WEEK SIX | #PADCardiganJezebel


It’s another week of March!

My memory is starting to fade on me lately! Something that I’ve been trouble doing while contributing every day to the challenge is there is like a 50/50 chance I’m not going to remember what the next day’s theme. The day before I started this past week I only knew Monday’s because I had technically done it two days earlier just in case! However, I didn’t know the next six days’ topics! So in a very interesting way, doing these summary posts are a godsend because it makes me remember them!

So they’re not just fun for you guys, but they’re helping me an awful lot! Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get on with the pictures!

DAY 7: 11 AM!


I took this picture on the Saturday before this picture was even due for one specific reason only. I would probably forget about it or sleep in, actually that’s what happened on Monday! I slept in and missed the time! So now I am really glad I took it then and I’m also very happy for the zoom button, flash, and for my camera to focus right for this picture!!

DAY 8: Stripes!


I think socks with stripes is very popular in my house than any other design! I have so many but grabbed the two closes to me and of course they were both dirty as crap! Sorry about that!

DAY 9: Something New!


I was at my nana’s a lot this week for personal things going on in my family at the moment. I’ll try to explain it all later this week!

My nana sends money to a school out West, for Native American kids and they send her different things! Back in December I explained that the advent calendar came from them which I love doing them! She got a lot of stuff: handmade cards, stickers, calendars, and this mini dreamcatcher and pen. This was the only picture that turned out pretty decent as to the other 20+ I took afterwards!

DAY 10: Smile!


So my nana and I are doing something cool! I am a Shriner’s baby and went there to get checked up about my condition, feet, and most importantly my back! I spent a good four months there recovering from my surgeries and having a blast really! Anyways, there are two ways to help support them. You can send toys or blankets. They are creating a giant quilt and we did a little design on ours! I drew a smiley face sun and added ours names underneath! We were going to put “you are my sunshine” but I knew it wouldn’t fit. I’m still surprised I wrote our names small enough that they were still readable!

Getting this picture to not end up blurry was not going to happen! I literally took over 15 pictures of it in a span of two days and this was taken during the second day and I’m pretty sure I know why it never wanted to work for me. It was either bad lighting or I need a lesson in figuring out how to stop shaking my feet mid-air!

DAY 11: Spring!


Th weekend before, it was absolutely gorgeous out and I got to spend quite a bit of time outside with the babies! This is Bear-Bear, I thought he looked all cute laying out on the ground instead of on the porch with the rest of us. (…don’t blame him one bit!)

DAY 12: Shhh!


Okay, a few weeks ago I went to the dentist and I was really tired! Between little sleep that night, getting up at the butt crack of dawn, and then taking medicine to help calm my nerves, this was the end result! I decided to take a little nap in between breaks of my doctor working on me! Another reason why I like this picture is because I was having a great hair day!

DAY 13: On The Go!


Okay, you’re probably wondering why I included this picture. All I’m going to say is “find the airplane!” I’m seriously surprised I got it! I thought it wouldn’t show up or the photo would be too blurry but nope! You can’t see the plane but you can see it’s line of steam, well barely!


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WEEK FIVE | #PADCardiaganJezebel



We’ve started another month and Meggan is continuing with her photo challenge! I’ve known about it for almost two weeks, but I wanted to keep it a secret from anyone who only follows my blog posts! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me talk about how excited I’ve been to have a new set of challenges for March!

I should probably explain why the title of this post is different from the picture I’ve included above! First of all, since I started this in February, it was week one and that’s what I titled this whole thing by how many weeks I’ve done. So the month might start over again, the posts can’t because I’ve already used that title. I’m sorry for the confusion!

DAY 1: Currently…


I’m actually starting on my summer posts. Well, it’s my Tune Tuesday summer series I’ve been doing for the past three years now! Every summer I do a worldwide “travel” posts for each week. This year, I’ve taken off China, South Korea and Egypt and added quite a few others I’ve talked about in the first year like Japan, India, and Italy! Two of my “new” travels are Puerto Rico and Romania! As you can tell, the whole thing starts up May 3rd!

DAY 2: Fresh!


I like the fact that these challenges allow me to think out of the box; make me use different items than the normal go-tos. As for the “fresh” challenge, nothing wanted to work and I ultimately gave into my first idea and used the dryer sheets. I honestly don’t know what these are, I just know the little cuddly bear!!

DAY 3: Hello!


Okay, this picture might look a little cruel but you can’t deny it’s cuteness either!!

This is what happened to our screen door. Technically, this is door #2. Every cat that has ever been adopted by my sister (us!) has literally tore it up! My dad has had to fix it countless times! The reason why we’ve had to have them replaced so much is because of this. Our cats try to figure out a way into the house and they will do anything to get inside! That’s Grumpy peeking at the bottom, he’s the main cat that does it the most!

Now they’re finding ways to get into other places including sheds and cars! Bear Bear was missing for three days, guess where he was? In my dad’s building because apparently nobody does roll call before locking anything!

DAY 4: B Is For…


B is for basketball. I mean, it is March Madness after all! This is my papaw’s little basketball poster that has IU’s game schedule, which in ways it’s traditional to have in every family kitchen, but a waste when they don’t include channel numbers at the bottom for everybody’s TVs!

DAY 5: In My Bag!


As you can see, I didn’t take this picture! My nana did so I could keep my camera into my purse/bag.

I have camera, phone, pen, and two pieces of paper full of blog related stuff! This is technically the best What’s In My Bag post you’ll ever get out of me because I am totally lame! I don’t have a lot that I need to pack around. If I need my laptop for the night I put it in my Vampire Diaries but that’s it.

DAY 6: Indulge!


