a rack of shawls as we were passing by and we thought we’d try one out. I went for the green and blue plaid colored one. The shawl was $5! Surprisingly, it works and what I love about it, is that I can wear¬†it in the “right” way, where my hands are placed on the outside of it (even though they’ll be colder that way!) and it doesn’t look silly on me because of my skrawny arms.


Underneath is a red top, and we found this as we were looking at the different holiday shirts. I am sucker for clothes with sayings on it, I always have been! This one is just a simple outline of a heart in white with the word “love” written in the middle. I am happy that the lettering is large enough that even if I don’t move my arms over, people can still read what it says without a problem. That is always a plus with me!

This shirt was probably $7.88, but don’t count me on that!


As far as my leggings, I had two options. I have another gray pair of leggings, they are a darker gray with a light gray floral pattern. I thought those would look good with the shirt, but that night I realized I still had my “lace” ones too! They’re not made out of lace, but they have that lace-y look to them. They’re a gray, almost white background while the actual lace-floral pattern is in black. I love these but I haven’t had anything that goes with them until now!


To finish out my outfit, I wore red socks that have little Christmas trees on the sides to tell you which is left or right. My Aunt Laurie got me these as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I may have to stop wearing them because of the material just sheds everywhere! My mom and I tend to have scraps of red all over us by the end of the day! They keep my toes very warm at night anyways!

So what do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? 



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OOTD: You’re Not Alone!


If you’re an American like myself than Happy Fourth to you! If not, hello anyways!

I did think I’d have three blog posts back-to-back but the last two were last minute additions, so I didn’t think I’d have any of these posts for the weekend, hell not even the rest of the week!

I’ve been lacking on the OOTD posts and I am very sorry about that. My mom has been putting me into my same old clothes that I’ve already talked about on here, so that’s the main reason why I haven’t done another one of these lately.

On Saturday, we had plans to go to bridesmaid dress shopping, but Blondie cancelled it because half of the bridal party couldn’t go, so my parents made up for it by taking me to Wal-Mart with them. And this was my outfit of the day!

I have a pretty big closet and I have like a dozen band tees in there that I don’t wear a lot, my mom hates that because they don’t go with anything!¬†My mom pulled this one out of the racks; it’s my “You’re Not Alone” with big bold letters across the front of it. The bottom of it–that you cannot see–says Of Mice & Men in normal font, but has the color red in it. I got this shirt from Hot Topic a couple of years ago. The fact that it has the colors black, white, and red it can go with two of my plaid leggings that I got for this past Christmas, I have both white AND red leggings! I’m pretty sure they both could go with it! We now know that these work!¬†

What do you say about this outfit? Yay or nay? Do you want to see my other band tees on future OOTD posts?



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They Moved Out!


After my sister graduated from high school and we knew that she was going to spend her first year of college somewhat far away from home, we had some issues! Our parents were worried about her safety and what she could be doing with her new friends. I didn’t really have an issue, I mean I missed the crap out of her but I’m not going to lie I liked going up and visiting her on the campus. When she came back home for her second year, it wasn’t too far away but she could have that privacy she had while being up state. She met Brandon and things kind of changed for her in a good way.

She and Brandon had plans moving up state together over the summer, but my parents weren’t really okay with that. They like Brandon, our dad really likes him and he doesn’t like very many people, especially anybody his daughters like. So he made the suggestion that he move into the house with us until they find some place closer. He moved in the second to last week of May, they both got jobs at Wal-Mart and things were going pretty good! Back in September, Blondie started her CNA classes along with her regular school courses. She got a job at our mom’s job and she passed her state test a month later! Now she and Brandon have their own little apartment. It’s about an hour or thirty minutes from us, but they’re close to work and school!

I think everybody’s been a little excited about this. At first my parents weren’t thrilled of course, at least they didn’t go through with their first idea! Anyways, I was generally excited because the first thing I thought of was “vacation!!” Sometimes going over to my nana’s whenever we have family down isn’t enough for me. However, there’s one bad thing. They live up on the second level, according to my mother there’s 14 steps. Ick! So much for going there for every two weeks…¬†The weeks leading up to them moving in were spent figuring the color theme and how the hell they were going to get Brandon’s stuff down here, so some of his family came down to help them out a little.

