An Early Birthday Celebration!



This post might be super long because I’m talking about two very long days. So get ready!

Two weeks ago, I spent some quality time with my family. There was a real reason why almost everybody came down. My nana was supposed to have an operation but she ended up not having it, however several family members still came down that weekend anyways. After sleeping at my grandparent’s house over the summer, I actually wanted to do it again. Sometimes it’s great to get away from my room, parents etc and sleep somewhere else. I felt bad that my younger cousin Taylor would have to sleep on the floor and help out again, but he seemed to be okay with it though.

I went over to my nana’s Friday morning as my parent’s went somewhere, I don’t even remember where. It was great to have that hour with my grandparents alone before the whole house got crowded. Back in July, my nana and I made our first cake together. The whole thing was really about learning measurements and seeing if I could stir the batter in the bowl with my foot and I can! So after maybe twenty minutes of being there, I saw the cake icing and pan and I thought we were going to bake another one! When she told me she had already baked it, I was a little sad but then she kind of explained her reasons to bake the cake in general.

Every year, well now that I’ve been celebrating my birthdays either at home or some place else. My poor grandparents don’t get to help celebrate our birthdays anymore. So she figured we could celebrate it early and with Laurie, Mike, and Uncle Rick! I was okay with this (of course!) but I was still bummed she made it without me! However, she has this new attachment that she hadn’t used yet. She got it I think sometime during the spring. It is kind of like a pastry bag, I’ve never used one of those before, we were kind of curious if I could use it with my feet.. It has a pump in between the area where you pour the icing into and when you go to push it forward and lift up or to the side and it creates a very cool design. We used two decorative dispensers, the rose and I don’t remember the other one. I was in my push wheelchair and I hadn’t done anything like this before so I wasn’t expecting it to be as difficult as it was! Apparently getting both of my feet to work as a team isn’t such a good idea! It was fun though! The decorations don’t look too horrible. I think it looks like meringue. I did the white and blue peaks. My Aunt Laurie wrote out “Happy Birthday Meghan” on it since I barely got through writing out “M-E” I’ll try it out again soon!

This time around I actually didn’t have my iPod, Kindle, laptop or UNO cards because I managed to lose them in one month. I was a little bit bored to say the least, but decorating the cake kept me occupied a little. I went to sleep or tried to around maybe 9pm, I’m just estimating that because my nana doesn’t have a clock near where I was on the couch. This time I bought my own blanket and pillow. The blanket part was genius, the pillow not so much. Mine is apparently too flat and it was so uncomfortable for my neck. I actually didn’t get much sleep that night but it wasn’t because of my paranoia, it was because my Uncle Mike kept snoring. At my house, my dad is the one who snores and even though our walls are pretty thin, there’s still a wall keeping those rooms separate. In other words, with the right fan or having a TV on you can’t hardly hear him. It was WAY too quiet in that living room even after he got up to go to the bathroom. I got up at 8am and I was so exhausted! The only person who slept in was Taylor. Lucky little boy!

My nana got up and made rolls: cinnamon and orange rolls. I actually had an orange roll, it was sooo good! I had been dreaming of them for the past couple of weeks so this was worth it! I still can’t believe Laurie converted me because I LOVE my cinnamon rolls. My Uncle Rick was to come down at noon so we got food from the store in town, chicken and mashed potatoes. I had chicken and broccoli and celery to eat. Doesn’t sound very good, but I certainly loved it! My papaw had the TV on a local channel that had a soccer game on it. I haven’t watched a soccer game since 2013 when Blondie played during her senior year. I don’t know anything about it, she tried to explain it to us when she played but I think it went over my head like every other sport usually does to me. However, I was actually into it. The teams were Watland (totally butchered the name up, sorry!) against Arsenal. I have to say Aaron Ramsay is freaking cute! Now, don’t think that because I thought he was cute was the reason why I was so into it. I mean, it was one of the reasons but 3 days later I finally found out who won it. We didn’t see the ending of the game because Laurie and Mike took Taylor and I to Wal-Mart. Uncle Rick stayed behind to help my nana with her new laptop, poor guy!

