Today Beats Monday’s Ass!

Today has been probably one of my happiest days ever! I love it when I get cleve ideas. These Christmas cards are done, with the exception of three of them. One had to be changed. I knew I would probably have to do that. While my mom was finding out who close with which address she was reading through them. I have a history of leaving out words and having bad grammar. The first batch she did, she didn’t read them. The second batch she did. I got one card with a missing word. I’m surprised my mom didn’t fix it while she had the chance. I am so happy I did this. Even though I’ve been worried about the overseas cards. I have 7 cards going to 6 different countries. There are two that live in the same country. My mom texted me a bit ago saying that they’re all under a dollar to be sent out. I’m so happy. All 7 cards are being shipped out probably tomorrow!

I’ve recieved three cards so far! One is from family (my nana) and the other two are my Twitter friends. I got the first two the other day and I have a hard time opening the envelopes. I’m surprised I didn’t get a papercut because I completely destroyed my nana’s card envelope so much that the card will not go back in. Oops! I took a picture of the envelope after I got the card out. It is pitful. Melissa’s card is small and not as bad to get open. It actually seemed to open easier, I didn’t have to fight the damn thing. Today I got my third card. My friend Stacie, she is from the UK and her card finally arrived! My mom saw it on the coffee table and showed it to me and ripped into it before I could even say anything. She read it first and saw the special something she tucked in the envelope. It was a boy band article in a UK magazine of Backstreet Boys. I’m very proud of myself I did not cry, but I thought my mom would. I now have three “Let It Snow” Christmas cards.

Today has kicked Monday’s ass to the core! I love it! ❤

Christmas Cards

This will be my second year not doing any Christmas cards. Since I haven’t been in school I don’t have anybody to make and give out and I’m surprised to say this but I actually miss making them. So I think I’m bringing them back. So I got to thinking about how to send them to, my family would most likely get cards from my nana, so that takes care of them. I think I’m going to go even bigger than my Senior year. I think I’m going to send them out to my Twitter friends. I think it would be awesome to do that for them! Since I have so many of them and in different places around the world I’m going to have to be smart about this.

I feel like Santa Claus. I am going to the ones overseas first, since they are the majority of everybody on my Twitter. Thing is, everybody is in time zones. Two of my friends, Manaroma and Laricya are from the far side, so I might have to send theirs out first before anybody else’s. Then the ones everwhere else. I don’t think everybody will get one. I’m going to be making a list, and checking more than twice apparently. After them, I’ll do the ones in the U.S. and hope they all arrive on time. I’m crazy to be doing this, but I really want to do this. It would be very sweet and special for a lot of them. I’m going to make my list now.

When You Can’t Help Someone

Earlier this week I messaged a sweet girl. This girl is one of my best friends, I’ve even kind of adopted her in a way. We call each other sisters. She’s from overseas and has been through a lot for her age. I’ve gotten a lot of friends from Twitter, lots of them I’m considered family. They are my second family. We all agrue and fight like we our a family. Anytime though they are going through things in their life that isn’t good makes me very sad. I can’t help them in a way like everybody else can. Since most of them are from overseas, and most don’t have Skype helping them is limited.

My friend Taby said that talking is enough to help her. Yet I can’t help but wonder if that’s really true. I want to do more for my friends. I’ve been tempted to make my own Skype account and talk to them through that for the ones who do have Skype. I’m always wanting to help them. Because even though I’m handicapped and older than most of them. I’ve kind of been through more things for some of them. The rest has been through more than me. Which actually worries me since most of those are really, really young. Life isn’t fair sometimes and I wish I could do more for my friends than besides talk to them.

Finding More Bloggers Like Me

That sounds so corny. Finding more bloggers like me, that to me sounds cheesy. I love meeting new people and talking to them. It all started in high school, mostly Junior year where I met our exchange student of the year and she was the best thing to ever have came into my life. She’s originally from Finland, and since she’s from the opposite side of the world it made everything kind of blossom. After meeting her and learning about her, I think I was jealous of her. After living in my shoes, you get jealous of anybody that isn’t you. I always imagined what her home life was about. She went back for my Senior year, but came back to the States for Christmas break because she missed us.

She changed my life. I have had Twitter for about three years now, not technically my original account and I’ve had more than just one account. I was an idiot and made more. Apparently I haven’t learned much. On there, I started talking to different people who were fans of different things. The first was The Vampire Diaries, and I made quite a few friends and still talk to a couple that had me on my original account after I deleted it. After I made the new one, the one I’m using now. I started following Linkin Park fans and man, they have a lot of fans that are from overseas. I’m not kidding, but that seriously made me happy. My farthest friend is from Indonesia and my closest is from my homestate just further up of me. They’re so cool to talk to but I have being so far away from some of them.

Tonight I made an account to find more bloggers. That excites me even more!! I have a few bloggers I talk to, but not a lot. I’m not complaining, because I enjoy reading their posts and following them on Twitter and Facebook. I got on my Facebook page earlier and saw one of my fellow blogger friends, said she saw herself on Well curious me got even more curious and asked her on Twitter if you had to pay to make an account. She told me no, so guess what I did? I made an account. I think this is like my 100th account (kidding!!) and so far I am only looking for personal blogs. For some odd reason everybody has a “Blogspot” blog. I don’t use that one anymore. Hopefully I’ll find some “WordPress” bloggers soon!

When I was looking at all these accounts of different bloggers I was amazed. I saw a lot of bloggers from overseas. I don’t know what it is about people overseas that amazes me so much. Knowing that there’s a person your age on the other side of Earth is freakjing cool! There’s my crazy side that just came out of me. Seeing all these people that you wouldn’t necessary think had Internet connection. When I was younger, I was watching TV of commericals of Child Fund and it would make me sad because it would broadcast people living in bad condtions. I thought the whole continent was like that. People never tell you when you’re younger that not everybody lives like that. So seeing people have blogs from places that you heard were “bad” places is fasnatating to me. Forgive me if I went overboard with that.