They also took some kitties with them. The two that went to their new home were Toni and Bear-Bear. Toni apparently liked the car ride there then the actual apartment. They had to come back to the house though because Bear-Bear kept trying to hump Toni. We thought getting him fixed would kind of stop that, but guess not! They took Gru instead which makes sense because these are the two they were originally going to take anyways. My mom went to go visit them the other day (I wasn’t so happy about that!) and she said that Gru was LOVING it! So much that he even used the litter box! Last night we had a surprise visit from them, they came back to get a few things, leftover pulled pork from supper, and another kitty. Otis is our runt of Midget’s litter, mom doesn’t think he needed to be outside in the cold so they took him. Now my mom will be over everytime she gets off work to go check up on her cat.

Here are some pictures of their new place!! The color theme they went with are red, gray, and black! That couch is a futon, it folds out flat into a bed so if I can go over there for a night or weekend. My mom has already gotten them to let her stay there if she can’t travel on the roads whenever she works in the winter!


OOTD: Bloody Nails


So much for only four posts this week. Every time I feel like I don’t have enough I tend to find something to add later on in the week. You get this one today and two others tomorrow! As for the month of November, I’m still trying to figure out posts to add.. hopefully you’ll like them!

Forgive me, I don’t like taking my pictures while inside houses but since the weather outside continues to get colder if I want to keep doing these types of posts, majority of them will have to be taken indoors. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at my nana’s house, this is what I wore. The pants you’ve probably seen before. I got these at Charlotte Russe for Christmas last year. The top is from Wal-Mart, it was actually purchased by my sister for herself but unfortunately it doesn’t fit her as she thought it would. My mom hates it because of the wide neckline, so it falls right off my shoulders. I like it though, its comfortable and tight around my arms which is perfect for this weather. Technically this is my first time wearing a sweater for the season! Another feature I like about it is the buttons on the sides of my hands. I like little details whether it’s on my hands or feet, I don’t care.

I also got my toe nails painted too! My nana didn’t want to paint her nails so it was just me this time. I recently purchased a few autumnal nail polishes at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. I think I should have went with the orange since it’ll be Halloween tomorrow. I’ve had that “Unbreakable Heart” screaming for me so decided to go with the red. The color looks like deeper in the bottle, but they look pretty for only having one coat on them. I’ve been calling them my bloody nails. If I don’t get to dress up for tomorrow, at least my nails will be done!

What do you think of my outfit and nails?


Album Review: Taylor Swift’s “Red”

After almost a week of hearing the new Target commercial promoting Taylor Swift’s new album release, Red is finally in stores! The first single off of her new album, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” is another #1 hit and of course, it’s a break-up song. Every teenage and young adult girl out there has thought this way once or twice about ending their relationship.¬†She released clips¬†of different tracks on Good Morning America. The four songs that were previewed on GMA were “Begin Again,” “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “State of Grace” was the final song. Out of all of these songs so far, I think the title track is my favorite. It’s so catchy and fun. Even though, it’s about love, it’s one you can dance to and you don’t care that you look like crazy person.

Taylor Swift can do both country and pop songs and make them work so well. Which is the reason why I like her so much. Her lyrics speak to a lot of people. Both my sister and I love her songs very much. So let’s start this off. The first song that starts off the album is “State of Grace” and I actually heard it for the first time last night. I love how it sounds, the drums start it off and she doesn’t actually sing much at the beginning, the background music is very upbeat and keeps you waiting for what’s about to happen. Her voice sounds amazing on this track. I am loving the chorus a lot and her high notes. So gentle and lovable.

The third song is “Treacherous” and it starts off with acoustic sounds from the guitars and drums. Her voice is soft and you can really hear her sing and understand the beauty in her lyrics. By the end of the second verse and into the next¬†chorus, the tempo gets higher and more electric. Then by the bridge, it goes back to soft and calm. The last chorus is upbeat again¬†at the beginning, then it slows calms down again at the end. It’s a very beautiful song. The next song is an upbeat¬†and very dancy¬†song called, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” It starts off kind of acoustic too but by the chorus, it¬†changes¬†into this pop song. In a way, you don’t expect it, but it’s a good balance. I love the little breakdown during the choruses, it’s very different and amazing. I am still surprised I haven’t learned the words to it yet. I will, don’t worry. Fifth song off her album is actually a song I’m listening to it for the first time. It’s called “All Too Well.”¬†So far, you can hear the country influences. It’s a slow and meaningful song, even though it doesn’t change its tempo¬†after the second chorus.¬†I’m really liking the second verse a lot. It’s cute and kind of¬†funny. It’s about remembering a relationship all too well.¬†I think there will be a lot of girls¬†relating to this song a lot. I know I am.

