Mini Fall Décor Haul


I love to decorate, as many of you know, and one of my favorite seasons is fall. When I was younger, I only adored it because that signaled to me that my birthday was quickly approaching, but now I have various reasons why I love about it.

On Instagram, I follow two accounts that post about everything autumnal and Halloween, and once September starts, the instantly see their content constantly and it’s eerie how quickly I become jealous because most of the time, they are sharing the ALL of the new stuff in stores. By week two, I could have saved up to like 10 items that I’ve found and possible want if it’s not too expensive!

Well, my parents agreed to give me $100 to spend last month, I could spend it on anything I wanted and I went back on Wal-Mart’s website for the third time to search for autumnal pieces for my room; and without the paint for our pumpkins and Command strips (even though those are vital for hanging things up!) I still come back under my original budget, which is really good because like I told my mom it could’ve been much worse!


This was honestly one of the first things I saw back in early August that I instantly fell in love with, because it has everything I love about this time of the year: pumpkins, the colors orange and red, and sunflowers!

The wreath itself is very unique, because instead of being in a circle shape, it is designed to be like a pumpkin. It looks like it was made with sticks but my mom pointed out to me that it is actually metal! In the middle it has different fake foliage, berries and sunflowers in a series of fall colors. It is honestly so pretty and I like the fact that it isn’t your everyday fall wreath either.

It was hard to figure out where to place this, because I have a section of my wall for seasonal wreaths, blame it on my mom, because she brought home this cute and neon colored sunflower wreath and I thought it was cute and summer-y, thus starting me on this “tower of seasons” thing now.

However, once the hooks came in, I just ended up making my decision by having it hang on the front of my bedroom door. My mom and I actually love the placement. It gives our guests this little nod to fall.


So, for the next item that came in, it drove us a little nuts because when my dad said I received another package in the mail, he said it was “pants” and I knew I didn’t order any pants. I was thinking about it but couldn’t find anything that I liked so I kept thinking on what it could be, and then I remembered my list and I thought dad had misread the text and instead of “pants” it could be “paints”? Well, after we got into a little argument about it, he opened it up and found out we were all wrong and it ended up being my shirt.

I was torn between this one and another I found, but the image on the website looked like it was glittery and I do not deal well with certain textures on my hands and this realization was the result to the conflict. This top is in a darker grey, and has the outline of an adult size skull in black on the right side whereas the left has green, yellow and orange colored leaves and a large sunflower in the eye socket.

I may not listen to heavy metal as much anymore, but I still enjoy my skulls and spikes hardcore, so when this popped up, I couldn’t say no to it. Hell, my parents wouldn’t been able to deny it either! I mean, if you are close to me, you would automatically say “this screams Meghan!”. So, I purchased it and my dad did say it is badass.


For this next one, I was really unsure about it. I absolutely loved them to pieces, and the fact you got two for the price, I thought it was too mean to not get it but I didn’t know if I enjoyed the plaid part so much. These pumpkins came in both black and orange, and for a good thirty minutes I was going for the black and white ones. I thought they would fit better with the rest of my black stuff but honestly the orange just seemed more practical for me.

They are so adorable! When my mom brought them into my room, they were wrapped in a mesh case that looked easy to take apart, – I don’t do this because I can’t get my toes around a pair of scissors! Anyways, the pumpkins are stacked together with each one in a different size, overall it is medium and could fit anywhere you chose to put it, whether it’s on your porch or in a corner of a room.


As I mentioned at the top, I had two items that really inspired me to decorate my room for the season. I have always been interested in our planet system, my favorites are: Earth (of course!), Moon, Jupiter, and sorry to anyone who says Pluto is a dwarf moon, but I still adore Pluto. Anyways, the Moon has a lot of meaning for me. If I am outside at night, I instantly want to find the moon. I love to look for it during the day and night, and I am one of those people that will stop doing something and point with my big toe and say “there’s the moon!” So, with that being said, I want it even closer to me and make it part of my autumnal bedroom.

