DIY: Painting Pumpkins!



I actually have a new Halloween/pumpkin craft for you! I am so excited! So I guess I should explain why I didn’t think I’d ever do a craft again and how exactly we got these pumpkins.

My poor nana and I, we really loved doing our crafts, and we got in such a system to do them every September so the posts I’d write of them would go up sometime later that month or early October. They were basically everybody’s favorite thing to read during those two months and I always had a lot of writing them up, while trying to remember what all we did, spills and all! So when she went to the hospital and eventually went to stay at the nursing home, I kind of didn’t want to admit it but I knew my days of doing our Halloween or any crafts weren’t going to happen as much.

I have a creative soul and I’ve been hating the fact that I’ve had to basically shut down those desires and saying that makes me laugh because I hated painting in school. I’ve had these urges to purchase some paints since the end of August because it would be that time of the year where we’d be getting ready and so I’ve been really sad. My mom doesn’t carry the craft bug and you all should know about my dad by now! I also didn’t want to ask Blondie and Brandon because I didn’t know if they really wanted to do anything like that or had the time to do it. So I’m just kind of left to do nothing and it really sucks!

And then one evening my mom came into my bedroom, I had thought she had went to bed about a half hour before so it freaked me out at first. She came in to tell me that we’ll have to get me some paints because dad found some pumpkins out in the field and I was instantly happy! He literally brought home like seven of these large pumpkins and they sat on our porch for like a week or so, and then one morning my mom came in again and she said that Blondie and Brandon were coming over to paint the pumpkins. According to mom, it wasn’t even Blondie’s idea, it was Brandon’s! Poor guy had to work that day but he still wanted to paint pumpkins afterwards!

What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkins
  • Old newspapers
  • Paper plates
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Water Bowl
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • aaand some ideas ahead of time!

We started out doing this outside because that would have been a smart choice or so we thought! I have to say, it wasn’t too bad sitting outside on the porch but the bugs were driving us nuts throughout the time we were out there. Poor Blondie was covered in mosquito bites, mostly on her right side – she had a total of 12 bites!

Now when I do this with my nana I am usually sitting in my wheelchair and use a chair or box to prop the pumpkin up to a certain level so I can reach it on all sides. Well, I didn’t have any of those for this so mom just had Brandon put me on the ground and I will admit it had been a while since I did that because it is so difficult to get me back up since I am so low. However, it did make things a lot easier for me but I definitely forgot about my legs and feet falling asleep every ten minutes! So I had some issues with gripping my brushes and figuring out how to sit again.

If anybody noticed the last bullet, the three of us were having a tough time figuring out ideas to paint our pumpkins. The only idea that I knew I really wanted to do was a minion. I am obsessed with these characters and yet, I have not seen them on a movie! I like to think of them of little Twinkies! So I had a rough idea on how to make one, I also had references considering I was still in my pajama bottoms with them on it. This time, I knew I had them on and didn’t do what I did with Brandon’s Christmas gift bag last year! Over the years of doing these crafts, I’ve learned to relax and not be such a perfectionist while working on these different characters. Poor Blondie hasn’t mastered that and was really giving herself a tough time with her sugar skull. I think it looked awesome but of course she was growing to hate it as she was finishing it. I’m glad I’m no longer like that anymore!

It had actually become a sort of game for both Blondie and Brandon because they definitely didn’t have any ideas to do for their pumpkins so they went on Pinterest and that’s where Blondie found hers. I still don’t know if Brandon used Pinterest but we were having the most difficult time guessing what his could be. He was not telling anyone and it even started to bother dad after he got up and looked at all three of us and our big mess! He finally had to tell us or maybe Blondie actually guessed it? I don’t remember how it came about, but I did catch a glimpse of it on his phone when he went inside for something but I will admit I had no idea what the hell he was making, all he said was it was a DC character and it wasn’t The Flash. Dad kept saying it was either Ant-Man or Iron Man, but we were all stumped. It is Red Hood, all he gave us as a hint was that he was once a Robin.

After we had finished our first pumpkins, we were thinking of stopping altogether but Brandon wanted to continue. He cracks me up sometimes! So dad made the suggestion of moving our stuff into the kitchen. So we packed up everything and moved into the center of our kitchen, the cats were confused because we were at the door but not paying attention to them. They actually never came up to the front porch to investigate, which was probably good or else some would have ended up with different colored paws and we would have little paw prints up and down the porch! As cute that would have been, they wouldn’t let us clean their little toes!

