Anne Boleyn: More Than The “Second Wife”

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Today is an interesting day and in ways kind of morbid too. Why? Because it is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s death. The second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I.

Since I am so into history, especially British royals I feel like Anne and Henry’s love story is probably the most interesting! I have over 7 different groups and like pages just on Tudor royals, whether they’re a bunch of authors and historians or actors who make their own Tudor dresses and parade around at fairs, it’s an exciting escape from the boredom I tend to find on my Facebook! I think for fans who love celebrities they either find the person from the end or in the middle of their careers. I have certain “obsessions” like that too, but Anne and Henry’s relationship is something totally different. I know how it got started, when they were finally married, when she was banished from court to finally her execution.

I feel conflicted when I play with the question if I were alive at the time of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII’s reign, how much would I support the marriage and future Queen of England. I also think that if I was transported there I would either be studied by the want-to-be-physicians or left for dead by my family because you know I’d be born with my disability! I just feel like I wouldn’t probably feel as I do about Anne, which sucks because I would believe all of the rumors than the woman that is our Queen. However, since I’m not, I get to show my support to this woman of power in her right.

She was one of the most influential women of that time period; some people would consider the amount of control she had over the king as witchcraft, but I think it was a partnership, between these two power houses. First you have, King Henry VIII being controlled by the Catholic church and the Pope, while Anne is part of the Reformation and is Anglican. As much as he found Anne attractive, she was of different religion and one that was unfavorable to the people of England. The fact that she broke him away from the Catholic way and his most trusted Cardinal Wolsey (he did that all on his own when he failed to get an annulment from Katherine) is amazing!

The second is that she never fully gave herself to him in the beginning and this is probably the most fascinating part of the whole thing considering while being married to Katherine of Aragon, he had multiple mistresses, not just Anne. She was the only bold one to tell him “no” whenever he offered more. We know that because he had a relationship with Lady Elizabeth Blount, while she was one of Katherine’s ladies in waiting, but she also gave him a living son. Despite the fact that she was already married and the child was considered a bastard, he was loved by his father, the King.

I think Anne Boleyn deserves an award for keeping her chastity during the relationship! For a man, who obviously didn’t have any control on his sexual appetite, I find this long wait to be almost frightening – I’m imagining this King who knows he can get anything he wants and can get bored easily with the ones he has relations with, as we see later in his life. I wonder how much confidence she truly had within herself to keep this relationship going. That’s something we’ll never really know, because I mean we know they “loved” each other, but he had six wives and two of those wives were beheaded!

She made a mistake shortly after giving birth, she gave birth to a girl: Princess Elizabeth, not a strong male heir like Henry had wanted from the get-go. This was another reasons why he wanted an divorce from his first wife Katherine of Aragon, mother to his other daughter Princess Mary. Katherine was previous married to his older brother Prince Arthur, but he died and Henry had married her but later feared that the first marriage was consummated, which he used against her to fight the Pope. Once Elizabeth was born, Anne would have miscarriages. She still wasn’t fulfilling the dream for the both of them. Shortly after that, he started seeking the affection from one of her own ladies-in-waiting, Jane Seymour. The theories are that the accusations of Anne convicting of adultery, incest and plotting to kill the king were enough to see a future with Jane, while Anne and the other unfortunate souls were arrested and sent to the Tower of London and they were all eventually beheaded in 1536,

As far as my opinions of her downfall, I think she was tricked. She wasn’t supported among the king’s people for the obvious reasons, so I think they were out to get her from the start of everything and once she wasn’t having any sons, people sort of put their plans in motion. However, as influential as she was with her husband, I have to keep an open mind of her making a mistake, I feel she might’ve gotten cocky in her role and panicked after when he became interested in Jane Seymour. I think she was desperate to give him a son an heir plus if she did this, she could be able to stay at court with her husband and children.

I often wonder if the Queens knew their husbands were sleeping with their ladies in waiting, why didn’t they just sent them away? If Katherine of Aragon had dome this to Anne, would she have been queen and given birth to Elizabeth? Again, another theory I’ve always had!

If I could get myself to sit down and write out a whole post or possibly multiple blog posts on the amount of history I have learned since I was a kid, I would do it in a heartbeat. After being able to share my knowledge about the vegan world, I would like to explore that side of myself with you, take you into what’s really stored inside my brain. You should feel thankful that I’m even considering this idea at all, but it is still early and you could not even like this post and then I wouldn’t have to say anything. I guess we’ll just have to find out what sort of information you would like to see more!

Would you like to read more historical posts on here? I would share how I got started on each one. I’ll also try to include some references as well! Let me know!


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a7bee252bd112c01c8b7da4fd73b62b5Recently I read a nice little article on the HelloGiggles website. I hadn’t even read it, I shared it on my personal Facebook so that I could read it later that day. Well, I finally read it a couple days later and I thought it was a brilliant account of how a person feels about dealing with their acne. I’ve been trying to find my own words on how I feel about my own acne. Everything included in this piece are my own opinions. Don’t judge me too harshly!

