Beautiful Autumn Days

Boy, can you tell it’s autumn in the Midwest. I’ve started to notice some of the trees finally turn to yellow and orange. I’ve never been to North, South, or West coasts in the fall. So I don’t want to say that Midwest has the most beautiful scenery, but it’s pretty close. In the different years, our fall/winter like weather comes in one month earlier or later, so each year we continue to get more confused about when the temperatures really supposed to drop. This year I think it actually started on time. We had some cooler weather in between August-September but nothing really big until the last two of weeks of September and then we started to really noticing the temperature drop in the evenings. Today, the nice cool breeze we’ve been getting used to in the weekdays has turned into full blown wind and it’s cold. You know when it’s really windy bad, when you’re driving and the wind has the car moving all over the place. For me, sitting in the backseat was no fun because I was actually feeling the power of the wind deep inside the car. Today, was also the first day were I wore my trustee jacket that I’ve had for a number of years. I also kept on my socks (that did NOT go with my outfit! Thanks, Dad.) until we got inside and I found the Halloween stuff and I was gone.

My parents were actually supposed to go to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon, but they ended up going to Royal King and went out to eat were they had margaritas and my poor dad had one that whoever was to make it forgot to put in the actual mix in the drink, so all it was, was tequila, some fruits, and ice. He didn’t drink much of it according to my mom. While they were there, I was at my nana’s and we were having a fun time. My mom got me some pumpkins the other day, so far we only have two and they are freaking HUGE! She said they looked smaller passing by them but when she goes to pick them up, it’s like she’s going to pick me up. So they are underneath my grandparent’s dinner table. This time around when we do our stuff to them, we’re keeping the aluminum foil under them. We did that to two of our pumpkins last year and it actually was the smartest idea we ever had at that point. Hopefully my mom will be able to find medium-small size pumpkins somewhere else. Anyways, when they got back, of course I tried to spend a little time outside with the babies (cats) and we made some rounds. When Bootsie had her second litter, Wren, Midget and Stef used to follow me from the backyard to the front. It was really weird even then, but cute too! Well, now that we have six cats now they all have been racing me every time I’m outside. They no longer follow me, they race me. It’s actually Midget or Kelso that beats to it too.

While I was at my nana’s, I had the job of trying to find our old box of crayons. We had no such luck, however we did find something that might help me get a little more hands on. As much as everybody thinks, I honestly do a lot of the crafts and sadly never have, even in school. I always had to have help, which was good, but I always liked to do things myself. One of the things that I was never allowed to do at home or at school was use the scissors. I’ve been properly trained what not to do with them, but have been able to cut with them. Apparently, I make people feel uneasy with my toes. She found this small blue box, it was kind of dirty but still adorable. My nana never throws anything away and I’m thanking God for that now, but inside this little box were small tools. A pair of scissors, a stapler, measure tape, knife, ruler, an eraser, paperclips, and liquid glue. I thought they were the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I could easily these items. We decided to leave those out because I might be using those sometime soon. While my dad and I were looking for glitter in the craft section at Wal-Mart, he tried to get back into making necklaces again. I can’t do those, I spent too much money over something that does not work well with my toes or back. Even though I was tempted to take home a bottle of purple paint and a wooden letter of “M” but I think God knew what I wanted to do there and I couldn’t find either one.

While I was outside with them, I’ve been trying to take a lot of pictures of the leaves around the yards because I know my dad will have to mow it sometime soon. Despite the cold temperatures at night, my mom does have one flower bed producing buds, and yesterday she had a lone purple flower in full bloom. It must’ve enjoyed the nice rain we got that night and decided to come alive once more. When we went to leave to go out today, I checked it and it was still open but sadly decaying too. Which made me kind of sad that summer was officially over. It’s strange to think that I’ve always loved autumn because of the changes in the leaves, feeling of Halloween, and then getting closer to my birthday. I think since I took lots of pictures of the outside, especially the flush trees. I don’t know I might be changing my mind slowly and thinking I might have a new favorite instead.







Some pumpkins I found while in Walmart.
Some pumpkins I found while in Wal-Mart.