Anyways, we got started on our second batch of pumpkins. What was different for me in this round was that I had two ideas but only memories of what they looked like on Pinterest. I didn’t make any real reference like I had for my minions, so I just had to wing it and this was where I like not being a perfectionist. I decided to do a Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas and I have to say, I did a fairly good job on it. I was very proud! I also put the word “Boo” on the back of it in a baby blue because I kept seeing it in the corner of my eye and I thought, what the hell? This one will hopefully go to my Aunt Cindy soon, if we don’t get any more rain beforehand!

Blondie made a very cute Nemo from Finding Nemo and it is genuinely the cutest thing, I kind of like it more than her sugar skull and you guys know how much I like my skulls! Poor Brandon though, he tried doing the Greek lettering of his fraternity but couldn’t get it to turn out right so he ended up covering it up with an old school American flag. You have to give the boy some props for trying it out though!

After a good two or three hours in two different spots, we were finally done! Well, technically there’s still one naked pumpkin left but it’s sort of big so nobody may paint him. Blondie and Brandon took pictures with their pumpkins and when she came back inside with my minion to take mine, I realized I forgot to paint a mouth on my minion so Brandon being a good boy, he took two brushes of black and white and made him a cute little mouth for me!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin? Do you carve it, paint, or use sharpies? 



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DIY: The “America” Pumpkin



Okay, so I guess I wasn’t done talking about pumpkins this year! In my defense, I was finished because this isn’t my project, it’s my nana’s!

When my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike were down last, they took her out and she got a mixture of different size pumpkins and a couple of squashes too! She allowed me to pick out my favorites and I left her all the “perfect” ones while I took home the deformed ones. I didn’t want the squashes so she kept them in her kitchen along with the other tiny pumpkins. A few days later, my parents bought her two orange pumpkins for outside.

If you didn’t read the previous pumpkin DIY post, I had mentioned that while we were busy working on mine we were very tired and our whole set up was different. She had to find another way to decorate her lonesome white pumpkin and surprisingly, paint was not involved with this one!

What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkin
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paintbrush (optional)

I apologize for not taking pictures ahead of time, this was technically a last minute project for her! I also hope I haven’t left out a step!

This was actually pretty simple compared to the melted crayons on the other post, because it basically only involves two things! She used the lines going down the grues of the pumpkin and squeezed the bottle of glitter and let it drip down the sides of it; only using the paintbrush to help guide it if the amount was not enough to go down… sounds so dirty! This is where having a sheet of aluminium foil comes in handy, because it tends to get messy once you get passed this stage!

After covering every inch that she wanted to start off with, she quickly grabbed the blue and white glitter bottles. Since she used a special Elmer’s glue that made the glue red, it also had specks of glitter within it, so she only had to use the white and blue to make it patriotic. Once she was finished with the top and sides, she realized the bottom was too “naked” and decided to cover it with some more glue and sprinkled gold glitter on that area.

I don’t think it would look as good if it was a normal orange pumpkin, the white makes the colors of the glue and glitter stand out! It’s unique! 🙂


In the United States, we are voting today (well, some of us are!) and I think everybody can agree that we’ve been dreading this day and in an act to make the ease the time and (perhaps the pain) of the election, my nana had created this project to show her pride as American.

We hope you are enjoying all of the DIY posts!


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DIY: The Pumpkins!


Hi 😉

I’ve been keeping everybody on their toes about these damn pumpkins and if it wasn’t for my mom, we probably wouldn’t had done them this year!

I’ve done so many posts about these pumpkins that they’ve sort of been embedded into my brain. The only thing that my nana and I tend to forget every year is the prep! Our whole setup was different from the years before because the chair she normally sat in to actually melt the crayons on the pumpkins is gone and the chair that is in its place is papaw’s chair, which everybody is in agreement that it is NOT comfortable to sit in. It’s a damn miracle that my papaw would sit in it everyday!

Anyways, we mostly had to everything on the opposite part of the kitchen and at one point, my poor nana got stuck between the white box and her other chair by the sink and said a very bad word!

Oh, and I tried to kill a cricket in between all of this too!


