So even though I did not post my weekly “Dancing With The Stars” posts this week. I’m already regretting it by the way. When the first hour came on I almost did my notes but since I didn’t do yesterday’s show I said to myself no. So I didn’t do any notes this week. Forgive me, but next week I will pushed myself to stay awake and publish them.

Two things that made my day suck. One, NBC cancelled The Playboy Club after three episodes. The ratings weren’t doing very good apparently. They should wait to count the ratings until after the first season is over. I’m curious since I’ve never experienced a show being cancelled, that I actually watched. Will they play the rest of the season? I hope so. I want to see what happens next Monday.

Well, I bet why you’re looking at a picture of Mark Ballas and Kristin Cavalleri from Dancing With The Stars. They got sent home tonight. I’m not happy right now. Even though it happened about three hours ago. I’m still upset about it. I still think Hope and Maksim should have went home tonight. My mom thinks Chaz and Lacey should have went home, but I like them too. What Tom said though was right, people are thinking they did good and they don’t have to vote. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I don’t vote. I can’t, but you have to register which is stupid. So that’s my reason.