You Can’t Quit Until You Try. You Can’t Live Until You Die.

166070304978777449_SSEJd1n3_cYesterday, I had a driver that I hadn’t had before. From the time my dad and I got outside and inside to get strapped in. My assumptions had changed in those probably 10 minutes. Everybody’s done this once or twice in their life and thought of the stranger they are forced to be around for an hour or so, and wonder what life has been like for them. Some can think life could be better, others can say they’re life sucks. I’ve always been in between those two thoughts. I’ve always wanted to have that state of mind where there was nothing wrong in your life and if God was take you away that next day you would leave without any regrets and you left this world in peace and changed the world around you. For the past two years I’ve tried to change my point of view and give my life more chances to be positive than anything else. My driver I had yesterday was what I have strived to become all this time: A positive human being.

I think I was memorized about how my driver described everything, from the weekend to the day they’ve had so far. I am not kidding I think I was kind of jealous of this person and how positive they were. Very upbeat and definitely changed my thoughts of having a bad day. Instead, I think we kind of helped each other. She gave me another perspective at life and the kind I’ve always wanted. Just to be happy with life. I told her some stories and she laughed through most of them. By the end of our time together, I actually didn’t want to get out of the car. That usually never happens considering Monday’s are my favorite days. I could have stayed in that car and told her a few more stories. When we got up to the gate and my mom came out to get me, she had told my mom, that she was in love with me. I have a way with people. I don’t understand it sometimes, but as much as some people drive me completely insane, they can stillĀ get me. After spending that time with her, it made me want to listen to “Life Is Beautiful” by Sixx:A.M. it was one of those awesome, inspiring trips, I haven’t had in a while.