What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkin (we used both white and orange)
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue gun and/or Elmer’s glue (we used both!)
  • Hair dryer
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Newspapers
  • Glitter

This year, my nana got a couple of white pumpkins and they are very cute! They’re real, not fake, because I think they would have weighted a little less especially with the one we decided to work with that day! The day before, I picked out a couple of crayons that I figured would turn out pretty good on it. I finally got to use a orange!! Because you can never use that color with a regular pumpkin. A way to get the crayons out of their wrappers, you need to soak them in a cup of water for a little bit so they become easier to peel for you! However, this year my nana just decided to not to do that – she might be gaining some patience after all!

We used an old calendar as a protector of the foam box, we didn’t feel like lighting anything on fire! Not saying we’ve ever done that either, but we’re very cautious! Anyways, I put the pumpkin on top of the aluminium foil and folded the sides inward to help keep the crayons from drippings onto the floor or wall! We sometimes wear newspapers at our legs to help protect from the heat of the hair dryer and splatters of the melting wax!

We broke the crayons into halves (or tried) and put around 12 or 13 sticks of them all around the top of the pumpkin with the hot glue gun and I basically gave this job to my nana after the second one because it always worries me; doesn’t necessarily make her feel any better either I’m sure! As for the second pumpkin, we had to use regular Elmer’s glue because the hot glue wasn’t working so just before we turned on the hair dryer to start the melting process, we reinforced the crayons to their spots. I went for the bright but also picked a couple of darker colors to line up at the top. The ending result was very pretty! I sort of liked the dark colors on it better than the neon ones, especially the violet and gray!


Have you enjoyed all of the craft-y projects we’ve been doing lately? What have you made for this fall or Halloween?


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Autumn Is Here.



This past weekend, we finally turned on our furnace. At first I was really sad, because that literally meant the summer was over and here comes the cold weather! I was actually dreading that smell that you first get when you first turn on the heater but I guess I had missed than I thought because it made me remember what’s coming up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, basically every holiday that happens in the fall! Including my birthday! All throughout the summer, my mom was really upset that she didn’t get any flowers this year. She even has a rose bush, we only got one rose this time. So in a way to redeem herself she has started decorating our front porch a little. At the start of September, she told me she got us some pumpkins and I was instantly excited about that because I really want to glitter up some pumpkins. Well, my mom got a big arrangement of purple flowers a couple of weeks afterwards and she put it out on the porch with the pumpkins and loved it so much that we can’t paint those anymore! She’ll have to find some more and deliver them to nana’s house right away so she doesn’t figure out something else to do with them.

I went over to my nana’s a couple of weeks ago, while my parents were out and my mom got some more flowers. She even got my nana a light yellow banquet of flowers to put outside the door and my mom got a more bolder shade of yellow for us. Not only did she get that, but since the cats have destroyed her other Scarecrow, she found another one while doing my nana’s errands that afternoon. Her name is Abbie as I was told in the car! Our front porch is looking very beautiful and our family embraces the season of fall very well I think! As the new month continues though, we’ll add some more things… whether dad likes it or not!

That night or maybe it was the night before I went outside to sit out on our BACK porch. Too many porches I know! It was a lot later than I normally go out, but I hadn’t seen the babies and I needed an escape with my camera. The lighting outside wasn’t really darker, but it was somewhat cloudy so we had to use the flash a bit. I say “we” because my mom came and sat out with me a little. The cats all just kind of flocked to her. They know she gives them food that’s why! She took majority of the pictures that afternoon which was fine by me because I didn’t have the strength or inspiration to take any. It takes a lot out of me to scoot from one end of the house to the other, especially now that I carry my camera out with me now! We actually got pictures of Bootsie, Midget, and Felix this time around too!

Here are some of the pictures we’ve taken recently! Hope you enjoy!

Stormy and his long paw…
Midget and Ozzy photobombing on the side!
Bear Bear looking so pretty and fluffly!
Otis and Nelly.
Stormy giving us the “what?” face lol
The older cats really do love the babies. Gru wanted to help clean Grumpy.
Gru, Stormy, and Grumpy with Felix in the background and the toes at the bottom!
Nelly sitting on his throne!
These two proceed to fight for this chair after this picture was taken.

DIY: Crowns and Mice Pumpkins

No, I’m not talking about anything Cinderella….

After visiting with my nana and papaw at their house on Wednesday on mom’s day off from work, we established that we’d do at least one of our big pumpkins over the weekend. So this weekendy, my poor mom had to wake me up bright and early Saturday morning because I hardly got any sleep last night. I was surprised she even got up before noon because of how she was up that night. We two extra baby pumpkins that we’ve decided to separate and do them at each other’s houses. She wants to make hers a fancy pumpkin and decorate it with different things. If she does it the way I think she will, I won’t do a blog post about it but I will share pictures of it though! I also came up with the idea of having the both of us each have one small and large pumpkin in the opposite designs. So like we’ll have two different sizes of the same pumpkin design: melted crayons and glittered pumpkins.

