Song Review: “You Are My Weapon” by Upon Wings

I am very difficult when it comes to new artists and bands. I tend to stay away from them because when I get into something I go on a binge and want everything from the selected artist/band, the genre, and others like them. I got into symphonic metal music in 2009, so towards the end of last year I was finding less and less big bands that sounded like Within Temptation, Delain, etc.  I’m used to caving and only four smaller bands have captured me. One of the smaller bands is from the US, actually a state away from me! Upon Wings is a female fronted rock band that uses operatic influences in their music. The band consists of Anne Autumn Erickson as lead vocalist, guitars Kevin Kardine, and Peter Tzaferis on drums. They are from Michigan, so I’m hoping that if they do touring in the Midwest in the near future, they come somewhere close to me so I can see and meet them! Anne is super nice to talk to on Twitter! So it would be great to get an actual hug from her one day!

Anyways, back in February the band released their new song “You Are My Weapon” and I have been addicted to it ever since it popped on Spotify! You know how I love intros and it has my kind of introduction. I love Anne’s vocals on this track. She sounds so powerful and yet delicate too! When you first hear it, you feel you can sing right along with her but then you realize you need to work on controlling your breathes a little before jumping in. Yes, I am speaking from experience! It took me two weeks to get my breathing under controlled until I felt like I could hit the same high notes. The actual sound of the song is really good, I love the guitars but I do feel that with Anne’s vocals the guitars and drums seem a little lost. The band just released the music video for this song I think a few weeks ago. I’m still waiting to read those lyrics, but I almost know half of the words. There’s nothing like getting a tweet from a band saying they’ve just released a song or music video. I keep forgetting that’s one of the perks of new bands, you become a hardcore fan very quickly and they tend to remember you as time goes on!

Ketchup With Us: Old Spice Shampoo

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I’ve found a new song to use, it’s called “From Birth To Bloodshed” by Ex Libris. The lead singer Dianne van Giersbergen has an operatic vocal range. The band is a symphonic metal band. This is actually a new song and it is 10 minutes and 51 seconds long.

It is a beautiful day outside! Like seriously, it was really windy yesterday and I’m guessing kind of cold. I didn’t go outside but today my mom and sister did my grandparents errands and I got my hair washed, so not only do I smell like my dad at the moment because he let me use his shampoo, I got to get out of the house and see my grandparents and feel the warmth of the sun and feel the breeze too. I’ve felt pretty good but I don’t know why but if I’m out in the sun, my eyes feel like they’re dragging it’s hard to keep them open. My nana and I had ourselves a nice talk today. We talked about pipe cleaners and our minds wouldn’t work well for us so it was at the last bit of the conversation and after I went and tried to describe what these things were, we actually lost track of the point of the conversation. My fault. The second one was the list of books I found online. The headline said “people have only read six books out of all the books” and I went and counted how many I had read before and I was less than that. I had only read three books. So I have to find that link after this and sent it to her and hopefully she’s read less (kidding!) than me. I really want to read a Jane Austen book. I’m hoping to go out tonight and have some fun. I hope it doesn’t get so cold and maybe I can trick Blondie into going on a walk with me later after she gets up from her nap. Wishful thinking, I know.