Happy Easter

I had fun yesterday spending time with family and friends for an early Easter celebration, I’ve turned into the quiet and supervisor of all activities like my Papaw, I’ve noticed this about three or four times. I look like I’m bored but I’m not I have a tendency of spacing out easily and I don’t usually get into things. I was basically around little Chevy and her Aunt Chey all evening. When I first got there, I had been thinking about corn on the comb for three days. Literally dreaming about it! I let dad put mom’s alcoholic slushie drink in her cup and then my mom went up and got the both of us one. I’m not that big of a corn lover, but when I get a craving for something it needs to be met and I devoured it too! I didn’t have any butter in it because mom didn’t think we needed it. We didn’t but mine needed something on it, but it didn’t stop me from eating every part of it. It was so good!

After that mom fed me mashed potatoes and then when that was in my belly I had some pineapple upside down cake. I’ve never had that before but I have baked it with my sister and my nana once. I’m pretty sure Theresa converted me to it. I had it twice last night and I have no regrets. Plus two little Krabby Patty’s gummies. One was in an egg and the other was in the Pinata. I didn’t do the egg hunt but I watched Chey and Chevy try to look for all 42 eggs. Once Chevy got the hang of carrying the box (and I say “box” because they didn’t have a basket for them, so they used the next best thing–a beer box) it was a redneck Easter basket and it did what it was supposed to do too! I also had two little packages of M&M mini’s too! All I did there was smile, laugh and eat. One of the things that I was excited about was doing the Pinata. I have this small baseball bat I got when I was in middle school, it’s never been used before until yesterday and I’m surprised of how hard between Blondie and Sammy punched it, that didn’t break as well!

Originally, they were going to hang the Pinata in the barn but they couldn’t risk the bikers inside and so they used the back-end of an old truck and it had a little hole on the side of it, so Rex put it in there to hold it up and he and Marshall had to use their weight to level it down for Chevy, Chey-Chey, and I because we’re the shorter ones. They leveled back for Blondie and Sammy since they’re much taller. See how cute the little egg is! Chevy loved it too! She carried to “Pa” like it was her little purse, when we let her start swinging the bat Sammy tried to show her to swing with two hands but she didn’t want to go that route and everytime she went to hit the Pinata, you could hear her say in whisper “boom” she was giving herself some sound effects.


When it was my turn to try, I was bit weird because I had NEVER 1.) swung a bat before and 2.) the last time I played Pinata I was too afraid to “hurt” it so everybody else instead. So this was something different for me but I did it and had fun with it! Every time I had the bat in my toes I couldn’t get enough grip on it that after I hit it, that it would stay in between my toes. That part was difficult for me, so I switched it up and did something different. When you’re handicapped, sometimes you can’t go the traditional way, you have to do it in another way that’s good for you. My feet are pretty tough honestly and I have a bunch of bones on my left foot so I knew it would be THAT bad for it. So I gave up on the bat and I started using my left foot and it was a good stress reliever! I didn’t make a dent in it, but it do something else…

It did this… you probably can’t see it, which it wasn’t THAT bad but a little bit after, that whole area around those three bones was REALLY red but it never hurt or anything. Even last night, it wasn’t that bad either. Like I said, my foot’s pretty tough so something like this wouldn’t hurt that bad.


Blondie didn’t want to do it, but both mom and dad made her do it. She used to be in softball so we knew this would be kind of easy for her to do. However, she only went twice because after that second time the stick that was holding up the string and Pinata kind of came out of the truck and landed right on her and nobody had noticed it came out so this was probably taken afterwards because Rex is hanging onto it in this picture.


Sammy knocked ’em dead, the boys were supposed to go after her but we kind of figured they weren’t going to even go after Blondie or Sammy. I am too weak to break it open, Chey tried her hardest and Chevy tried too. When we saw the gashing big dent in the side of it, we all like “yup, it’s about to explode.” It did as soon as we noticed the dent, she only had to do one more swing before that candy inside went flying out of there! Packets of M&M’s and Krabby Patty’s everywhere on the ground. For once I actually grabbed a couple off the ground. For my first Pinata experience. I think it was a success!


I hope everybody has/had a wonderful Easter weekend! ♥