When we came back we worked on this little Halloween DIY project. I thought my nana would be more into it but they were still working on it. After we were finished, I used the reminder of the foam board to take pictures of the nail polishes I got at Wal-Mart. That post went up last week if you missed it! My mom, Blondie and Batman had to work over the weekend. Myy mom said they would be over at 6pm. I was extremely tired and a bit overwhelmed so I decided to lay down on the floor for a bit. That was actually more comforting than I thought! I actually spent less time on the floor and when my mom came over, she put me back in the wheelchair and I guess I was too close to my nana’s cart because when she went to lift me up off the floor I bumped the side of my head in the process and then we started laughing. Bad, bad idea!

I actually had plans to stay another night, but whenever my mom found out that Laurie was leaving around noon the next day, she and I decided I needed to go home that evening. Honestly I was perfectly okay with this. I needed to sleep in my own bed with my fan again. I had a lot of fun though!! Laurie said they might be back for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving this year. That’s okay because I think my mom might be working that holiday so we might be celebrating on Black Friday like we did last year!

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New Coloring Book!


You guys know that I’ve been really enjoying these fuzzy posters, right?

Well, our neighbor Julie (we all call her “JuJu”) dropped off something at house for me. Both of my parents came into my room while I was listening to music and my dad pulls out this coloring book for adults. A month ago, while the three of us were out shopping at Wal-Mart I almost bought one for my nana mainly because it was ocean themed! This was before we found the motherload of velvet posters and ultimately decided to get those instead. So when this was presented to me I was a bit overjoyed! She even got me some colored pencils. I’m normally a marker girl. They seem to fit better between my toes even though I normally use the thinner ones. The colored pencils she bought are dual-colored pencils. My dad and I didn’t know what that meant so I had to find out for myself. The box was so tightly sealed at the top that I couldn’t get anything to try to open it without destroying the box completely! So I resorted to trying the bottom which actually worked! The pencils don’t have an end, it’s like their glued to each other so you get a different color on both ends! Interesting!


The coloring book itself is a “natural wonders” theme! Lots of floral, leaves, mushroom, owls, and insect designs. JuJu said she got me the one she liked the most. There’s several pages inside, some of the designs have very thin lines and others have thicker, so as much fun as I’m going to have with it. It seems it might be a little bit of a challenge for me too! Art challenges are pretty fun to do though! Stress worthy, but fun!


I tried to get pictures of everything and that was such a disaster! I still haven’t figured how to really hold my camera and balance on my butt at the same time. I’ve had to add three more ways to get my photos.

My dad is a very hands on kind of person. He’s worked on different construction sites in his life and before we moved into our house that we live in now, he kind of remodeled it a bit. My sister’s bedroom wasn’t actually there in the beginning!! He built that whole area for her so we didn’t have to share a room. In the past couple of years, he’s done a few other things around our house and neighbors/friend’s houses too!

I’m a pretty crafty person. I will never be trusted around a chainsaw, but I do get some good ideas every now and again. One morning I was awake and I was trying to go back to sleep, but as I was doing that a thought popped into my head. I’ve been trying to find clever ways to get better pictures of things in my room. I’ve got a small room and we keep putting things in it. I’ve been wanting to improve my photography game for some time now and now that I can take pictures by myself I want to try to expand as much as possible. So with that being said, I thought about creating my own backdrop. I have tons of old cardboards from older velvet posters and I’ve never thrown any of them away, small or larger ones. I figured we could reuse them to make this backdrop. Later on that day, I told my dad about the idea and you should have seen the look on his face! And I thought my nana was the only one to give me that look..

