Halloween Decor | Everything Is Under $100


I am such a lover of autumn, it is my favorite time of the year to go shopping for decor, the second being is Christmas of course! I just love the different colors of reds, yellows, and oranges of the trees around town, but I also enjoy seeing the impressive Halloween displays in front yards. I am a fan of the tacky bright orange with the Charlie Brown eyes and mouth, but I also love the gore-y decorations some people are brave enough to show off on their neighbors too.

Right now, we currently don’t have a porch on our house so we can’t necessarily have any pumpkins on display, although I think we could get by with putting a couple at the base of the stairs. The cats would enjoy them but I think people would miss them at night and really hurt themselves because they were in the way. So, as another way to talk about ways of decorating, I figured this was the only way to go.

Below I will be giving you eight items that I found on Walmart’s website to help spice up your home a little with some ghoul-y cheer!

There were two things that I wanted to make sure I put on this post and they are everything will be under $100, I honestly tried to keep it about half of that but I kept finding cute things that were higher, so I caved a bit! I also thought it was smart to give you a subtle fall and some Thanksgiving options along with some spooky stuff too! I am going to talk about two items from each section, but if you’d like to check out the whole group, underneath the banner above are the links with their prices to each one. I want to apologize if any of them say they are “out of stock” at the time you go to check them out. None were like that when I created the post.

Thanksgiving Cream Pumpkins

I have always loved the faux white pumpkins, but I’ve always wanted to use the normal orange ones to do any of our crafts. As I’ve gotten older I’ve sort of realized how smart my nana and I would have been to use the fake pumpkins to decorate, because let’s face it we would have them forever! We could have put them in many places throughout the house instead of putting them outside in the cold!

Another reason why I love these pumpkins is because you can have them for the entire fall season. If you can find it in a neutral color like this, your house can look very chic but still have the full inspiration of everything autumn brings too. Walmart also has them in a light shade of green and dusty blue! These were my favorites though because I liked the way they looked, they were different!

Mustard Chevron Fleece Throw Blanket

I have been watching a lot of different YouTube videos lately and I’ve seen almost everyone talk about having a mustard colored blanket and at first, I didn’t understand all of the hype over it but then I thought it was the perfect color to continue my sunflower theme for my room. It wasn’t too bright or light of a hue and that’s what I’ve been interested in for the past few months. I also enjoy the little fringe at the sides because it reminds me of a blanket I had as a child, but ultimately I love fleece blankets so it really doesn’t matter what the color or little additions are on it, if it’s fleece I will pretty much love it to pieces!

Unfortunately, this was the first one that I found that was “expensive” to me, when I told my mom about it, she made it out to be not so bad. In my defense, I don’t go shopping for bedding stuff too often so our differences in price ranges are pretty prominent. I feel like once it becomes time for Christmas to steal the season’s time in the spotlight, it might go on clearance and that could be the perfect time to purchase it. That’s just my thinking for you today!

Mini Ceramic Halloween Tree

Growing up my grandparents had a lot of these types of trees around their house. My nana would leave them on at all hours and since we were afraid to sleep in that living room, those trees were just enough light to keep us sane through the whole night! Anyways, she also had a pretty white one and my papaw had a smaller one, that now belongs to me because it was always stored on top of the organ desk. I still need to replace the light bauble but I think I’ll have it up this winter!

When I saw this on the website, I immediately became very happy because it still looked like the others but it was just in black, purple and orange–regular Halloween colors! What was funny though is that all of the rage last Christmas were these black Christmas trees, and so I thought this would be as close as I would ever get to having a black tree in my room. However, there was one drawback once I looked at the price! So, again I went with my thought I had about the blanket that maybe after Halloween ends it’ll go up on sale.

Purple Translucent Skull Figurine

Right after I finished my search for the pumpkins, I had to check out the skulls they had too! I figured the type I was looking for were in low supplies, because I don’t really like the creepy looking ones nor do I enjoy the tacky ones that much either. When it comes to skulls, I am quite picky! I prefer both matte, day of the dead and translucent skulls. They did have some cool sugar skulls but when I saw this one with the word “purple” hell, even I knew it was game over!

The only thing I was puzzled about it was that it definitely doesn’t look purple on the picture. To me that is more like hot pink! So, I am hoping this isn’t false advertisement there. After I noticed, I also saw the price of it and I began to wonder on good the quality was, just because it looks gorgeous on the site, doesn’t mean it’ll look really cheap once you get it home. However, it could be a good product and I’m worrying for no reason at all!

What did you think of this little Halloween home decor post? do you have any favorites listed above? How would you rate the decorative items from Walmart?

