Album Review: Nickelback’s “No Fixed Address”

There is not very many times were music ever comes out on Monday’s, but when it does happen you shut up and let it happen. This week, three albums that I’ve been looking forward to hearing came out all on the same day. Everybody should know by now that I am a pretty big Nickelback fan. I’ve supported them for years and always has a few chose words for their haters. I saw the first announcement of their new album being released on Nov. 4th. I was stoked because my birthday was the weekend before that date. I thought it would be the perfect birthday present to myself. Well, when that week started, another announcement was made on their Facebook about pre-ordering the album and automatically getting a new track once you pay for the album and a little bit after that, they had changed the release date to the seventeenth. I was sad. I had gotten myself all worked up about getting it for my birthday and found out I had to wait a couple more weeks. Luckily, I’m a very patient person so I’ve been able to get through the long wait in one piece.

The first song off the album is called “Million Miles An Hour” and it’s got the dramatic intro and leads into this full on rock tune that just makes you want to jump and down like it’s your own private concert. I always love those types of songs starting out the new album. The band released the tracks “Edge of Revolution” and “What Are You Waiting For?” were released first in August and September. When Spotify first put “EOR” on I was really hooked to it. It sounded like a true NB song. I didn’t hear “WAYWF” until mid-October, and I understood why. I wasn’t really into it at first. It sounded like a NB song too, but much slower. Never been quite the fan of their ballads. Only a selected few have I ever liked, but the rest I usually skip through them. The fourth track is called, “She Keeps Me Up” and honestly I don’t really like it. It sounds very pop-y and but the lyrics are what you would expect from NB, but I don’t know what to really think of the tone of it. The next is “Make Me Believe Again” and once it started, I knew I’d like it. It’s got a slower tempo but it’s not bad. I might actually attempt to learn the lyrics to it.

As for the next track “Satellite” is another slower song, I’d consider this on a ballad. I love how you can really hear the drums in this song. This could be a good song to play on the radio. I always love looking at the tracklist of a new album and wondering what would be the next single. Sometimes I’m right and the rest of the time I’m not. I’m REALLY hoping I’m right about this one! The next one as soon as it started playing, I actually noticed myself dancing uncontrollable, always a good sign! This one is called, “Get ‘Em Up” apparently this came out on Nov. 4th and I love this one! I haven’t heard it until right now and I feel like going crazy. After that, a song called “Hammer’s Coming Down” and it starts off slow and then it leads into this loud and rocky chorus. This album has quite a few slower tracks, now with this title “Miss You” you know it’s going to be a slow one. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad! I think I’m eating my words of saying I don’t like their ballads a little. So far I’ve said that I’ve liked three of the slower ones. This next one is a bit weird, I saw it and went, Oh my god! 

The second to last song is called, “Got Me Runnin ‘Round” and it kind of sounds a bit like a country-rock song in the intro. It is a low tempo song, but what really got me was who is featured in the actual song. I am actually a fan of mixing two genres into one song. Whether it’s the actual sound of the song or if they add a featured artist on the track. Well, who knew of adding hip hop artist Flo Rida to a Nickeback song would actually be a good mix. It kind of feels like a good summertime song honestly, got a good vibe to it. It’s different and I love it. So the last one of the whole thing is called, “Sister Sin” and it sounds a true rock song, one of those feel good songs. You can headbang and/or dance to it. It’s also got a country-rock vibe to it too! It’s a good one to end the album with honestly. As their first album being signed to a new label, Republic Records, I honestly don’t like it as much as I was expecting to. It’s always a bummer when that happens. Who knows though, I could go back to it later on in the day and realize it’s better the second time around.

Five Finger Death Punch, Peach Ribbons, And No Sleep.

Today has been one of my longer days. You know the quote “expect the unexpected?” Well that pretty much describes my day. I didn’t know what today would bring, but I went along with it. With that being said, I regret waking up at 4:48am this morning. It’s 4:17pm now and I feel like collapsing at the moment. My parents woke up early and my mom came into my room around 8am taking my wheelchair into the living room to be charged up. I actually freaked out a little because I didn’t understand why she was taking it out of my room this early in the morning and smiling like a crazy person. She told me we were going to the mall. I freaked out but I was excited. Before she came in, I could have gone back to asleep and I would have slept all day like the past four days. I was glad that I wasn’t doing that today.