I tried to explain to him as best as I could, but in the end he created something close to what I originally wanted. He reused the other cardboards but instead of leaving it white like I wanted he spray painted it silver, which in the end left a small, cute smudge on the top of it. He didn’t have to make it that day, I just thought we’d discuss it a little bit more and then maybe he’d show me a blueprint of what he thought could work but he did this instead and that kind of surprised but I am the same way about doing my blog posts. I only spend an hour or a day “drafting” it and finishing it later on in the evening or the next morning. Now we know it’s a family trait. I left using my dad’s new creation to last and it actually worked a lot better than laying everything flat on the floor! So after spending a good half hour fighting my camera, toes, and a box I finally managed to get some decent pictures of everything without throwing something up against the wall!

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Autumn Is Here.



This past weekend, we finally turned on our furnace. At first I was really sad, because that literally meant the summer was over and here comes the cold weather! I was actually dreading that smell that you first get when you first turn on the heater but I guess I had missed than I thought because it made me remember what’s coming up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, basically every holiday that happens in the fall! Including my birthday! All throughout the summer, my mom was really upset that she didn’t get any flowers this year. She even has a rose bush, we only got one rose this time. So in a way to redeem herself she has started decorating our front porch a little. At the start of September, she told me she got us some pumpkins and I was instantly excited about that because I really want to glitter up some pumpkins. Well, my mom got a big arrangement of purple flowers a couple of weeks afterwards and she put it out on the porch with the pumpkins and loved it so much that we can’t paint those anymore! She’ll have to find some more and deliver them to nana’s house right away so she doesn’t figure out something else to do with them.

I went over to my nana’s a couple of weeks ago, while my parents were out and my mom got some more flowers. She even got my nana a light yellow banquet of flowers to put outside the door and my mom got a more bolder shade of yellow for us. Not only did she get that, but since the cats have destroyed her other Scarecrow, she found another one while doing my nana’s errands that afternoon. Her name is Abbie as I was told in the car! Our front porch is looking very beautiful and our family embraces the season of fall very well I think! As the new month continues though, we’ll add some more things… whether dad likes it or not!

That night or maybe it was the night before I went outside to sit out on our BACK porch. Too many porches I know! It was a lot later than I normally go out, but I hadn’t seen the babies and I needed an escape with my camera. The lighting outside wasn’t really darker, but it was somewhat cloudy so we had to use the flash a bit. I say “we” because my mom came and sat out with me a little. The cats all just kind of flocked to her. They know she gives them food that’s why! She took majority of the pictures that afternoon which was fine by me because I didn’t have the strength or inspiration to take any. It takes a lot out of me to scoot from one end of the house to the other, especially now that I carry my camera out with me now! We actually got pictures of Bootsie, Midget, and Felix this time around too!

Here are some of the pictures we’ve taken recently! Hope you enjoy!

Stormy and his long paw…
Midget and Ozzy photobombing on the side!
Bear Bear looking so pretty and fluffly!
Otis and Nelly.
Stormy giving us the “what?” face lol
The older cats really do love the babies. Gru wanted to help clean Grumpy.
Gru, Stormy, and Grumpy with Felix in the background and the toes at the bottom!
Nelly sitting on his throne!
These two proceed to fight for this chair after this picture was taken.

NOTM: Green & Pink



Don’t worry this isn’t necessarily a new series I’m doing I just wanted an easy title and thought this would do the trick!

Last weekend, I went over to my nana and papaw’s for a little visit and since her internet has been a real pain lately. She’s been kind of without it for the last couple of days. She’s been doing a lot to distract herself though so I’m pretty proud of her for doing that. She’s been coloring a lot! Besides the fuzzy posters I gave her she found an old Peanuts coloring book from 2003. She’s had to switch from markers to crayons, something that she didn’t really like very much but it works! On this same visit my parents bought us some more posters, three different giant boxes. We each have eight of them and I’m REALLY considering that giveaway maybe one through Twitter and the other on Facebook?

