30 Lessons I Learned In My 20’s

Hello! πŸ’™

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I have been thinking about what to talk about in my birthday post for MONTHS!

My mind went from listing thirty various facts that I thought was interesting, then it ranged from other 30th celebrations from all over the world, but I landed at giving you a list of lessons I learned while I was enjoying my 20’s.

Honestly, a part of me totally understands the episode of Friends, where Rachel wakes up, it’s her birthday and she is upset at the whole notion of turning 30 years old and basically panics because she realizes there were a lot of things she hoped to accomplish in those ten years, but she hadn’t and everyone tries to help her feel better and possibly do some of these things afterwards; unfortunately, I’ve never seen the ending result because when I watched that whole, I just pushed it out of my mind. Despite the fact my old self hoped to do some of the same things Rachel wanted, I am happy that I didn’t get it. I actually learned this lesson while in my late teens so it’s something I’ve welcomed with open arms (or legs in my case…) and this ultimately made the decision of theme for this post easier to do.

I didn’t exactly know how I wanted to write this portion of the post, I thought I’d set it up in a couple of sections but I thought it would take forever, so here’s a simple list of life lessons Honestly, this blog is a great map but I thought these would be a great little snapshot into those moments.

πŸ–€ You don’t need to go to college, living as you are can be even more educational
πŸ’œ Being a blogger isn’t a bad thing
πŸ–€ Friendships don’t last forever
πŸ’œ There’s a light at the end of those dark tunnels
πŸ–€ Acceptance is key
πŸ’œ It’s important to find your patience to deal in this fast-paced world
πŸ–€ There’s nothing wrong with wanting life to feel complete at 25, However, when it doesn’t go in the way you want, please kind to yourself
πŸ’œ Being disabled is not a burden
πŸ–€ Cats are life

πŸ’œ Art is not your enemy – find another media to explore
πŸ–€ Working with digital magazines can be fun and are a great excuse to grow as a writer
πŸ’œ NaNoWriMo is no joke
πŸ–€ It’s better to be open-minded than closed off
πŸ’œ Trees are amazing creatures
πŸ–€ It is a hidden talent to kill crickets
πŸ’œ Books are awesome ways to escape life
πŸ–€ Basketball is better than football
πŸ’œ Time heals most wounds
πŸ–€ Becoming an auntie is fascinating
πŸ’œ Put a bird feeder outside of your window

πŸ–€ Fairy lights around the window are a cozy and essential for when you can’t reach the lightswitch on your own without the possibility of hurting yourself
πŸ’œ When pain arises, nap can be necessary
πŸ–€ Having a bit of a green thumb or in this case, a green toe
πŸ’œ Being able to create long and short term goals and keeping them
πŸ–€ Spotify is a lifesaver
πŸ’œ Be a fierce queen (or king)
πŸ–€ Always trust your intuition
πŸ’œ Never stop adapting to your surroundings
πŸ–€ Stay in the moment
πŸ’œ One.

When I started on it, I really tried not to overthink any of them, which is why there are some funny ones throughout too. I wanted to be thorough but not fussy about the things I felt were important to include in this post. I think what helped me the most was listing them all out in no particular order and once you get to a certain number you’re comfortable with, that’s when you can readjust the list itself and I don’t know why, but I always have the most difficult time figuring out the last five of anything, and once I switched to focus my attention on recent discoveries that’s when I felt totally comfortable with its entirety.

If I have somehow inspired you, please understand that I am slowly accepting that term into my life, and its that I ask to comment below your favorite lessons I’ve taught you in the last 10 years or so! I will enjoy to read anything you can list, whether it’s funny or important.

A-Z Disability Challenge | J : Just Watch Me


I don’t think people will ever understand the importance of this phrase. It is like Nike’s motto, but it’s more straight forward. Whenever you say it that means you already know you’re going to do it, there’s no use of trying to talk you out of it. While the other is telling you to do something, you’re still liable to think about it and see whether or not if you need to do it.

For people with various types of disabilities, this is like embed into their brains. It’s definitely been into my head for what feels like forever. There is nothing like proving people wrong, and I always strive for that opportunity to look at someone and not necessarily say it to their faces, “do not underestimate me.” It’s the most amazing rush, as it’s second to being an adrenaline junkie, which a lot of us will put the two together and that is usually a recipe for both excitement and disaster, but we normally don’t go looking for that other part!

I think a lot of people can learn from people with disabilities, especially if they have a physical disability. We tend to push ourselves harder, because it’s not all about proving others wrong, we’re also trying to prove us wrong too. Our bodies get weaker the older we become because that’s part of life, but sometimes once we realize we’re missing out on something or losing an ability that helps us to do things can help build up our strength within and we try to change it for the better!