We first went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, to get my sister’s shin guards and shoes for soccer. Let me just say, it was weird for me. I was totally out of element considering it’s a athletic store and I couldn’t do sports in school because of my disability, unless you count Powder Puff Football. Which everybody in my family did just to make me feel better since everybody else has done at least one sport in school. My sister has done pretty much every sport she could and now she’s doing soccer and cheerleading this fall. God help us all! Anyways, while she was getting her stuff. My dad was in “the lodge” part where they have guns and fishing stuff. I didn’t know that was part of sporting stuff. I went back and forth between the two of them because I was a little down. I was very happy with we left though.

When we got up to the mall, I only wanted to go to two places. Before we left, I had enough time to look up online about sales in my favorite places. I looked at Vanity and Hot Topic. Found out that Vanity was having 30% off clearance sale and I was a very happy person. I looked on Hot Topic for a Nickelback shirt. So when we first got there, my mom went to return some uniforms and my sister and I went and did some window shopping at Maurinces. Emily found three shirts that would have looked great on her and she was going to try them on and I kept reminding her to try them on before mom came in because mom would have the final say in the shirts and she wouldn’t get them. And she complained about me being a complicated shopper.

We went into Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal afterwards. Emily and I have had good luck finding clothes we like in both stores, but I mostly like going into Charlotte Russe because of all the shoes. Everywhere you go, they’re high heels. I saw my first pair of heels with spikes on them and saw another pair that was leopard print that was blue and was covered in glitter. I was in love and I hated myself even more because of my feet. If I could, I would have bought both and put them in a glass box. I know I’m officially weird. Mom and Em got scarves there and Em was loving some of the shirts at Wet Seal. I was just loving the fact that the first two stores we go into and hardly nobody were in them. Thank god for school! I didn’t feel guilty of being in the way like I usual do everytime we go shopping.

We went to Body Central after, and that’s where I got the pants I’m wearing now. They look like leather pants but they’re not. They look like what Sal Costa from My Darkest Days would wear. After we ate, mom and I went into Hot Topic. There was a pretty big difference between the last time we were there. I could hardly get there and the place was packed. This time around, nobody was really in there and it seemed like they had more space for my wheelchair. Maybe the last two times of complaining I couldn’t get through helped. Wishful thinking. Mom ordered a Nickelback shirt for me. I also got another Five Finger Death Punch shirt. Which means I have two now. I love my obsession with band merch! If I could I’d buy all my favorite bands shirts and be the happiest person on this planet. I would need lots of money though. Downfall right there.

The last place my mom, sister and I went into was Vanity. I love that store and that store actually got on my favorites list by accident. My aunt wanted to buy me something for my birthday and we were at the mall during Black Friday and I wanted to go into this store and I saw this camo shirt with neon orange font that said, “Camo is my favorite color.” She bought for me. Sadly, I can’t fit into it anymore but I visit that store a lot. I like to be a little bit girly with this edgy side to me. Vanity has that. Thank god!

By the end of our journey around, everybody was starting to get tired. I think I was the most exhausted considering I’d been up since almost 5am. Emily wanted to go back to Wet Seal one more time, so mom went with her and my dad and I went into this little candy shop. My dad and I love our sweets. I love hard candies, gummy stuff, chocolates, and sometimes sour candy. Apparently he was in the mood for the sour stuff. As soon as he saw those sour ribbons, it was like a rocket went off. He got Strawberry, Banana and Strawberry, and Watermelon. He got the Peach for me because I thought it would taste good and I was right. Right after he paid for it we went outside to leave and we both fell in love with the Peach ribbons. I think between the both of us, we were regretting getting only two of those. He originally was going to go back and get some more but decided not to. I kind of wish he did.

All in all, it was fun day, but I am soooooo glad it’s over. I have missed Dr. Phil and will probably not watch Blue Bloods tonight. Mom also got me movies too for this weekend, I think I’ll watch them tomorrow. I have to keep myself up though. It’s only 5:01pm and I’d rather go to sleep around 9pm. Hopefully I’ll hold out until then. I’ll put some Five Finger Death Punch on to keep me awake. So that’s my post. Sorry for not updating for the past few days. Been kind of busy sleeping.

Whispers In My Head

On Wednesday, I started work on my second drawing. I went out-of-order a little. When I was working on my Reid drawing, I was getting frustrated with myself and got very discouraged early on in the process of it. I thought the two-year break was the biggest mistake ever and I didn’t think it was going to turn out all that well. Everybody’s biggest critic is themselves, sadly I get too into worrying about it. Sometimes you worry about things will never happen. That’s what happened. I over thought about the details it needed and just the overall picture was enough to show, I had done a good job on it. It is now in a frame and it is a lot darker than it was when I took the picture that’s on here. Everything I had worried about on it, wasn’t as bad as I thought. I love how it turned out.