I needed something that would be good for this challenge and thank god I still had this picture in my “media” area because I was going to include it into a blog post for next week, but it technically doesn’t fit anywhere so I removed it. I feel for this little picture though! This is the reason why I take three shots of something because the first two were blurry as crap and I couldn’t tell until I went and uploaded my pictures!


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WEEK THREE | #PADCardiganJezebel


Well hello,

Now we are onto week three of Cardigan Jezebel’s photo-a-day challenge! I have to say I have been really enjoying figuring out each day’s challenge of the theme. I’ve been having fun with my parents; having them involved in it is very helpful sometimes! I hope you’ve been enjoying seeing each picture I post on Twitter and in these posts too! Here, I get to explain the story behind the picture. If I didn’t do these posts then I probably wouldn’t know the next day’s theme! So it helps me keep track of everything!

Day 15: Motion!


So I started out my week with a picture of my tire of my push wheelchair aka “The Death Trap.” This is technically the cleanest wheel between both chairs!

Day 16: Together!


This is Gru and Oscar. It’s a photo I took back in September before Blondie and Brandon took Gru to live with them in their apartment. I haven’t got to seen him, Toni and Otis for a few months now! It makes me sad! From what we were told, Gru is a fatty now! Oscar is our lovable, but skittish kitten. He’s fine with us, but is scared of everybody else!

Day 17: A Part Of Me


Okay, before I scare anybody else with this picture! I did not just cut off my hair for this photo challenge! This is from like 13 years ago, back in 2002 I had to get my hair cut as I was going to have my back surgeries plus have a metal halo screwed onto my head so I had to cut my long hair. It was saddest day for a lot of people in my family, including myself! I loved my long hair and I honestly hate getting my hair cut short.

Day 18: Balance!


All right, back on Monday I was fiddling around with my foam board trying to put it behind the wheel of the push wheelchair for that day. Once I was finished, I moved the foam board over a bit and I’m not kidding it just stood there on its own! I couldn’t help myself and decided to use for the challenge of “balance.” It was awesome!

Day 19: Good Morning!


Friday, it was my dad’s birthday and I had breakfast at 10am! I slept in a bit! This was my breakfast! It is Coco Pebbles if anybody wanted to know! I’m tempted to do a post on how I eat my meals, so if you would like that post just leave me a comment on here or on Twitter and I’ll get everything arranged!

Day 20: Repeat!


Since it was “repeat” I decided to do a previous challenge over again! I really wanted to do “one of a kind” again, so I took a picture of my nana’s Christmas trees that she has on all the time, spring to winter! It doesn’t matter! Technically, she’s got about four of these trees! It lights up and they’re very cute!

Day 21: Message!


I had to really think about Sunday’s photo challenge mostly because I had two ideas. I was going to use a picture of a thread message between my mom and sister that was posted about how they’ve both cried over cats this week, but I ultimately decided on writing out a quote on a note card and this was the end result.


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WEEK ONE | #PADCardiganJezebel


Hey guys!!

So let me explain what in the world I’ve done now.

Does anybody remember a couple of years ago, all of the bloggers did this sort of challenge called a 100 things or something like that? A little backstory on that, all you did was take a picture of something you liked about your day, the main focus was based around a 100 things you loved in that day. Well, Irish blogger Meggan has created a little photo-a-day challenge for the month of February! After days of this list of challenges kept stalking me on Facebook, I decided to join the fun! I’m not making any promises if I forget a day or few at a time! I also managed to get my mom into it too! She’s been helping me get some pictures too! So I hope you enjoy my first week of pictures!

Day 1: Red


Surprising I don’t own a lot of red anything. I kind of got lucky having these small Starburst candies on the floor when I was scooting around in my room. I thought it would be the perfect way to start this photo challenge as I want to only take pictures of things that are different and quirky like me! Startbursts are one of my favorite candies by the way, I unfortunately have been going to the dentist a lot lately and cannot enjoy them at the moment. 😦

Day 2: Comfort!


Originally I was going to have my mom take a picture of my dad or herself holding my foot while I got my teeth worked on that day, but we ended up cancelling that appointment and had to find another comforting photo for that day! So my mom and I collaborated and decided on using our dog ChiChi (who thought she was in trouble the whole time) and wrapped her up inside of my blanket, which is the reason you can see my little elbow there on the right. 

Day 3: I AM…


I’ll be honest. We couldn’t figure out a good “I Am” picture between the two of us so I had to result in finding a quote on Pinterest instead. 

Day 4: Hobby!


This photo took five tries. Mainly because the flash kept reflecting on the iPod. I don’t know how other bloggers get their cameras to focus at all and get the perfect lighting for things like phones and iPods because this was a bitch to say the least! I used the Adele in it to show you that I got more CDs and will be doing another music haul post soon!

Day 5: Little Things!


These and “Hobby” were both my ideas from the start. I have a bunch of different shapes and sizes of buttons and thought this would be a cute way to show “little things” as some people would automatically take a sentimental photo of something and I went the practical route instead. 

Day 6: Even!



Okay, so I took this at my nana’s and I know that’s in awful quality but I’m not joking my camera died like right before I took this picture. I had to use my nana’s camera and despite that it has an “anti-blurriness” it’s clearly blurry! There’s a lot of light because of the light right by us and her flash that we’re both having the worst time figuring out how to turn off right now! If you’re wondering they are: bubbles! I went by evenness of height not color as you can tell! I thought they are cute and were the first things that popped into my head for the challenge! 

Day 7: Happiness!


I finally got to see my papaw’s saxophone!! While I was in the middle of taking this picture and others, my camera had a low battery and whenever she switched my batteries (twice!) it still wouldn’t work so at the moment I have no idea if I can continue with the rest of the month’s challenge…


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