Tune Tuesday | England 2016


Hey guys!

So this whole post is going to be about England, which as you all should know is one of my favorite places! Another cool thing about this post is that all acts I’ll be discussing, you’ve probably never heard of but who knows, you guys might’ve heard of a couple or maybe all three – who knows!

The first one is Kano. Now I recently found out about Kano through the show on Viceland called¬†Noisey¬†and I seriously love this show! It’s brought a new light to what I call music. It mainly talks about rap music, but they did go to Las Vegas and talk about EDM and how big it’s managed to get and these DJs are getting so much feedback from all sorts of people. It was really interesting, but the one episode I liked the most and made me see the “ugliness” of it was when Zach and the crew went to London and talked to the rappers there. The hip hop there is actually not as old as ours, I mean American hip hop and rap music in general is like probably over 30 years old. Grime, what the British call their hip hop genre is like under 20 years old.

While watching the episode, the music and rappers do give you that old school vibe but it’s heavier and some of it can be very dark too. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little strange to hear a rapper speaking in a British accent. I have nothing against it, I’m just not used to it. Kano was the one that I liked and was pulled closer towards in the episode so that’s why I’m including him into this post.

The next is a band, we’re moving out of the rap and into the rock genre now. Counterfeit is a group of guys made up of Tristan Marmont, Roland Johnson, Jimmy Craig, Sam Bower and his brother Jamie Campbell Bower! Anyways, these guys are pretty good. They were originally called “The Darling Buds” but changed their name in December and started to finally release tracks through their new band name Counterfeit. It says on their band’s Facebook page that they are more punk-thrash type of band. I’m ready to hear more of their songs and maybe they’re do a tour here in the US too!

Last one is RAIGN and I got into her around the same time as I found Zella Day, Laurel, and Banks. Her music was featured on Vampire Diaries just like the other girls. I really love her stuff. She’s got a beautiful voice and I want to put her in the alternative genre because her music doesn’t sound very pop ordinated but it is very dark and gives you this overwhelming calm feeling as you listen to it just like with Laurel and Banks too!

Do you listen to any of these acts I’ve listed above? What are your favorite English musicians?