I’ve always had acne, of course it came to me during my teenage years. I remember going to the doctor’s office asking her what to do about it. I was prescribed a couple of different medicines, but nothing really worked. Everytime we used the medicines we’d put it on two or three nights and then we’d stop. By the time I had made it into high school, we no longer used anything to treat my acne because there was no use in doing anything to it if we weren’t going to keep up with it. It wasn’t necessarily my parents fault for stopping, they hated it just as much as I did. My dad always tries to pops them once they get to a certain size, it is so painful and that’s usually when I get very mad that we don’t use creams but by that time, it’s kind of too late to use anything!

My sister is probably the only one in our household that actually uses face masks and creams on a daily basis to get rid of hers. She also wears makeup on her face to help cover anything. I’m not sure if my dad uses anything for his, he just pops his zits. Another thing my sister and I got from our dad from birth was oily skin. My face has always been oily and I’ve actually finally accepted that as one of my many flaws. What really gets me though is that I don’t feel as self-cautious about my acne when I go out in public. ¬†I’m more aware of it while I’m in bed. My face gets so itchy at night and the acne just flares up the more I scratch my face against my pillow because I’ve went and popped the ones before. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Now as an adult, I still deal with acne on a daily basis. They mostly form around my mouth, up the sides of my nose (sometimes even on my nose!) on the corners of my eyes, underneath the lower parts of my ears and lastly all around my chest. I’ll be honest out of these spots the most annoying places are on my upper lip and around my nose. While I deal with these issues, I still feel like acne is a natural thing every person deals with at some point in their lives. I don’t think our skin is out to get us. People think the bacteria in our skin is making our acne worse. I think plastering yourself with loads of makeup and creams is just as bad. I think being around the advertisements for different skincare products and makeup day after day is another form of peer pressure. If somebody has found a way to make their insecurities disappear, we all want in on it! I think I’d rather try to learn everything about myself and accept it rather try to get rid of it.

OOTD: Dropping Cameras + Family Time

I love to hate these colder months I swear! Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure they hate me right back. If the temperature goes up or drops, its like my body has radar and my body aches in different places. I’ll be a happy camper when spring is here, but all that will bring are thunderstorms and my least favorite: tornadoes. That’s the downside, but I’m getting anxious about going outside and taking pictures with my camera. I’m pretty sure you all are tired of me talking about it!

I’m not very handy with cameras though. I should be grateful that I’ve been able to use my phone camera for as long as I have, because ever since 2009, digital camera have been like an enemy for me. I went to my friend’s graduation and I was out taking pictures after the ceremony was over and as I was about to give my camera to a guy to take the picture for a friend and I, it literally drops onto the concrete and basically shatters. I came home in a sad mood and my mom and dad were no help. So everytime I hold one, my mom goes “don’t drop it Meghan.” On Saturday, I took my camera over to my nana’s house. She hasn’t really used a camera like this before and I kept telling myself that I need to play around with it and figure out how to hold it with my feet. I knew my grandparents would have the right type of batteries I needed for it, my nana and I had ourselves a little try out with it. Although we couldn’t figure out how to exactly take the picture. Two days later when my sister came home, she showed me and now I know how to do it. Yay!

I’ve literally looked up the instructions on Google like five times so I’m really committed to learning more about it as a whole. I am terrified to change anything on it. I actually got the “menu” and “delete” buttons mixed up and I almost had a freak out moment at my nana’s Monday afternoon. Oh yeah, Uncle David and Aunt Katt came over to my nana’s for a visit. It was very strange, because it was a Monday but it felt like a Saturday to us. My mom worked all weekend long so she definitely thought it was Saturday. Blondie came home this weekend and it was nice to have everybody in the house, eating French beard pizza. I tried to get pictures but I kept dropping my camera. I dropped it like three times on the kitchen floor. I felt bad because of the two carpets in that house to drop it on, it’s the hard carpet. Trust me, my butt still hurts from falling out of my chair. It can’t be considered carpet in my opinion. Anyways, I thought I broke it because the batteries fell out while it was on and it shut off with the lens out.

In my family, our topics of conversation can get pretty interesting at a really fast pace. We managed to talk about domestic abuse, religions, wars, meat, animal cruelty, high school reunions and lastly talked about animals again but it was a more happier discussion than before. I like it when we have these types of talks because everybody has their own opinions on the matters and I’m usually the one sitting there, listening to each person. This is what I do but I was so happy that I’ve mastered the will to hold my tongue sometimes. Because at least two topics above could’ve ended badly if I had voiced my opinions on it. By the end of it all though, my mom brought out this big stack of pictures from my nana’s office and she began to look through them. David, Katt, and even my papaw got on the action. It is hilarious that with all these pictures we were looking at, I was seeing a LOT of pet pictures. So if you thought I posted a lot of pictures of our cats, I got it from my mom’s side of the family!