Here is something to keep in mind:

There is one thing that I need to speak up about first, we do have our limitations like everybody else. Sometimes those limits need to be tested of course, but it’s all about patience. Nothing you do will come to you overnight. If you’re like me, you’ll be up all night trying to come up other ways to complete something! I do not like to throw in the towel as some people would say but if none of my plans work, there is no shame in letting go. This is a harsh thing to think about, because we as humans hardly ever want to accept defeat, and when it comes to disabled people, it certainly feels like the universe is letting us down. If something is not working out for you, you can either think of it in another perspective or you have to leave it in peace.

When I lost the ability to get myself onto my bed or couch by myself, it was the worst feeling in the world because to me, that was my main thing I could do if I wanted to get out of my floor or room in general. It does continue to hurt (mentally) every once in a while, and in the last few years my parents have been losing their strength in being able to lift me off the floor, and that means I am not able to do anything on the floor like I used to. I don’t like to accept something I can no longer accomplish on my own, but I am able to look at it in a different way, because now that we’ve moved into our new house, I am getting out of my room a lot more because there is so much space between rooms. Being able to move around in my wheelchairs is as good as scooting, plus there’s a lot less pain in my back and hips too!

How are you with proving people wrong with your limited abilities? What is your mindset whenever you cannot do something that you’ve worked so hard to finish?

The Word Is Perspective.


I think I am obsessed with words. I think I always have, but mostly with the words that I can pronounce. I am not the best speller, never have I been one either. Also, whenever I see a word, a long one at that, there’s about a 50% chance that will never be able to say or sound it out. I just freeze up and stumble on myself. Sometimes I look over at people to get some help and they’ll just give me that look and say, “sound it out” trust me that doesn’t help me either. It just makes me want to cry in front of everybody because what might be a simple word to everybody else is a freaking disaster to me. One of those words that I didn’t know how to spell or pronounce when I was little, was this word. There are a lot of ways this word could be spelled wrong with a young person like me who has these issues with learning words. I’m going to be honest, it has been in the past year I have been able to spell it and say it right. It took me two decades but I finally got it!

If you are wondering why my last two banners I’ve had for this blog has included this word on them, is because this word means a lot to me. The definition for perspective isΒ a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, or in simpler terms: a point of view.Β If you’re talking about art, it means something a little bit different. Anyways, this word means a lot to me because you can look at anything you want and find a different perspective in it. To give you an example, in my life I’ve had to go through some struggles and had obstacles along the way, but I’ve been guided through this life very well and throughout my years of being this way, using my toes to tape instead of my fingers, and doing other things that my sister or anybody for that matter can do has created another perspective in me that I didn’t see before. And I’m being totally honest here too! I have a habit of thinking that I am a burden to people, but lately I’ve realized that the reason why I don’t go out with my friends anymore isn’t any of my friends, parents, or my fault. If you were taking me to the movies, you would have to take a push wheelchair, stuff that in your trunk, carry me into the car, strap me in because I can’t do it myself, and getting out is the same way but backwards. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, but if you’re looking at my perspective you can understand my view of everything. Now that I’ve got a learning perspective of how everything works, it doesn’t bother me as much. I still get sad, but I know everybody’s got other friends, their lives, and that’s not our fault; that’s a good thing honestly!

I think we are so in tune with our thinking that we can’t see the other side of our thinking. We think our minds are telling us the truth and we instantly believe it. It’s not always true. I’ve had that trouble too, but lately I’ve noticed that I’m getting better at giving myself some credit. On Saturday, I was trying to sing to this song and it has some pretty big high notes. I’ve been trying to work on my range and I think I’ve been getting better. Before I started noticing the change, I practiced with this song and I would always get some discouraged with it. I would just give up with it. Well, on this day after a few months of not listening to it at all. I tried to sing along with it and those high notes are still an issue, but I’m proud to say that I can do some of them. My breathing is what’s getting me the most. Anyways, after it ended I remember saying out loud, “well that sucked, but I’ll get it.” I didn’t go back to that little depressed shell and instead I just say “I’ll get it.” So the perspective view on this, that I’m choosing to see myself doing better and actually hitting those notes soon. If you give up on something, I think everybody should look at it in a different way beforehand. It could’ve been worse. You can always work at it and make it better. You’re mind is putting lies in your head and you’re believing every word they say. My mind can say whatever it wants, but I can feel it in my heart that I’ll get it one of these days.