NOTM: Blue & Purple


Howdy folks!

If you guys know me, you know I don’t like to post on the weekends, but I am really running out of room because I’ve got so much coming for you guys!

If you notice last month, I didn’t publish a new Nails Of The Month post. I really need to give my toes a break at least once a month or something like that. The nails would be like a greenish hue whenever we would remove the polish. I was actually going to wait even further in the month whenever my Aunt Laurie came down so she could do my fingers too, but my luck and I’d change my mind so I don’t know now!


“Big Teal” by Sally Hansen!

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this color before for a NOTM before! I just can’t say which other color I paired it up with though!

When my nana and I got the feeling to do this, it was the day before Arthrogryposis Awareness Day and so I had have a blue shade and she had quite a few different ones to choose from but I went with this one as it looks simple… Not too dark or light. Since it was like this, it only required one coat! Actually both polishes only needed one or two wipes across the nails!


“Purple Potion” by Sally Hansen!

Yes, I picked this one out because of its clever name! I’ve been in an autumnal feel for the past few days so the fact that it sounded a little Halloweenie made me very happy! It’s a nice dark purple, which is my favorite! I love when it has hints of black in it!

I decided to do something different than what I usually go for, instead of doing mismatch I went for the four toes are a color and one toe is another! I think it’s a stylish, but feminine nail look. I tried to talk my nana into doing hers like that, but she thought she was too old to do it! I think it’s a beautiful addition to the blue explosion!

So what do you think of my nails? Yay or nay? 



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Took A Risk

I’ve had myself a pretty good day. I started my day a little earlier than I had planned to, but that was okay. I woke up at 7:30am and I could not go back to bed and I tried, so I threw off the covers and got online. My laptop was going incredibly slow and I knew I wouldn’t do much because of how little awake I was and how much of my patience I had. I got on my usual Facebook, Twitter and on here as I had to post my blog post I had scheduled to publish this morning and put them on both sites. Well, afterwards I actually went and closed everything out and laid back down. By the time I ended up finding my sleep again it was 8:30am and my mom had woken me up at 9:35am. So I got a thirty minute nap, not bad really! When my mom got me dressed. I was already thinking of the day and what was ahead, I was a bit worried because I didn’t know what to expect. I have known I was getting my hair done since Monday afternoon. My mom sprang it up  on me out of the blue and I had asked her about how much it would cost to get my hair dyed. I desperately needed it done. I still had the red/orange ends from the last attempt. I wanted a chance and I talked it over with my mom. She knew in the beginning I was thinking about going back to being a redhead but I was also feeling to go with purple too. So I asked for my dad’s permission about it and he said he didn’t care what I did with my hair.

10492428_4195367780565_6721930702924107817_nThat next day I thought I’d discuss it with my hairdresser to see if she was okay with the sudden color change, because my mom told her I wanted red, but I switched it to purple that afternoon. I sent her a message and sent her a picture of the shade of purple I wanted so she had an idea, but I didn’t want the entire thing purple. I just wanted a ombre and she was perfectly fine with that. Well, yesterday I got a text from my mom about what hair color I actually wanted. I told her I had already talked to Katie, who was doing my hair. I think that surprised her because her next question was “so what color did you decide on?” and I texted back my answer. She seemed to be more concerned about the color than my dad was. I have a thing that you don’t you get your hair cut short-short late summer, as it will take forever to grow back and the temperatures will get colder soon. So I didn’t want much cut so I had decided on a shoulder length similar to how my mom has her hair now. So this morning, Katie cut it first and then lightened it as the red and brown wasn’t as light as she thought it was, then she did the purple. I spent my time in the chair, kind of quiet like I always am and then left to see the final result until my mom put me in my wheelchair to leave.

I was amazed! I did not think it was going to look that good! After the first run with the red, I was a bit worried of how many times it was going to take to get the right shade of purple. Another worry was the fact my neck was being a butt. If I laid back against the back of the chair my neck got tense and ached. Whenever I leaned up, it was fine. I don’t know what was going on with it. After she was done, they tried to take pictures of it but it was too dark inside and you couldn’t see it on their phones when they were outside. My mom absolutely loves it! I love it! I finally have purple hair! When we got home, my dad wasn’t too thrilled of the fact I still had my bangs down by my eyes. There’s honestly no way of getting rid of any sort of bangs, if I had them in the middle of my head or on the sides, they have to go somewhere and explaining this to my dad is just too much. So I was more discouraged that he didn’t like the length of the cut but somehow accepted the purple. Everybody else seems to love it, so I’m happy about that. Most importantly I love it to pieces that I kind of wish I got the entire thing purple now!