On the sixth¬†song, called “22” it is a crazy, funny, but true song. From the time it starts, you want to dance, laugh, and go crazy. It sounds like a song you would sing around your friends, but by the time the chorus starts, you think, “ok, maybe not.” It is a song about enjoying life and just wanting to go crazy. I think that’s that the best way to explain it. It’s very girly and too bad I can’t record myself while doing this review because I am dancing like crazy. I love it! The next song is called, “I Almost Do,” and it’s break-up song and what happens after it’s over, and wanting to go back to them, but you can’t. It’s very sweet, but sad at the same time. Everybody has felt like this once or twice in their life. I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’ve had a lot of crushes when I was in school, so I can take this song and think about it in that direction instead. It’s another wonderful song to listen to. After that slow song, is a fast tempo song called, “Stay Stay¬†Stay” and at first it kind of sounds like a Christmas song. It just has that sound, but the drums take that element away. It’s a cute song and has fun lyrics. It’s definitely about love and enjoying somebody’s company. Not dancing to this song is not an option.

The next song is called, “The Last Time” and it is featuring Gary Lightbody¬†of Snow Patrol. It starts off with a piano and Gary singing first. It is a very slow and you can hear the different instruments throughout the song. The drums, strings, and piano. Then all of a sudden, you can hear an electric guitar and that solo is beautifully blended in the song. It is a gorgeous duet. I’m not sure who I love more on this song Gary or Taylor. His high voice and low voice. It is amazingly good. Okay, this song is just starting the second verse, it’s called “Holy Ground” and I am not liking it at the moment. I’m really trying to like it too, but it’s just not happening. Nothing about it, is jumping at me. There is always one song that you can’t like and this one is mine. It’s about meeting somebody, almost like love at first sight. Probably the reason, why I don’t like it, because I don’t believe in love at first sight. Anyways, moving is another acoustic, slow song. It’s called, “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and with a title like that, you kind of hope it’s a slow song. Her voice is soft and deep. I’m not liking it as much as “The Last Time” but it’s very pretty.

At first, the next song starts with a short introduction, that you almost think it’s going to be another slow song. Instead, it is a “in between” song, meaning it’s not slow nor is it fast either. I’m not liking this song either. However, I would love to know who it’s about though. That’s the only thing this song is doing to me, is making me wonder who she wrote it for. She will probably never tell us either. Finally, a song that I actually like. This song is called, “Everything Has Changed,” and it features Ed Sheeran. Leave it to the two songs that are duets¬†I end up falling in love with, but you can’t believe me though. It’s very cute and sounds acoustic at first, but then grows into this mid-tempo song. I love the drums and Ed’s voice in this song. Now I know why everybody was excited to hear this song. It’s pretty good! The second to last song is called “Starlight,” and it sounds like Rihanna’s song “Diamonds,” but this is about stars and it’s country-pop instead. I don’t think we’ll actually see her doing a country song in the near future, but again, not feeling this song either. Even though it has everything I look for in a song, but this is just the first listening to it, so I might change my mind later on.

Finding The Perfect YouTube Video of Concerts.

We can all relate when somebody asks us, if we look up live videos from concerts on YouTube. It’s not a secret, we all do it. For a lot of people, such as myself, it’s our way of finding peace to not being there in real life. Something I’m always doing is, trying to find really good live videos. Everybody knows that even though the video title will say “HD” that usually means one thing will be that and not both. For me, when I go to look like live videos, it’s the picture that is awesome, but the sound quality sucks. I was watching a bunch of videos of different concerts just a bit ago. The first band I looked up was RED. They have amazing songs and I love the screaming and the sound of the band, so I wanted to find good videos of their concerts. The first video I found, was really good. It had a nice picture and sound quality, but when the song first starts up,¬†you can hear¬†static-like noises and then when the lead singer was doing the screaming, the sound was really low. Then from there, everything I liked about the video sucked.

I am missing Skillet. After being let down from the other videos, I went back to watch some live videos by them. Skillet is an awesome band to listen to. I still can’t believe my sister Emily, almost got everybody in my family into them a few years ago. She was really into them and even went to the Rock The River tour in 2009 with her church. I was very jealous when she went but I was very excited for the pictures and stories she brought back with her. Once she went to the concert, she got some of the free podcasts they had on iTunes, and I love watching them on my iPod. I think the whole band is kind of hilarious. Jen Ledger is probably the most awesome drummer in the world. Anyways, finding live videos of Skillet was fairly easy. I love finding perfect with both great picture and sound quality. Here are two awesome live videos I found today. (: