NOTM | Metallic + Neon


I feel the need to say that this post could be a really long! So, it’s probably best you get comfortable in your seat because you may be here for a while.

Two years ago, my nana was living in the nursing home that my mom works, but unfortunately she was not able to stay there because of money so she went up north to live with my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike. The drive there is about four hours, and it’s a lot for one person who isn’t use to being in a car for that long! If you have wondered why I haven’t been talking about my regular holiday crafts or shenanigans with her, this is the reason why. At the time, I thought I would write a post about the transition but I couldn’t get myself to do it, so I’ve been rather quiet about the subject in general.

And then… I got a message from my friend Brittany, whether or not if my mom would allow her to take me up there for a surprise reunion. I was excited by the possibility of seeing everybody again, but extremely nervous because of opening old wounds but when my mom came in saying that it was okay, I was so freaking happy! The really mean part about this was that Brittany, Laurie, Mike and I had to keep it a secret from the rest of my family for three days! What was funny though was I pulled what Brittany did to me the night before the Five Finger death Punch concert in 2016. On Friday, my nana sent me a funny video and even though I had no plans of talking to her before the surprise, I just kept chatting to her through Facebook and I ended it the way I always do with “love and miss bunches” knowing she had no idea what was going to happen the very next day!

Our family is known to pull great surprises! It started with my Uncle david and then it went to his son, my cousin Chris, who I think perfected it that everybody has it embedded in their heads! Somehow the torch was passed to Brittany and I, and it was great! My nana and Chris’s wife Amber cried! And yes, we got their reactions on video too!

After we surprised my nana though, we had about an hour and a half to kill before everybody showed up, so I had some crackers because I got motion sickness in the car, thanks to my damn nerves! And I don’t know what made me ask this question, but it just came out of my mouth. I asked nana if she had any nail polishes and while I was there, if she could paint my nails for me. I think it made her feel good to be able to do this again. She even remembered to put the napkin underneath my fingers so we didn’t ruin my shirt!

My Aunt Laurie had some really interesting colors in her collection, but I went for one Halloween-ish color and some metallic polishes too.

Let’s focus on my hands first; they are usually the most complicated to do because of the way they are placed. Since I am not able to unbend my elbows, I can’t just hold out my hands for her. Instead she has to come closer to me to be able to reach them. A lot of the times, we miss sections of the nail itself or they get upper part of the skin and she has to use her finger or Q-Tip to wipe it off. I always feel like she’s giving me the “nana touch” when this happens though, so I usually try to keep her from trying to fix it.

Once we finished with the fingers, we took a little break for both of our sake’s because while this was going on, I’m pretty sure we were holding our breaths the whole time! We needed a quick breather before moving on to the toes. At least the toes would easier for her because I could easily move my feet wherever she wanted to have better access to them.

For this, I thought it was only right to have this neon green color, as my crazy /Halloween flare. I knew I was going to use it, there was no way around it! What was neat about was that since it was a vibrant hue that we only needed one coat! Honestly, all three of them were like this, so that pretty was handy! Anyways, my nana had less mistakes when it came to the toes and even though it was weird to have polish back on my nails after so long, there was nothing more cuter than the reaction on my nephew’s face when it realized my toes were green two days later!

Everytime I go on a trip, whether it was long or short, I always wish for more time. This was no different. I truly miss because around my nana everyday, but I know how much she enjoys being there with my other family members, they take really good care of her and I feel like it would be selfish of me to linger on the separation. I have to be supportive of where she is now, and we respect that we both have other things going on but when we have a free moment, we can talk about things on Facebook. I don’t think it will take another two years for us (or any of my family members) to get together again, I refuse to accept that reality. However, we may have to wait until spring to make it happen though!

How do you like my nails for October? What is the longest you have went without having fingers or toes painted? Let me know below!

NOTM: Mermaid



How are you all today! Hope you’ve been enjoying the day! 🙂

Today I am doing my first “Nails Of The Month” post of 2017! I had given my toes a break from the polish for almost two months. I felt they needed a break to breathe and after I started my physical therapy last month within the first week, I couldn’t take it anymore I had to put something on them!

According to my nana, the Wet n Wild polishes are VERY strong (smell wise) and I had to resort to trying out my polishes given by my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike, the brand is called Secret Lace and they are in these tiny bottles, you can read the post of all of them here! I thought the blue one was a cute color to use, since it is still winter where I am, despite what the weather and birds seem to think!


“Teal” by Secret Lace:

The color is more of teal because it changes to a green in different lighting. It’s naturally shine-y, considering it came with a matching blue glitter bottle! It’s actually better as a stand alone. It has its own glittery notes too. The first night I had them, I finally figured out what the actual color reminded me of, and it’s been a long time since I’ve watched The Little Mermaid movies but I kept thinking of their fins and most randomly was the children’s book Rainbow Fish, because of the glitter in the bottle!

As you can see from the pictures below, I decided to go all one color this time around. I’m pretty big at having four toes one color and one toe in a different shade, but I couldn’t make up my mind which one so I left it and I actually like it! If I were to use this one again, I’d probably pair it with a bold red, now my nana has two different shades of red. A nice rose-y red and the other is a dark red, but I’d definitely use the ruby red color for this!

So what do you think of my nails for March? Yay or nay?



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NOTM: Summer Lovin’



I’m back for another nails of the month post! If I didn’t have a wedding to attend this month, I wouldn’t had my nana paint them for May! I was seriously thinking of going naked but they look disgusting without some color on them. So don’t be surprised if I don’t publish one for June! Of course, I could change my mind too!

These colors were slightly inspired by a scheme I had in my head while I came up with my questions to host the #USBloggerChat like no joke, orange kept popping into my head like crazy! I also had another title for this, but once I got home I totally forgot it! I thought “summer lovin'” worked too!

“Mellow Yellow” by Sally Hansen:


Despite the fact that I was picturing the color orange in my head, I did’t remember if I had kept it into my nana’s collection of polishes or not. When she pulled out the box, I saw the top of this one and I instantly picked out this one.

My nana and I were seeing different pigments inside this yellow. She felt it had a bit of orange-redish in it whereas I thought it had some gold in it. The best way to describe the right color of it is to say it looks like an egg yolk. I like it in this color, to me this is yellow. I’ve never liked the lighter shades, this is perfect just the way it is! Yellows requires a few coats to get the right shade onto your nails. I don’t remember how many my nana painted on my toes but I want to say three or four coats, which isn’t as bad. Last month after using that blushy pink and messing it up a couple of times, it needed about five coats.

“Sun-Kissed” by Sally Hansen:


This is like one of three polishes that includes the yellow above that looks like what they’re called on the lids. It seriously looks like the orange soda “Sunkist” at least without the fizzies!

This was the exact shade that I had pictured in my head. Once it becomes August or October, I’m going to do like an autumnal colors of nail polishes and weirdly enough I took them when I was getting ready to do my spring-y colors in March! I’m getting ahead of myself though–back to this post! This required probably one or two coats for good measure! It’s honestly dark enough that it doesn’t need any more than that.

After my nana and I finished with our day and my mom came to pick me up, she got a little mad at me because if I had worn what I was supposed to that next day, they wouldn’t had matched my outfit. The next day it looked like total crap, windy and all that so I wasn’t able to wear my original idea. Somehow my mom came up with the plan of wearing my peach shirt, so she ended up getting mad at me for no reason!

So what do we think? Are these the ideal summer polishes? What color(s) do you have on your nails?



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NOTM: Cotton Candy!


Hey guys!

A few days ago, my nana and I had a whole day to ourselves! Which was very weird for us since papaw has passed and she’s been dealing with other things, plus my mom has been working a lot lately too. Everytime that I went over with her, we didn’t have time for us to talk and do our normal things without having other people around us.

Before we left to go over, my mom had to cut my finger nails. As I’ve said in the past, I’m scared of the clippers like crazy! My nails grow so fast that I feel like we have to do them every other week. This time we did it in front of my dad in the living room and somehow my anxiety wasn’t so bad. I still had to breathe slowly but I hardly pulled away from her so that’s a plus! My toes need it too, but I decided to get them painted before the horror of the clippers comes near me again!

For last month, I started this bright look for my nails and I must be liking it because I chose two more colors that represent spring for me!

“Big Teal” by Xtreme Sally Hansen!


I went for the 360 Big Teal for my bolder color this time around. I wanted this last month for my fingers and I actually took it home with me so I could possibly get my mom or dad to paint them for me, but I kept forgetting about it and for my fingernails, I have to be in a mood to have them done.

I really like this color, it reminds me of the sky and the ocean a lot so it makes me happy! One of the good things about this is the fact the polish is so thick that we only need one coat for both feet!

“Hardcore Party” by Sally Hansen


Yes, I actually went with a pink! A very light pink I might add! It’s called 160 Hardcore Party! It’s a good thing I like this shade of pink because I think this is what color my maid of honor dress for my sister’s wedding next year is going to be!

Of course, this was the most difficult color I decided to put on which sucked! Since it’s so light it required more coats, for like two toes I have like four or five coats on them because either nana missed a section and later I start talking with my feet I accidentally hit the side of her hand. Not even two minutes later I tried to move the bench back underneath the kitchen table and manage to chip a nice little part of my big toe right off! Thank god it looks pretty or I would have told her to remove it and add the blue on those toes instead!

So what do you think of cotton candy toes? Yay or nay? What do you have on your nails?



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NOTM: Emerald & Navy


Hey guys!

Hope everybody had a good weekend and a great week ahead! Today I am talking about nails! It’s like two or three girly things that I actually enjoy! My nana and I didn’t get any new polish for Christmas, but we made due with what we already had in her cabinet.

My original plan was paint them before Christmas with blue and white to represent a very festive theme but without using red and green! Unfortunately, neither one of us had white polish.

I also had to wait a bit because one night I decided to rip off one of my toe nails. I know that’s disgusting. I’ll say it’s not pretty when it happens either. I actually wore a band-aid on it for like three days and I didn’t realize how much I actually use that foot/toe until after this happened! I could barely type with or without the band-aid on. The whole thing was a disaster!

Now that it’s been a whole month and there’s no more redness in the exposed area, I can finally paint them! While I was at my nana’s house last Tuesday afternoon, I asked if she could do them while my papaw was busy in the other room. We used a beautiful shade of blue that reminds me of Butler Bulldogs basketball team and a shiny Emerald green I got from a family friend. I didn’t plan on using that one until I opened up the cabinet and found it. We mismatched them because it’s my favorite theme. However, I really love the blue that I wish I had just used that instead!

You should have seen us trying to take pictures of both my feet and the polishes for this post! I’ve been trying to figure out ways to pose my toes after I get them painted but they are so awkward and stiff that it’s somewhat difficult to see what works good for us! My nana took the pictures of my nails for me and I did the polishes underneath a notebook. I have the worst time getting them to lay out evenly so you can attempt to read the labels in the front. Sad part is I don’t even remember what brand the green one is from so I’m sorry about that too!

What do you think of my nails? What colors do you have on your nails? 



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