August Playlist

Hello my friends!

August hasn’t been one of the friendliest months; lots have happened, but as long as my niece decides to keep inside her cave just a tad bit longer, we’ll deal with it.

Speaking of her though, we had a nice baby shower for her, and we all had an excuse to dress up, Blondie wore a rose-pink dress, kind of fitting considering she wore a bright ocean blue for Nolan’s shower! Originally, I wasn’t going to want to wear a dress, I tried to talk my mom into getting a jumpsuit or romper, but she talked me out of it, and I found a nice olive-green Maxi dress instead. I’ve been really obsessed with my clothes in the color green these past two years and I have yet to figure out the reason for it! I was going to leave the leggings at home but even I saw right through that idea! Whenever I wear dresses, I tend to wear shorts underneath so I can talk verbally and physically with my legs without flashing the poor people in front of me. I have done this on accident in the past, so it is just better to wear leggings or something.

Anyways, we had a great time, celebrating my sister and my little niece. Nolan had a blast too! He absolutely adores baby socks and the “bow ties” (which are the hair bands!), hearing him “ohh” and “awe” over the gifts was so sweet! He is thoroughly excited about his baby sister, and I am thinking of placing bets amongst family members to see how long it lasts because he does not have the patience for things, so a lot of us know it’ll be an interesting adventure for him.

A week later, my little dude decided to grow up and start preschool!

The first day was a bit odd, he didn’t want Blondie to leave him, but it seems after she left, he had a great time! He came home with first crafts he had made in class, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing bits and pieces of his morning activities because he was playing with his toys in the living room. We’re all still trying to wrap our brains around the fact that he’s even old enough to attend “big kid” school, but nothing really prepared us for it like the second day, he pretty much told his mommy to go away as he walked up to his teachers and new friends. The other day they came over and brought his Spidey backpack inside to show us some of his assignments and a fairly large magazine full of book fair goodies! I definitely don’t remember this in my preschool days, but since with COVID, they just send home these catalogs for each student and my dad and I went through that whole thing on our own because that was our favorite thing about school, although I never bought books home, so to see Nolan point out certain books or magazines was very touching to me! He loves his books like his mimi and mommy!

And then all hell broke loose, my mom came home from work a week later not really feeling well, and as she tried to start her second shift on Sunday, she was sent home with COVID within half an hour later.

As much as we tried to quarantine in our house, it didn’t really shield us well enough, especially when one of us is like me and needs assistance on a daily basis. I had some sickly symptoms the same day she was tested but I didn’t voice it until that Monday because I was utterly terrified to say anything to my folks, they are both vaccinated but I chose to not get it. I am not one for needles/shots, but I also didn’t know what kind of side effects would present itself later on in life, so I just chose to forgo it entirely and my parents were very aware of my feelings toward it on both reasons, and they haven’t said anything about it. I know it contradicts my thoughts I wrote about in the post I wrote back when this mess started but even then, I still knew I wasn’t getting the vaccine.

My symptoms were mild in comparison to my folks, the one thing we all had was the disgusting taste in our mouths, and we found out it was caused by our medicine, and what seemed to make it disappear were fruity candies, especially Life Savers. I would keep them on my bookshelf so I can chew/suck on it for a bit of time and it would help so much for us! My dad was the last in the household to get it and he used those cinnamon candies and I remember thinking, “why torture yourself like that?!” and my mom would actually eat butter scotches and they worked, but I liked the fruity flavors to keep me occupied for probably 15-20 minutes. We were all thrilled to be done with everything and Blondie and Nolan were allowed to come over again. It was pure torture to be separated from him for basically two weeks, and as he started school too.

All right, so everything aside, this month’s music has been somewhat interesting. In the beginning, I was trying to keep up with the newest releases and the first Monday afterwards, I went through my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, and I proceeded to put every song onto the main playlist. I ended up listening to three albums, the first was Hollywood Undead’s “Hotel Kalifornia” which came out a couple of weeks ago. I loved it! I have like eight or nine favorites on it, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to! The second was found by accident and it is called, “Aventine” by Agnes Obel. This was also great but very different compared to HU though! And the final was Demi Lovato’s “HOLY FVCK” and I surprised myself with this because I did not think I would enjoy it, but I was wrong and it’s probably one of her best releases in a while.

Here is my Top 20 songs for August! If you would like to check out the entire playlist, click here.

