Another Baby In The Family?!



So I have some news…

Blondie and Brandon are pregnant! As I announced on Twitter back in October, I’m going to be an aunt to a non-fur baby! The reason why I said it like that was because the way Blondie posted it on her social media accounts was a picture of Otis, Toni, Gru, Samuel and Chipper’s front paws and the last one were the two strong lines on the pregnancy tests!

The day she did it of course was kind of weird. She texted me because she couldn’t reach mom, as she was doing laundry at the time I think, so she was distracted and for once I actually could read her message (my phone has been a bitch lately!) to have mom call her and it was so strange I kind of felt in my gut that she was calling to tell us she was pregnant. I’m not joking or saying this for the blog either! I get these strong gut feelings sometimes.  When mom finally did call her and they talked for a couple of minutes, and she came into my room to put her on speaker and I instantly knew that I was right. However, I think I was so in shock that I was correct that I didn’t necessarily know how to react or what to say to her. I actually started laughing because it was the only thing I could do.

We were told not to say anything, but um… mom made the mistake of telling our dad while he was over at our neighbors and he just automatically told all of them that he was going to be a grandpa! So any notion of keeping it between family members on both sides was kind of out of the question at that point!

It’s been a whole month but the reason why I waited was because I wasn’t exactly comfortable in coming out and stating that she was pregnant on here just yet. The only reason why I can say it now is because on the first day I wrote this post which was Nov. 8th, she went to get her blood worked on and got some tests done and they were the ones that told her that she was “very” pregnant. I know, that when a doctor says that she’s just making sure that she was right and that she is with child, but as soon as her that, I thought to myself, it almost sounds like she”s having twins. In my defense, everytime Blondie has kids in my dreams she always has two: a boy and a girl. Same goes with our cousin Kristi, I’ve always seen a boy with her, so maybe I will be right again!


She went to her first baby appointment and the little “nugget” is doing good! Blondie was wrong at how many weeks she was, she was seven weeks at the doctor so she is nine weeks when this post goes up! Our mom figured she’d have it in early June around papaw’s birthday, which would be really sweet since she was so close to him, but now it’s been changed to July 4th, but like I keep telling myself, he/she can make an appearance on June 30th too, which is Arthrogryposis Awareness Day! I’m gonna buy a newborn onesie in blue just in case! Anyways, in this last picture I’m including above everybody thinks he/she looks like an alligator or a shark, but Blondie and I don’t see it. I think it looks like a bite size nugget if I’m being honest!



Disabled & Pregnant Women.

I was just thinking about a few things I’ve talked about with my friend on Facebook. After her last status, I was really starting to think “you know, disabled and pregnant feel alike…” I’m listing 5 things that I think we both feel alike. I know I’ve been 4 out of 5. Luckily, for some people I’m not a emotional wreck huh?

  1. Nothing ever looks good on you.
  2. Nobody wants to be around you (meaning hang out with you or in some cases go out on a date with you.)
  3. You’re an emotional wreck 24/7.
  4. You can’t reach for lower things when you go to the store, that’s on both the lowest and highest shelf. (Thank god for the middle shelf!)
  5. You feel like a lazy bum and want to do things but you just can’t

Some pregnant women wish they could drive wheelchair around that way they don’t have to walk. Especially if it’s a long distance like say a mall or Walmart. Disabled women wish they could walk up and down everywhere and never get tired and feel like a waste. On one count or another both have probably thought about these before. Would they change their minds? It depends. On what the disability is and what kind of shape a pregnant woman is during her pregnancy.

I feel like The Nanny episode I watched last night. It was the one where Mr. Sheffield sends Fran to a therapist and the guy tells her that she’s obsessed with getting married. I feel like that. I feel like I want a kid so bad that the more I age it won’t happen even though I’m not that old. I defintely like Fran in that episode when I am around kids or when I have dreams at night. I never really have dreams about getting married. I just have dreams about kids and being pregnant. I have never had a dream where I’ve actually given birth to it. Somehow I am smart and never dream about that kind of pain. (….every pregnant women would be thinking right now, “just wait for it.”)