Like I said at the top, I went out-of-order. I wanted to do a drawing that was going to put some of the pressure I had when I was drawing Mike Shinoda’s in school. When I started drawing his portrait, I was very worried (like always) because out of the six members of Linkin Park. Mike’s was the only one that really mattered to me. I kind of blame doing Mike’s fourth to the reason why Chester and Rob’s look awful. After I did Mike’s I probably could have stopped and sometimes I wish I did. I hope I don’t regret drawing Nikki Sixx second because he is a big inspiration to me. So I’m a little worried it will jeopardize my other drawings. I’m more talking about the Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, and Sixx:A.M. drawings I have planned up in my head.

Since I had Nikki’s drawing done. I have decided to go back to my original plan of just only drawing the guys of My Darkest Days for right now. I have my next picture lined up and the next dude I will drawing is Sal Costa. What is really interesting about these pictures is that both Reid and Sal’s picturing I’m going off of are from the “Move Your Body” music video. I’ve watched that music video too many times to not want to find stills of the guys I couldn’t keep my eyes off of (even it was difficult to do with all the women in the video) and so far they’re the only two I want to draw from that music video. I want to find pictures of Matt and Brendan from the “Casual Sex” music video. Which is going to be difficult from the obvious. I already have a great picture of Doug, so he is good.

I don’t want to over do it or think too far ahead, but I kind of have ideas swirling around of other bands to draw after I get done with all four bands. I am thinking of drawing the guys of Nickelback. Love them a lot, so I think I can find great pictures of them. Hopefully I’ll find some fans sometime and get some individual pictures of the guys from them. Because that’s how I found good individual pictures of Dj Ashba and Mick Mars. Even though I hate asking for help, sometimes when you say, you’re drawing so and so, they give you the best. Thank you for that by the way. I was thinking about drawing Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, just because I think they’re adorable and since I can’t watch The Voice I can look at these drawings all the time. No, I was kidding!

I Don’t Need A Man On This Valentine’s Day

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there reading this! I started my day early! I got up around 7:30am and never went back to bed. So I’m starting to feel myself getting very sleepy. Muscles are starting the ache too. Weirdly enough it’s not my back giving me problems at the moment. It’s actually my right leg. I’ve had weird aches all over my body since Friday night. Despite the weird pains I have, I don’t know about you, but my Valentine’s Day has been a good one. It started off good and been kind of good since. I woke up this morning, we were suppose to get a lot of snow apparently and it didn’t snow much. This morning, however my sister looked out the door before she left for school and saw it was snowing outside. I may not had gotten my snow for Christmas day, but getting snow Valentine’s Day was my present from God. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I love snow, it makes me feel like a kid again. I hate our winter this year, because we haven’t been getting much snow at all. I also found out this morning that Michael Bay is doing another Transformers movie, it’s going to be released in 2014. I can wait two years!

A couple of days ago, my friend was looking for a Valentine on Twitter. She’s such a sweetie and hilarious! We’re both slightly crazy, but in a good way. We’re both single. Why not be each other’s Valentine? I’m very glad to have met her on Twitter. Along with the rest of my newest Twitter friends. I think the more I find, the more I get my self-confidence back. Having these people in my life is such a joy for me, because on our good days, a bunch of us can be the most craziest people ever. Even though they’re crazier people on Twitter than us. I love when they’re having fun and enjoying themselves because it makes me happy. Now if only I could do this with everybody I went to school with. This weekend shall be interesting. I’m sure I’ll blog about that on Sunday.

Four more things that make this day good. My dad went and got movies yesterday. He got me Beastly and Transformers 3. I finished Beastly before Dr. Phil came on. Thank god. I love Beastly! It’s such a romantic and message movie. I love that combination. I watched Dr. Phil at four. I’m kind of obsessing over this show and I don’t really know why. Well, maybe because I’m missing Oprah. That might be it. In the time between after finishing Beastly and before Dr. Phil came on. I went on YouTube and watched Nickelback and My Darkest Days music videos. Oh dear god. I have to say something, sometimes I’m kind of glad that MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore. Because it took me a year to actually find out what the guys in MDD looked like. Isn’t that sad? They aren’t the only band that was like that. I had two others, I had gotten curious one day last month on YouTube and watched a few music videos and was hooked. I was done. Now I’m feeling obsessed about MDD now, but I was in love with them before I knew what they looked like because of their music. Which is important I think.