They have this banner or garland in two different colors on Walmart’s website: gold and silver! I haven’t been the biggest lover of gold anything, but since my walls are basically grayish, it wouldn’t look right in the silver. I just didn’t think it would shine as well, so I went for the gold instead and honestly, it can be a fall time color or at least that’s what I keept telling myself!

One little warning for everyone reading this post, since my mom and I had so many issues dealing with this, it might be easier doing everything DIY! The fact that we had no instructions, three pieces had some kind of red marking on the gold side, the clip to hook it to the top and pendent were hard as a rock, and half of the phases will not turn over to the gold (and because of that, I now have to paint them all!) that my dad literally hollered out to mom in the mist of this, “next time you are inspecting the list!” but honestly I don’t think they would have helped us in the end! Click here to find the video that seemed a lot more easier and cheaper compared the hassle we endured.


So, this is the final thing I got because let’s be honest, you can NEVER have enough blankets, right?! The really awesome part about it though is that, it arrived on the first day of fall too!

I have six blankets on my bed, four of which actually serve a purpose for me, but all but two are Christmas themed. Yes, this was my reason for wanting to get this blanket! To be honest though, my Transformers blanket is getting old, and feels really worn at times so it’s time to retire it.
For this blanket, it is fleece, which is like my favorite thing in the world! They keep me warm and I tend to use them to help ease my elbows–if I don’t have one underneath my elbows and lay on one side for too long, the skin on my elbows can break and according to my mom, it is a space that is really difficult to heal! The blanket is a light beige colored with a lot of varied reds, orange, brown, and yellow leaves scattered around the entire sheet.


Last Christmas, my mom got me a box of “white” lights to wrap around my tree, but unfortunately the tree itself was way too small for them so we improvised and put them around my window and it just looked gorgeous surrounded by the tulle sunflower curtain that you instantly feel so much joy about what it brings to such a small space.

In the span of late November to mid-April 2020. we used up the lights a lot and I say “we” because I know for a fact that other people in my family enjoyed them just as much as I do. We did try to purchase another set of lights, but everytime we went to plug them into the sockets, they were blink like crazy and I didn’t like it and neither did my mom, especially since I tend to leave them on all night, I knew if we kept these on like usual I would be more paranoid than I already am at night. So, within an hour and a half after my parents put them around my window, I said nope and that was the end of that conversation.

Thankfully, my mom went to Dollar General about a week after I made up my original list of fall decorations and she found out that they were putting out early Christmas items and one of the things they had on the shelves were two boxes of the right kind of lights, which are the white cord and white or “warm” lights. They were on sale for $2 a piece so she ended up buying me two boxes just in case we needed a back up later on! After barely six months of being in the darkness again, I have them back and it feels even more like fall to me inside the four walls of my room. Although she found them from another store, I have the same brand linked to Walmart, and of course since Christmas is right around the corner the price went up to almost $20 but still, I don’t think this wouldn’t mattered to us either way!

Sometime next month, I will put up the kind of “decorate with me” or “bedroom tour”, I haven’t exactly figured out what the title will be but it’ll be about where I put everything in my room. You’ll see everything I got and hopefully by the time it goes up, I will have a before and after snapshots of the moon garland too. Cross your fingers and toes that it goes well for us! 

Now it is your turn, I want to know what kind of stuff you like to decorate around your space? Do you have a specific aesthetic you follow throughout each room? What is your newest piece you have now?


OOTD: You’re Not Alone!


If you’re an American like myself than Happy Fourth to you! If not, hello anyways!

I did think I’d have three blog posts back-to-back but the last two were last minute additions, so I didn’t think I’d have any of these posts for the weekend, hell not even the rest of the week!

I’ve been lacking on the OOTD posts and I am very sorry about that. My mom has been putting me into my same old clothes that I’ve already talked about on here, so that’s the main reason why I haven’t done another one of these lately.

On Saturday, we had plans to go to bridesmaid dress shopping, but Blondie cancelled it because half of the bridal party couldn’t go, so my parents made up for it by taking me to Wal-Mart with them. And this was my outfit of the day!

