Tune Tuesday | What Inspired You To Create “Upon Wings” by Anne Erickson



If you’re new to my blog, you may not know that summer is like a big season for Got Meghan’s Blog. I usually do a series talking about music from all over the world. I really enjoy searching for new artists and bands and write the posts afterwards. I have found tons of incredible musicians since I started this back in 2014, but I’m literally running out of music in some places that I figured would be an never-ending supply. Once I made this assessment, I realized that if I wanted to continue with the Tune Tuesday series as a whole, I would need more time so I thought it would be cool to call in some reinforcements!

What I have in store for you are a few pieces by an artist that I’ve been looking up to in the last few years. This person is a lead singer of the rock opera band called Upon Wings. Her name is Anne, and she has been freaking awesome about doing this, but honestly I’m doing this for her as well. I’m giving her free promotion on here. This is who I am as both a music blogger and a friend, I don’t want anything else besides that and I know she’d appreciate it just as much, so without further do, I really hope you enjoy these articles she’s gladly written up for us!

Music has always been a part of my life since I was four years old. My parents took me to musical theater productions when I was super young, and I fell in love. That was my introduction to music!

Pretty soon, I got into opera and studied voice, and then later, I discovered rock and metal. I started writing music for Upon Wings, and actually recorded some songs but kept it to myself. A few years later, an incident in my life nudged me to release one of those songs, “The Dream.” I made my own music video to go with the song and posted it on YouTube. I was so touched and floored by the positive response I got from people who were discovering my music from that video. Those people inspired me to push further and release a debut EP “Afterlife” from Upon Wings.

How to follow Anne and Upon Wings?

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Tune Tuesday: Italy


So were onto Italy, now I’ve got to say that even though Italy has a rich city and is full of history, it’s also one of the few countries that I’d like to see last of my life only because there’s not much I am fond of, besides of the music scene. Something I’ve found in the last few years is that Italy has a hefty amount of operas and opera singers. One of the singers that I have selected, along with her band, is a in school for opera and performs all kinds of songs. Something you might not know is that the voice of Snow White in the Disney movie of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Adriana Caselotti, her sister Louise was a vocal coach for a famous opera singer by the name of Maria Callas for two years. Now how I got into this country’s music scene was when I first got into the rock scene, I found the band Lacuna Coil and ever since I’ve been hooked to their music. Sadly, I’m not really a fan of their new album but I am addicted to their album Dark Adrenaline. Do you like any Italian singers or bands? What are your favorite songs?

Upside Down by Lacuna Coil

My Spirit by Lacuna Coil

Butterfly Effect by Crysalys