I’ve always been into Lifetime, mostly because when I was growing up my mom and nana would watch their favorite shows on Lifetime, like The Golden Girls and The Nanny. They use to play them in the mornings and afternoons. Then the rest of the time they would play movies. When I was little I wasn’t big on watching the movies they’d play. Now that I’m older, sometimes if I can’t find anything else to watch and if the summary of the movie sounds good I’ll watch it.

Recently, I watched this movie called “Five.” It’s about five different women going through life living with breast cancer. Five mini stories, five different women directors. Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris, and Patty Jenkins were the five directors of each story. Jennifer Aniston directed the story of “Mia.” She had breast cancer for two years and expected to die. Her story started from now and went backwards, her story was probably the most hilarious! Patricia Clarkson plays Mia.

Demi Moore directed the story of “Charlotte” and was the opening story of the movie. This story starts of a mother dying of breast cancer and her young daughter Pearl being by her side. She drew a picture of her mother on the moon with two astronuats and told her mother “nobody gets sick on the moon” and Charlotte told her daughter that was where she was going. Ginnifer Goodwin potrays Charlotte. I actually missed the beginning of this story. I only got to watch the end of it.

Alicia Keys directed the story of “Lili” and she is a sophisicated, young black woman who doesn’t really want her mother to know she has breast cancer. When she goes to have lunch with her mother and older sister, her mother gets upset that Lili doesn’t want to go to her cousin’s party. Her mother makes a big scene and says something about having cancer because it would be used as an excuse. Her sister stops her and then indeeds says, Lili does have cancer, breast cancer. This was a very good story. I shouldn’t give everything away. Rosario Dawson plays Lili. Jenifer Lewis plays her mother, Maggie. Tracee Ellis Ross plays her sister, Alyssa.

Penelope Spheeris directed the story of “Cheyanne.” Cheyanne is a young, exotic dancer. Her husband, Tommy is a gambler. Tommy goes to watch his wife dance and when they come home. While he goes to undo her bra, he feels something on her right breast and then she felt it. They go to the doctor about it and she tells Cheyanne she has to have surgery on not just one breast but both of them. She worries about her how her husband would feel about her losing both of her breasts. She gets very worried and insecurtied about her body. It was a very good story. Lyndsy Fonseca plays Cheyanne and Taylor Kinney plays her husband, Tommy.

The last story was directed by Patty Jenkins. This story was about the daughter of the opening story of the movie. “Pearl” is about a young doctor that treats women who have breast cancer and sees what they go through with the cancer. Pearl is a mother and goes into looking for things her mother had. At the end of the movie Pearl and the other stories of women come together for their 5 years of survival and kiss a tile on the wall. Pearl was the doctor of Mia, Lili, and Cheyanne. Jeanne Tripplehorn potrays the story of Pearl.