I have a pretty big closet and I have like a dozen band tees in there that I don’t wear a lot, my mom hates that because they don’t go with anything! My mom pulled this one out of the racks; it’s my “You’re Not Alone” with big bold letters across the front of it. The bottom of it–that you cannot see–says Of Mice & Men in normal font, but has the color red in it. I got this shirt from Hot Topic a couple of years ago. The fact that it has the colors black, white, and red it can go with two of my plaid leggings that I got for this past Christmas, I have both white AND red leggings! I’m pretty sure they both could go with it! We now know that these work! 

What do you say about this outfit? Yay or nay? Do you want to see my other band tees on future OOTD posts?



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Christmas Wishlist 2015


Hey guys!

So I’m doing this Christmas wishlist thingy again. As you can see I’m mainly asking for clothes this year even though my closet looks like it’s about to explode right now! We have no spring or winter cleaning in our house. We also don’t know if some of my shirts fit me anymore! What’s sad is that I have two drawers for my pants/leggings and neither one are full. My mom recently threw away a lot of pants because I can no longer wear them. 😦 I mainly want more plaid/flannel shirts and pajama bottoms.


Green Flannel Top
Navy Blue Plaid Top
Gray Plaid Top

In This Moment T-Shirt
Butcher Babies T-Shirt
Jack Ü T-Shirt

Body Candy Juniors Sleep Pants (Only in Zebra, Multi Cheetah, & Atzec)

If there are any family members that are unsure of my size in clothes, just ask my mother! If you want some more suggestions to what else I think besides a darker shade of purple and skulls. I do like leopard print, graphic tees, superheroes (Marvel), Harry Potter, solid colors, rhinestone. Try to stay away from actual glitter on shirts, my hands are really sensitive to different textures: glitter is one of my worst enemies! And don’t fuss about the sleeves on both shirts and pants, if it’s too long we can always roll them up!


For my birthday, I originally wanted to get a new (small) CD player. An ode to the first one I ever got as a kid. I’ve went through seven big ones in about 11 years. The small one always worked up until a couple of years ago and it just kind of crapped out completely. That was a sad day for me! Anyways, my mom got me the speaker tower as a present for my birthday last month. As much as I like it, my original plan kind of fell apart. I really miss playing my CDs. It’s a simple thing that I still enjoy and so after thinking about it out loud with my nana. She told me about an old small boombox that my papaw doesn’t use, because it wasn’t loud enough! That’s where I got it from!

Now that we know it works, I want to add to my collection! For a girl who’s had not only a broke stereo system, but also broken iTunes since the start of 2015, I’ve still managed to consume a LOT of music through Spotify! You’ll know more about that once I start on my Best Of posts at the end of the year! I’m only including like five CDs to this list as I think that’s all I think I’ll be able to handle considering this little boombox only plays one CD at a time. My bigger one could store five at a time. The plus side to this is that this guy has to stay on the floor so I can switch CDs in and out of it. That’s another thing I like about it too!

**Only including links to show the cover art!**

Loved Me Back To Life by Celine Dion
Run by Alison Wonderland
Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack U by Jack U
Goddess by Banks
Peace Is The Mission by Major Lazer


Last Christmas, well actually like a week before, we found a couple in town selling pillows. Ironically enough, pillows were on that wishlist and this was the only thing I got to have early! That pillow only lasted like three months! I’ve switched my pillows like five times this year… I have a big head, I can’t help it. So I would like a new pillow for Christmas! I definitely don’t need any more blankets. I literally have two on my bed right now! Another item I’m asking for that was on my last wishlist is a curtain rod. No, I didn’t get one last year even though quite a few people thought it was a good idea!

I honestly don’t know what else I want. I definitely don’t need anymore socks or coloring books. My nana and I are kinda of obsessed with nail polishes. She’s running out of room in her cabinet for them, but I think we need more! She likes the nude, pinks, and berry shades, whereas I’m into both darker and bright colors! Neither one of us like glitter because it takes forever to remove.