One of the first things she asked me when I came over was can you paint my toe nails for me? It’s very interesting to me that every time I get asked to do this I cringe. Her feet are disgusting! Sorry nana! My feet are younger–for a lack of a better term to use–so it might be the reason why I tend to freak out a bit, but trust me my feet are far from perfect! Fun fact: I have hair on the tops of my feet and I HATE it! The day my feet get really nasty, I will probably crawl into a corner and bawl my eyes out! Anyways, she still had some polish on her toes but it wasn’t very bright so with the color she wanted could cover it up without any problems. She wanted a pink-orange shade by Sally Hansen. I don’t really remember the name of it. I actually love doing her nails because she doesn’t care if I get polish all over her. Eh, I’m not a master at everything! She painted my nails too, I am in love with my lime green color also by Sally Hansen! We’re a Sally Hansen type of family! That picture above is what happens when you use your toes to guide yourself in a push wheelchair. Sometimes you get little hairs stuck on your newly painted nails…

So that’s it! We didn’t do anything too fancy but this was fun too!


End Of Paradise.


Getting myself to talk about Blondie and Batman’s last days in Hawaii is a little bittersweet for me too, because I’ve grown to love talking about their trip for two weeks. I literally devoted a whole week to writing four huge posts of their moments there! You’ve been probably wondering why I decided to write it for them right? Well, for starters, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about my sister’s adventures. I’ve done quite a few in the last two or three years! She doesn’t mind it, I think she likes it too! It’s fun for me and in the past, I’ve edited the pictures to look cool and be brighter, but for these pictures they looked so beautiful the way they were that I just kept them the same! I did fix up the ones with their faces in it and never put the ones with his cousin and grandmother out of respect in case they didn’t want to have their faces on my blog. I also know that between the two of them they’ve been going back to their working schedules and Blondie has her classes too! So I took the reign of writing each post out like if she had a blog herself. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get her to create one but she never has time!

She spent her last days of adventures in Kauai. On this day, they were supposed to go zip lining and then to a luau. Well, from what I was told after going down 105 ft in the water and then over 10,000 ft up in the air, Blondie’s anxieties were all crazy and she ended up having an anxiety attack just before going up and doing the zip lining. They still went to the luau later on that afternoon. She got a lot of pictures out there. She told our nana that she didn’t want to take her phone up where they were doing the zip lining in case she dropped her phone you know? So this was her make up for it! She got to ride on a train, which almost made me cry because our papaw has not only been to Hawaii but also LOVES trains! She saw fire breathers and she even shared on Twitter that she got up on stage and danced in front of everybody! That’s something she never does! You have to tickle her just to get her to sing out loud!

They went on one last adventure to the Jurassic Falls. The first Jurassic Park film is set in Costa Rica but apparently parts of it was filmed in Hawaii. They went on one last helicopter ride around different sections of Kauai. The Manawaipuna Falls was part of the air tour and it was part of the first Jurassic Park movie. They even got to land in the same spot! They got a nice picture of them standing directly below the falls! Looks very majestic! On Friday, they were supposed to fly out pretty late our time and get home sometime by Saturday afternoon, but they had a 12 hour delay because they had to exchange a wheel of the plane and after arriving in Dallas, they found out they missed their flight! They didn’t get home until like six ish Sunday evening! They brought souvenirs for everybody! I got a Tiki man and my little purple shoe that has little gems around both sides. Apparently it was $40! I wasn’t exactly thrilled about that but it kind of screams me so I’ll let it go! When they got back, they came into my room and showed me the things they got me! I asked for a hug from both of them, I’ve never hugged Batman before and he gave me a better hug than my sister! He gave me a real hug not some puny thing that everybody seems to give me because they think I’m fragile!

So now I’m done and I’m sad. I really enjoyed writing about Hawaii and figuring out what to include in the posts! Hope you guys enjoyed each post like I did! Is Hawaii now on your next summer vacation list?