Meteorite by BANKS
Hands of Gold by Delain
Weight of Everything by Ill Factor featuring Katie Garfield
Blow by Eva Under Fire featuring Spencer Charnas
Every Man Is A Warrior by Lena Fayre
The Promise by In This Moment
Valiant by Nightcity.
Thunder by Imagine Dragons
Cake By The Ocean by DNCE
How Soon Is Now by AG featuring Dresage
Dorian by Agnes Obel
This Is What I Live For by Graffiti Ghosts
Kings & Queens by Ava Max
The Champion by Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris
Let You Down by Sleeping With Sirens featuring Charlotte Sunds
Crazy Train by Joseph William Morgan
100 Little Deaths by Lilith Czar
Pink Venom by BLACKPINK
Happy When I Die by Hollywood Undead
Sound of War by Tommee Profitt x Fluerie

What were you listening to this month?


First Field Trip



You guys remember my Hawaii posts, right? Well, for those that don’t. I wrote like 8 separate posts for three weeks of my sister and her boyfriend’s trip to Hawaii back in July. I love writing posts about the things that my sister does. It’s actually really fun for me! Today, I have something a little different for you. My neighbor/bestie Sammy has a three year old daughter named Chevy. She is in preschool now and she got to go on her very first field trip a couple of weeks ago. A few days before, Sammy kind of mentioned as they were leaving my room that maybe I can write about it on my blog! I was thrilled because I have mentioned them before and it would give me something to look forward to write about on my blog since they all read it anyways!

I knew that I was allowed to write about it for two weeks and I was reeling with excitement! I didn’t want to tell everybody just in case plans fizzled you know? Everybody in our families knew that I was going to do this, so the week before my dad had gotten confused of what day they were leaving, so I had to text her to make sure that I hadn’t heard differently. I was right of course! They went to the pumpkin patch. Which to me is a quintessential preschool/kindergarten type of field trip! Chevy was so excited to go on the bus with her classmates! While all of the parents were driving behind the bus, the driver made the wrong turn and had to do a U-y in a grovel road along with the other ten cars! Sammy said that the place has been there for 70 years! Sammy’s mom went with them and remembered taking Sammy there when she was in school. I remember going to a pumpkin patch, whether or it was the same one is still unknown. I had to rolled around in a wagon the whole time. I only say that because we have proof of it! They were only there for about three hours, for all that they did it didn’t seem that short of a trip!

It’s now fall here where we live and so the weather is usually breezy/sunny or cold/wet. It had been rainy off and on the whole day I know because I heard it outside my windows. The kids were dressed up in their jackets, hoods on to cover up their little ears, and had their sneakers or rain boots on! Chevy’s very much like her mom. She likes to roam outside in her bare feet and loves mud! This was right up her alley except for the colder temperatures! They got to run around and each bring home a pumpkin. At first Chevy grabbed one for herself but liked the one her momma picked up instead! I could imagine seeing these little kids trying to pick up a big pumpkin like the size of their heads! You gotta feel bad for the parents when they do that, because you know they’re the ones going for the small/medium size ones! They got to go through a corn maze. I always loved corn mazes! Sammy said once Chevy got towards the end of it she just decided “screw this” and jumped over the hay stack instead!!

They got to play this ducky thing. It’s like a slide with water. You have the rubber ducky at the top of the slope and the more water you release through at the top, it slides the duck to the other side. Sammy got a cute video of Chevy doing the lever like a champ!! They also had this “dome” as what Sammy described it as, the way I figured it might be is those things when people go down and a steep slide and the person that went before is sitting or standing on the opposite side of it and when that other person falls down that first guy goes flying through the air because of the pressure of the new person landing on it. Has anybody seen those videos before? Anyways, Chevy and her classmates went bouncing on that. They also did rat races. When I saw the picture at first I didn’t know what the hell they were doing but now it makes sense! I was just surprised Sammy didn’t just go on her hands and knees like Chevy because if you go too fast in those things the speed alone will make you go down anyways! And lastly Sammy and Chevy got to get their picture taken when they placed their faces through the windows of the school bus. So sweet!

Now that I’m thinking about that is a lot on the parents, teachers, and kids for three hours. Sammy said that when it was time to leave, the three of them went home together but first they went to Dairy Queen (lucky!) for lunch. I think this was probably the cutest thing I’ve written about for a while. Wait until Halloween, if Sammy dresses up Chevy and her sister Chey, you know what’ll be on here!