This might be a little strange, but what I really want for Christmas isn’t something that you can give in the sense of a regular present. My ultimate Christmas present is to be able to do more things, which is a little more harder to accomplish since it’s getting colder and with out snow blizzards we tend to get towards mid-January to the end of April. I want to learn to do more things, I know I say that a lot lately but it’s true. I do want to learn more about my family history, figure out what else I can do with my toes, etc. When it gets colder outside I tend to get more stiff in my body. I have a little bit more pain in different areas, so I want to be fully distracted whenever those times come. I’m basically asking for more strength and energy. I’m also saying I’d like to explore a little more too!

Yeah, this is my little Christmas list for the year! If you’re still struggling to figure something out for me, cash works too! Is it just me but as we get older and older our lists gets more complicated and clothes wise than it used to be when we were kids? Maybe that’s why everybody thinks I’m difficult to shop for nowadays!

Sunday Rose

Sorry for not posting this yesterday but this wouldn’t load for me so now it will. Yesterday was Sunday, it started off at 8 o’clock two hours before the time my mom said we were going to get up, but I slept a total of 11 hours that night and I couldn’t force myself to sleep anymore. My mom and sister got up a little white afterwards and we didn’t get ready until 10. On the agenda that day was Walmart and maybe nana’s.

Well we went to nana’s first. Emily drove us there, wheelchair on the lift and all. She’s getting pretty good despite what she thinks really. We got there, my nana and I had nothing to really talk about besides how things went yesterday and if my outfit was cute or not. I wore my brown and blue, plaid shirt with my black pants that have buttons at the sleeves. I love those pants! Anyway, we told her about yesterday.

We had lunch there. Well everybody but me had lunch. Mom fed me beforehand and when she went to Subway she got me a Double Chocolate cookie. Actually Emily, Papaw, and I all got cookies. Nana didn’t want one and mom forgot about herself. By this time my mom and Emily took my regular wheelchair back to the house because we already established that we weren’t going to Walmart until next weekend. Here was the reason why. Mom and Emily were going to get their nails done at the Walmart. Well mom went through her checkbook and figured out that she didn’t have enough money for it. So Emily was going to work this week to pay for her nails. After mom’s only smoke break (which has got to be a record) she ended up changing her mind.

We took my nana’s push wheelchair. It sat in the back seat with me. Emily drove once again, but it was her first trip out of town driving. She did good too. We got to Walmart and I knew I wanted to look at three different places. Books. Posters. iTunes card. I already have 3 books in my room right now. Two are Library and one is mine. I haven’t even started on the one Library book I did want to read. They need to go back because I’m not in a reading frame of mind. We went over by the posters and saw this beautiful Footloose poster, and I almost took it. Then we kept looking. Emily found a Hangover II, Lil Wayne, and Drake posters. She ended up getting the Drake poster. I found two different Transformers posters. One of just Bumblebee and other was Autobots. I got that one instead. We grabbed my iTunes card at the check out line.

I Bleed In Plaid.

If I kind of look straight ahead and look to my right I can see pretty much all my Plaid shirts stacked up. Not neatly though. I probably can’t wear my favorite anymore because of my stomach. It keeps getting larger on me. I need to lose weight. Kidding! It looks like this picture except the sleeves are rolled up. My arms are not that long enough to fit. This actually looks longer than mine. I might be wrong though.

I love guys who wear plaid as well. About half of all the guys I’ve seen wear plaid I’ve literally died inside. How can they look that cute in a shirt that is striped and looks a little country-ish? Is this my country girl side coming out? I hope not. I love singers who wear plaid. However, I can’t seem to keep my cool but I still love it. I think Joe is the only one I haven’t seen wear a plaid shirt for anything. It’s bad enough that everybody else in Linkin Park wears plaid… Mike has practically killed me everytime he wears a plaid shirt. The day I see him or Phoenix wear a purple plaid shirt I will be in heaven.