That Awkward Moment

Oh I’m in trouble now.
I was thinking about Justin Timberlake and then Linkin Park popped up in my head at the same time.
At first I was thinking, “what’s going on with my brain now?”
Well then I remembered I had watched the studio session of when N’Sync were helping out Phil Collins in the Tarzan soundtrack last night.
Well that part was fine.
Then I started thinking about how Justin, Lance, Joey, and if I remember correctly Chris all had different hair colors.
Lance an Justin had Bleach blonde.
Joey and Chris had Bright red.
My excuse for not listening to Linkin Park was for two reasons, I thought Chester was scary. The other was his blonde hair.
So here is my awkward moment for the day.

“The awkward moment when you don’t listen to Linkin Park for the crazy hairdos but you listened to N’Sync just fine.”

Who Is The “James Dean” Of This Generation?

In the 1955 teens everywhere were addicted to this man. His name is James Dean. He was an actor. He died at a young age of 24 of a car crash. He was in the movies, East Of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause, and Giant.  Today I was watching his Biography and was thinking he was the biggest thing for teenage girls and older women everywhere. He had the looks of a bad boy, and everybody knows girls love bad boys. Especially the good girls. So I was thinking if he was the hottest thing in the 50s. Who has taken his place since then?

I’m going down the line from the 50s to now. I have 4 decades to get through and out of all them the 1960s was the hardest to figure out. I asked my dad, in his opinion who would be the biggest heart throbb in the 60s? He said The Beatles. Sad to say, never thought of them. The Beatles blew up in the 60s and had so many fans around the world. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr made girls everywhere go insane! One picture drove them wild for more. The Beatles broke up their band in 1970s. They all released solo albums and in 1980 John Lennon was shot and killed.

So I’ve been looking all over the place for 1970 heart throbbs. One show I remember that came out in the 70s was “Happy Days.” One person comes to mind, when I think heartthrobb of that time. Actually, I think it’s two people. The Fonz who was played by Henry Winkler and ChaChi played by Scott Baio. If you look at old pictures of my dad in the 90s, guess whose hairstyle he had? ChaChi’s. I remember hearing about Scott Baio being a very big heart throbb with the girls in the 70s. If I was a teenager in that time, I’d probably agree. His face is really cute and acts so innocent. If he existed every girl would fight for the death for him.

The first person I think of who would rule the world in the 80s. Two words: Michael Jackson. I think everybody would agree with me too. From The Jackson 5 in the 70s and him being the cute little guy just singing away and making all the mothers melt away and their daughters find out what’s like to fall in love. Everybody wanted to learn how to dance like him. Sing like him. Even have his sense of style. Everybody hated his “Bad” album. Everybody used “Thriller” as their song of the month in October. Teachers would play the muic video for “Thriller” for Halloween. Michael Jackson is a legend. His legacy still lives on since now everybody can dance like him, sing like him, and buy clothes like the ones he wore.

So who ruled the 90s? In my opinion every girl has a favorite actor and band. To me, sinvce I was born Backstreet Boys ruled my life. Little after getting into them I got into NSync. Between the both of them I got pretty hooked to them. Backstreet Boys had ahold of me until 2004. They were my first CD and the reason to get my first stereo. I own 5 Backstreet Boys CDs.  Still crushing on Brian Literall. Not happy that Kevin Richardson isn’t there anymore. I miss him. I also own two NSync CDs. I had a Backstreet Boys and NSync poster. They ruled my generation to the fullest. I still think NSync needs to do a reunion tour.

So now that we’re at the new millenium. Who ruled over every girl hearts? To me, Justin Timberlake really took over the radio stations after he departed from NSync. He released his first solo album “Justified” in 2002. I actually think Nick Cannon ruled the acting scene in the millenium. Especially with “Love Doesn’t Cost A Thing” and his MTV show “Wild N Out.” I miss that show. That was a hilarious show! Since 2008, we had a new generation of boy bands being released to the scene. Meaning, Jonas Brothers. They defintely ruled my sister’s world. She had a BIG crush on Joe Jonas. I thought him and Nick Jonas were cute. They act/sing at the same time. That’s every girl’s dream. Now, however since Jonas Brothers have kind of taken a break it seems like somebody else has taken over.

Justin Bieber has ruled over little girls hearts ever since his mom uploaded videos of him singing to Chris Brown and Usher to YouTube. At just 15, he recorded his first album and sold out hundred or thousands of concerts worldwide. I don’t think he’s going anywhere for awhile. Just started thinking, what about actors? Who has ruled the acting roles? I say Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Launter. I don’t think anybody would really disagree there either. After Breaking Dawn, Part 2 the Twilight reign will be over but everybody will find another heart throbb to gush over.

So this is (in my opinion) the “James Dean” in this generation. They were all over the place. Every decade comes a new heart throbb for every woman to think about at night. In 2020 there will be a new heart throbb and he will have to out do himself to be on this list. I wonder what James Dean would think if he saw all these different heart throbbs taking over the world like he did at one time? Hmmm, we will never know.