We got home like two hours before The Originals came on. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so towards two in the afternoon, I started to get extremely tired! I was enjoying family time way too much to go home early though. I took a few random pictures I’ll share in a few weeks. My mom and I have decided that we’ll only upload a big stack of them at a time, because of the way the SD card goes into my laptop. I don’t think I can do it by myself. However, you will be very proud of me. I reminded my mom to take a picture of my outfit of the day! It was too cold to take the picture outside and about the left side of my face, it was bright in that side of the room. There’s no way of fixing it sorry! My shirt is from Hot Topic (of course!) and I got it for Christmas. It says “without music life would be a mistake” and its true! I’m wearing my mom’s old North Face jacket she gave me at the beginning of fall. I’m also wearing my favorite pants, I don’t remember what brand it’s from but they came from Wal-Mart a few years ago! They’re my favorite because of the buttons on the side of the length. It makes my legs look cute! I don’t own any beanies, but we do have like hundreds of bandanas (because of my dad) but this is one of two girly colors he gave us! We couldn’t find my skull bandana.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Don't mind the mud on the floor! Lol
Don’t mind the mud on the floor! Lol

Is There A Difference?



Tuesday’s are a day of fun, at least for me they are! I do a lot of different blog chats throughout the week and Tuesday’s are the busiest day of the week because I have three chats going on back-to-back in the afternoon, of course they’re all UK-based chats so it’s evening there for them. My first chat starts at 2pm and my last that I haven’t been joining in the last few weeks starts at 4pm. In between those two, I have my favorite out of three chats that I love the most, the #fblchat (Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Chat) ¬†if you’ve seen me tweeting this hashtag and always wondered why I end with that, now you know! Different bloggers host the chat and come up with the different themes of discussion. Yesterday the topic was about bloggers being influential. I thought this was a good topic to talk about, but by the middle of the chat I was either losing interest or getting tired of sitting up, and I was hardly getting any notifications of people favoriting or retweeting my tweets of their agreement. Which became a good thing as I answered the last question in my personal opinion, is there a difference between being a Blogger or just having a blog? My answer was simply:

“Ooh, I think a “Blogger” is someone who wants to share themselves with the world and is proud of it to talk about it in everyday life.”

After I posted my answer, I began to read others answers and realized that I might’ve been wrong on how I answered it, but then again I thought, “no, there is a difference between the two.” People were saying that if you have a blog, you’re automatically a blogger. I don’t agree with this and instead of explaining my answer on Twitter during the chat, I stayed quiet hearing my thoughts boil up to the top. I knew I had to release it sometime. So here are my thoughts on this subject. There is a difference between the two, being able to call yourself a blogger and having a blog are two completely different things. No matter what anybody says. I stand by my answer and say that I’ve been a blogger for five years (almost six) and have used two different platforms, learned how to do everything on my own and kept at it after going through different things. I never stopped doing it. I talk about it in my everyday life, almost everybody that comes around me gets told different parts of my blog. I am very open with it because it has become part of my life and I cherish it. Not only that I’ve healed myself from different things that I’ve gone through by keeping up with my blog. I honestly don’t like admitting it, but I’ve helped people through my posts. I am very proud of myself and my little blog for doing so much. I feel so blessed to have met other bloggers and enjoy reading all the nice comments I get on different posts. I don’t know what I’d do without my blog, so that’s why I’m in defense mode as you can tell, sorry!

Now on the part about just having a blog, when I think of someone just having a blog and not really doing anything with it, I don’t consider them being a blogger. You don’t have to blog everyday I know that, I understand writer’s block very well trust me. This isn’t about writer’s block here. There is a thin line between having a blog and actually blogging on it. To me, blogging is more about pictures and that goes for all of the different themes you select for your blog, beauty fashion, parenting, etc. Blogging is about pulling somebody into your little world that you’ve created in this 2-5 (or more) paragraph post. You try to make them see and understand your pain, struggles, joy, humor in one single post. That’s why I am not a person who supports this thing of calling people who use Tumblr bloggers. They are NOT bloggers by any means! At least none of which that I’ve seen over the years. Both Tumblr and Pinterest are not the ideal platforms to use to share anything. Yes, a picture can say a million words but it’s also like an abstract painting, not everybody is going to meaning of it if you don’t explain why you’re talking about it. I mean, come on! I’ve had lots of different bloggers agree with me on this before, because if you’re just reposting pictures and calling yourself a blogger, you’re calling us real bloggers a bad name. We work hard to give our readers a glimpse of our loves and everyday life and here you are just liking a picture of somebody else’s work and putting it on your profile. You get excited of how everybody is loving¬†your new post.¬†How is that blogging?

Let me just say to finally end this post for good. I know I am not the most perfect blogger in the world but I do try to be the best person I can be, and I’m only being honest and real with you. You can agree or disagree with me, I really don’t care what you think. I just had some thoughts on the matter that I think need to be considered before I did anything else today. At least now I’ll be able to go about my evening in peace. ¬†So I hope you have a good night and enjoy your Thursday!