On Saturday, we did a melted crayon pumpkin. The last one of the season unless nana changes her mind and wants to use the extra crayons we didn’t use on the big one on her baby pumpkin. The only different thing we did on this pumpkin was raise the crayons higher on the pumpkin so that area by the stem won’t be so naked. I also thought the crayons weren’t going to be able to cover it with it being so large in size, plus the fact it’s kind of deformed. One side is completely normal but of course the “back” area has a hump. So it has Scoliosis, who knew! This pumpkin will be at my nana’s house. The next one will be a glittered pumpkin and I’ll be finding a way to bring that one home.One day while I was at my nana’s, we had been talking a lot that day and I was trying to talk about the crayons and my nana stopped me mid-sentence and asked me what I was saying, to repeat the word. So I said it again, crayons. Well, apparently I’ve been saying it wrong. I was in speech for years while in school, I am now just remembering what I had trouble pronnoucing back then, my “R’s” because there are a LOT names and things that I can’t say out loud without it sounding weird in some way. I can’t say the name “Jeremy” without it sounding like “Germ-y” my mom called me out on that one. According to my nana, I’ve been saying the word, “crowns” instead of “crayons” so lately I’ve been trying to clean it up, but it hasn’t worked out well for me.

As you can see we pointed the tips (or at least tried to!) to the very top and got it as close to the stem as we could,
As you can see we pointed the tips (or at least tried to!) to the very top and got it as close to the stem as we could,
I told my nana he looks like he has some awesome hair!
I told my nana he looks like he has some awesome hair!
My papaw sat out in the kitchen just before we were to start the "melting" process. He got to see me struggle putting on my newspaper apron on my lap. That was just a disaster!
My papaw sat out in the kitchen just before we were to start the “melting” process. He got to see me struggle putting on my newspaper apron on my lap. That was just a disaster!
The finished project, meet Linus!
The finished project, meet Linus!

That night after I got home from my nana’s, I brought one of our baby pumpkins back home with me. I was supposed to work on the other day, but totally forgot about it, must’ve been a big blogging day for me or something! Well, around 6pm my mom came in to grab the laundry in my basket, and she asked what I wanted to do with the stuff on my table in the plastic bag. So she set up everything on my bed. The bad thing was that I was in the middle of editing pictures and then Midget and Bear-Bear made their ways into my room too, so I was extra distracted. Midget literally laid out right in the middle of me and where my mom sat everything up on my bed. Bear-Bear kept trying to attack me and the Sharpies I had in my foot. I’m still surprised I didn’t get anything on him or myself! When I did start on the design of the pumpkin. I decided that I should doodle it in my notebook first, to get an idea on everything was supposed to go. After I did that, I attempted to work on the pumpkin, but I had to stop because of a slight problem.

When I was in school, my art teacher didn’t quite understand why I couldn’t use an eseal, even though I was fully capable of working in the corner with hardly any light. So one day he decided to figure out how to make one for me. I knew how it was going to go. I just knew it. He had high hopes for it, but I knew it wouldn’t work. So he got everything set up on my already small desk, and told me to try it out, make something. I couldn’t even make a circle. Here is the reason why it didn’t work. My feet are not like others, both of my feet are completely different! I can’t raise my feet up in the air and hold them there for a long periods of time without it shaking violently, trust me I’ve tried this a bunch of times before. So he took everything apart and I began to go back to normal artwork on a flat surface. I’ve never complained about it. It’s the only I can work and that’s fine by me! So when I was working on this pumpkin, I titled on it’s side and tried to right on it. I couldn’t. I did the actual design part, but writing on it was a disaster! So I moved it down to the floor and since I can write while sitting on my bed, I thought this could work too. It was a success!

Last year, if you remember I made a glitter pumpkin that said “5FDP” on the side of it in gold glitter. Well, I kept thinking about doing another one like it, but a different band. So I chose the band Of Mice & Men. I wrote out a part of the song of “Bones Exposed” and surprising it looks very cool! Hardly any writing mistakes, my mom never made a comment of a word being misspelled so we’re good there too! Here is what my second pumpkin looks like!

The lyrics side