After I got it done, I went over to my nana’s house and showed my grandparents. The first thing my mom said in the car was, “I wonder what you’re papaw’s going to think of it?” Because honestly, I’m pretty I’m the only one in the family whose ever gotten an unnatural hair color before. I feel a bit accomplished! My folks left and took my two Of Mice & Men shirts with them, just to see if they could be exchanged. It was already after the 30 Day mark but we just wanted to see since they were going out by that way anyways. When they returned, my mom played it off that they couldn’t return the shirts. I fully believed her because she went and said it in front of my nana. I was kind of sad but I had gotten my hair colored I was happy with that. Well, when I got into the car my dad brought it up and I knew right then and there that they were playing me, because he did his teasing voice. This man has a mean exterior but he can’t play me as well as he thinks he can! He’s very easy to read but my mom on the other hand, she has been learning from her mistakes. Besides saying it in front of my nana, they left the damn Hot Topic in the front seat with me because she knew I wouldn’t look into it. Now if dad had told me, I’d been sneaking a look just in case. When she told me that both of those shirts I got the first time were JUNIORS everything made sense! She even exchanged the gold glittery one, because I knew my hands would hate the feel of it. So here are my new Of Mice & Men shirts. Hopefully I’ll wear one tomorrow!



Fun Day In December

So today is Saturday and it’s been a hectic one from the moment I got up and looked at the clock. We took my nana into town to CVS and shopped for Christmas gifts. It was fun, but I’ve got to say taking two wheelchairs in these aisles was interesting. There wasn’t enough room for just my wheelchair. Mine’s not as wide as hers either and I still had more trouble getting around then her. We both kept running into the shelves because we’d think there’s enough room to turn around when there wasn’t. Everytime I would grab ahold of something they would fall down on the floor and I’d have to get my mom to help me to put it back. I was trying to get my papaw’s favorite candies, and I could reach them, but when I tried to balance them on my right foot they dropped to the floor. I tried to pick them up, but failed. Mom grabbed them (after I had the second bag in my other foot) and put them into the cart.

I’ve been wanting to get my hair dyed again for awhile. All my red is gone and I want another color in. I’ve gotten my hair cut and got my bangs cut like everybody wanted me to, I think I should be allowed to dye my hair another color. However, nobody’s let me do it yet. It’s probably because I want my hair purple. Like, really dark purple. I’ve had red in my hair and now I want my favorite color. So I found the hair dye at CVS and I went to grab ahold of it and balance it in my right foot (already knowing it would fall) and drive with my left foot. I didn’t get to my controller before it fell onto the floor. So I went to were everybody else was at and asked my mom if I could dye my hair purple? Her answer was no. My replied back to that went something like this, “Ok then, but can you pick it off the floor because I dropped it.” All of us started laughing.

All four of us were trying to figure out where to go next. Even though I pretty much went through every aisle and looked at the most weirdest things. We were all parked by the card section in the back and my mom and I started going the ones that had sounds in them. There was a few that were stupid and there were ones that were priceless. The “Bill Engvall” birthday card was freaking hilarious! I want that card next year for my birthday. Not even kidding! One of the last ones we looked at was this card with a cute dog on it and I don’t really remember what it had on the front, but when you opened it up, the dog inside is vibrating and really funny part of it was that dog was placed this drawing of a person’s legs. It was cute at first but really racy at the end.

Fashion In High School

I’m into fashion. I’ve always been into it. When I was freshmen in high school I took a class called “Fashion & Textiles” and although I had some hard times in the class, it was still a fun class to be in. Three things I loved about it. We did a report on a Fashion Designer from looking in magazines. Mine was Dolce & Gabbana. We had to draw designs of anything we wanted. We had to create a clothing line, and name it of course! I wish I still had the drawing of the sneaker I drew. It was amazing! Looked like a regular shoe. I was proud of myself. Last thing was making three things by using the sewing machine. Which were a heart pillow for Valentine’s Day. A blue jeans purse. We also made a pair of pajama pants, will pockets. That wasn’t our idea! We hated it!

Despite changing my mind about studying fashion in college, I never really got out of fashion all together. I can’t take you what kind of style I have. Anytime we go anywhere and I look around once I end up saying “this is my style” and then when we look at the prices it ends up not being my style. I guess my style is cheap. I think I’d rather shop at Walmart than the other stores my mom and sister love. However I do love Vanity and Hot Topic. So I think my style is between elegant, classy, and edgy all pulled into one. When I was in that class in school, I found out that I am a Winter. So any dark colors look good on me and surprisingly white was on this list. I was so happy that purple was on that list. One of my favorite colors to wear is Brown.