Childhood Dream Come True!



My future brother-in-law just continues to spoil my sister everyday I swear! Like last year when he purchased her tickets to see an idol of hers, Taylor Swift; he might’ve outdone himself with this one! Back in March, he bought themselves two tickets to the Honda Civic Tour: Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato on August 3rd!

Before I actually start this post, I thought I’d explain the title.

Growing up, I had a thing for boy bands. I mean, early 00’s was the time for boy bands and all the bubble gum medleys. Fast forward about eight years later, a group of boys took that title of “boy band” to another level. Nowadays, the label has changed slightly. Teenage girls like when their favorite singers can play instruments – mostly the guitar or drums! My sister enjoyed Backstreet Boys just like I did, but she kept the legacy going by falling in love with the Jonas Brothers. She was really into Joe Jonas than Nick–he is mine! She had almost every album and then Camp Rock came on the Disney Channel and this produced Blondie’s deep love of Demi Lovato.

I would say she was a normal fan of Miss Lovato until everything happened in 2013, then she started to find real comfort in her songs. She become Blondie’s saving grace. At that time, Demi had released Unbroken. And that was the first album that I sort of fell in love, but I tend to drive people away from different music acts because I, too, can get obsessive! I’d say the last three albums have been her best work yet! As for Nick, you guys know how much I love his music! When I heard they were going to the concert, I told Brandon to take photos and videos for me of him as Blondie would be all over the Demi section.

They had a somewhat bad deal in the beginning, as they got scammed by Live Nation but after panicking for a couple of days, they got everything fixed and repurchased tickets through another site. I thought where my seats at the Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch were pretty nice, until I saw she was like up in front about eight rows from the stage! I always thought my family should have started taking bets of whether or not she’d pass out! (..she didn’t faint unfortunately!)

I didn’t text neither one of them throughout the night, but my mom certainly did! Well, I’d say it was the other way around. Mom wasn’t the one doing the texting as much as sis was! I would say it was about 8pm that Nick went up on stage because somebody had taken a picture of him and my mom proceeded to show me how incredibly close they were to him! By 9pm, nobody was getting a text from the twins anymore. The next day, I was tagged in nine, NINE videos on Facebook! I still haven’t finished all of them despite the fact they’re only a few seconds long.

When they got home that night though, Chipper left them a homecoming present. No poop on the floor, but he did decide to tear up the couch… Now Blondie wants to go to the Louder Than Life tour in Kentucky with a group of her friends to see Skillet in October. We’ll see what happens with that!

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Album Review: “Last Year Was Complicated” by Nick Jonas

12670885_10153251276826642_2870526059204515820_nI am so excited that I get to review Nick Jonas’ new album Last Year Was Complicated I am really excited for new music by this Jonas Brother because he is my favorite of the three or four, any way you want to look at it. Anyways, I’m still loving the first single “Close” with Tove Lo, but I figured this would be another one album I’d have to wait and purchase sometime soon, but now I don’t (I will one day!) because they’re all on his YouTube channel! Whoohoo for me!

We’re starting the album with the track called “Voodoo” and as I was writing this post, I had already listened to the song over seven times. I like it, its a nice way to begin an album. It’s upbeat and has an interesting beat. One of the things I’ve started to like about Nick Jonas is that his sound is different from his time with Jonas Brothers and his brother’s group DNCE. It sounds more mature and kind of soulful. It’s unique for him. The second is called “Champagne Problems” and titles like these that remind me that he’s not this little brother we remember him being years ago, this song kind of has this mature, edgy, but classic sound to it. His voice makes it too. It’s pretty good!

Third is the first single “Close” featuring Swedish singer Tove Lo. I love this song! When I first heard it, I didn’t think it would be the opening to this new album promo, I just thought it was another bonus single from his previous album like “Levels” but when I looked it up and saw that he was releasing a new album, I was so excited! This song makes me so happy. I have a hard time keeping myself from dancing or swaying in my case, it’s hot! It has an exotic tone with the introduction but it is so good! I remember hearing the next song “Chainsaw” a little bit after and my initial reaction was that I didn’t like it. So to hear it again after a couple of months, I thought maybe I’d have a different opinion about it. I have to say, it’s the perfect breakup song. I actually like it and I don’t know why I didn’t like it before. It does sound a bit plain, but it’s good. You can clearly hear his voice and story he’s telling so that’s good enough for me!

This next song “Touch” has a nice, poppy sound with the added acoustic guitar in the introduction. Have I mentioned how much I love Nick’s falsetto voice? I don’t normally like guys’ voices that high but I think I’m in too deep to deny it. However, now that I say that, I don’t necessarily like the song in general. Now I remember reading through the track list and seeing the title called “Bacon” and I was like, what the hell? And then I heard it… well technically watched the music video and I don’t like bacon as much as everybody else, but this is a great song! I absolutely love it. It’s a little slow, kind of plain and then when the chorus starts all you hear is the bass drop and it’s like, okay this just got better! It features rapper Ty Dolla Sign, surprisingly, his section works well with the whole song! This has become a favorite of mine! You might even see it on June’s Playlist next week!

The seventh track of the album is called “Good Girls” and I thought this would be a dirty song when I first saw the title, a part of me was right apparently! Despite having a more sexy undertone, it’s very classy and almost elegant in how it sounds. This features another rapper Big Sean and again, it works with the direction of the song. Eighth is “The Difference” which again I pictured in my head to be this slow song and it ended up having a more electronic sound, still has that pop music elements so it’s not too much into the EDM vibe. It’s a pretty good song.

We’re getting towards the end of the album! “Don’t Make Me Choose” is gorgeous! It is so soulful and even though the beat sounds like the underbelly of  another one of his songs, “Jealous” other than this is exactly what I thought it would be about–lyrically. This might become another favorite! Next are the last three songs starting with  “Under You” which has a new music video out now! This is a nice, upbeat sound. It has a nice groove, but in ways I don’t like it. There’s always one song out of the whole thing that you’re not going to like and I think I’ve found mine. Next up is “Unhinged” and I am sooo happy that it is a ballad! I love when it’s just him and a piano! He’s got a voice that works with every sound of instrument but this combination is beautiful! It’s my ultimate favorite right now! And lastly, we have “Comfortable” and it’s another slow one, but it has a hip hop vibe. It starts off slow but then all of a sudden the beat picks up tempo and I actually like it a lot!

I was really surprised about this album. I didn’t want it to be better to his 2014 release but now that I’ve heard both, I think they’re both similar in lyrics and the initial sound. I think with Nick Jonas it was mostly about life and love, whereas this is about life, music, love, friendships, and breakups. Clearly this album is about his relationship with Olivia Culpo leading up to everything, so I think both are good. It’s really great that somehow they manage to stand alone. I loved it!

Have you listened to Nick Jonas new album “Last Year Was Complicated” yet? If you have, what are your favorites and/or maybe what do dislike about it?


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