Tune Tuesday | Iceland ’17



I’m very excited to finally talk about a country that I’ve added to my list this year! ICELAND! I actually don’t know many Icelandic artists but I did know about one and I think once everybody hears their name, they’ll probably think “they’re from Iceland?” At least that’s what my initial thought was when I first heard about it.

I think I’ll go with the newest band first, now I know you’ve heard of these guys lately. They’ve been played on the Top 40 radio stations all over and had their song “Way Down We Go” featured on different TV shows!  Kaleo are an indie rock band from Reykjavik and consist of JJ Julius Son on both guitar and vocals, David Antonsson does backing vocals and plays the drums, Daniel Kristjansson is their bassist and to round them off is guitarist Rubin Pollock.  They’re currently on tour now until November!

Does Of Monsters & Men ring a bell? The band came about in 2010 and members Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar Þórhallsson are guitarists and who share vocalists, Brynjar Leifsson he is the lead guitarist, Kristján Páll Kristjánsson plays bass and Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson does the drums. They’ve released two albums and one live album and EP. Unfortunately I cannot find out if they are working on another album right now.

If you know of any more Icelandic music and want me to continue to list them on Tune Tuesday, please let me know!


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February Playlist


Howdy folks!

I am back with another playlist. I don’t know if I said this in my January playlist or not, but I tend to repeat songs from 2016 in the first two or three playlists of the new year. Most of the time it’s my own fault because I’m so damn picky but finding new music in the US from other countries is what I sort of live for and I had like three bands that I actually like and listen to release their albums on the 27th of January, so now I’m on the search for something else and there’s a 99% chance I won’t find a solution in February.

Of course, there are a few new singles here and there! I mean, I’m not that of a scrooge! I also went on an “oldies” spree one afternoon and I went through my other playlists and ransacked a few of my followers’ playlists too! Somedays, if you’re really bored or in need of “new” music, you will do some strange things.

My friend Carolee, you might’ve heard of her, I’ve written about her artwork on here before. She’s also got an awesome selection of music too! We swapped favorites in the first week of the month. I gave her the new albums of both Akoma and Xandria, and she suggested Starset’s new album “Vessels” and I am loving “Monsters” lately, so I said I would check it out! She also gave me an artist by the name of TeZaTalks. I had never heard of but was eager to learn more about her and I got hooked to her song “STFD (sit the f*ck down)” and I thought it would be a great song to select for the song of the month!

February seemed like a slow month, which is why I had less than 100 songs in this playlist. I wasn’t acting like I had about two hours to place them into the playlist before I’d never hear them again. Almost every song on it, I heard every other day and that’s just unheard of with me!

There’s a lot of dance tracks on this playlist, I mostly go back and forth between Sirius XM BPM, Pop2K, and Hits 1 so everything was coming out in these stations and I was just collecting whatever I liked and couldn’t get enough of, which again, was mainly in the EDM genre. So there’s Party Favor, The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, and Bassnectar. The rest is mostly pop and heavy metal. It’s a fairly good mix of music, I’ll just say that! Hope you enjoy!

Here is my February playlist. What song(s) were you obsessed with this past month?


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Tune Tuesday | Puerto Rico 2016



I’m a bit excited since this week and next will be about the last two new countries that were added to this cycle of Tune Tuesday! I regret not talking about Puerto Rico years ago when I first created this theme!

I think I should start with somebody that we all know or at least should know since probably 2006-07 when he first came out of the mainstream hip hop radio with his hit “Gasolina” which I have to say, you can’t find anywhere else but YouTube! Daddy Yankee is who I am talking about today. In 2006 I think I had my parents get me a CD of his and they did, which my dad was very concerned about because and I quote “why do you want an album that you can’t understand a word he says” sadly they both keep asking this question! Anyways, a good chunk of the album is just live and it ends with like five or six that are just studio version.

Next is a famous duo from Puerto Rico called Wisin & Yandel and I can’t remember exactly how I heard their music for the first time. I barely heard about Daddy Yankee, because I found out him at the end of MTV’s music shows. I want to say, maybe from the Fast & Furious films! I don’t know, but they’re really good, again you can’t understand them because they hardly ever speak English which is fine. Even though they have disbanded, doesn’t mean they both have sucky music careers without the other. They’re very powerful both ways!

If it wasn’t for Daddy Yankee and other latino rappers I’m pretty sure I would hate the whole rap genre! As for all three, if I hadn’t found any of them I doubt I’d ever like Raggaeton as much as I do!

Do you know any more musicians from Puerto Rico that I need to listen to? 

Tune Tuesday | Hungary 2016



So today, we’re in a new country for Tune Tuesday! This was a later addition to the pack actually and came from Twitter too! Every once in a while I find great music from my Twitter whether the band itself finds me first or I go off and find them. Surprisingly, it’s usually a member of the group finds me first and after a listen or two I add them to my regular listening party or put them on here instead!

I don’t have any other bands or singers from Hungary, so these guys are the first and that’s actually a good thing to say you were the first before anyone else! Sorroinia is, I feel like I found when I went out on a following spree, which happens a lot more than I care to admit. They are a symphonic metal band which right away should make you nod if you are familiar with me! Anyways, they are not just symphonic metal, they have some gothic sounds in their music too! They’re pretty good!

Do you listen to Sorronia or any other bands and/or singers from Hungary?

OOTD: She Hulk!


Hey guys,

So I’m back with my first spring/summer OOTD post! I’ve seriously missed doing these but they are so last minute that my mom or dad will get me out of the car quickly and we tend to forget to take pictures.

Anyways, I have to say my whole Marvel comics obsession might be getting out of hand considering this is my third top! My mom got this for me last week when she was out at Wal-Mart and after when I told her about what I thought when I opened my Batman shirt present at Christmas. She seriously thought Batman and Cap were in the same comics. She looked at me like so it’s not from Marvel? No, mama. He and Supergirl are from DC! So this was her surprise for me the next day when she came from work!

I love it but for a weird reason, I have a shirt that has She Hulk aka Jennifer Walters on it! I don’t know much about her but I knew her well enough to pick her out of this lineup and wonder the hell they didn’t just put Bruce instead since you can clearly see Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor! Is she in the Avengers? Another thing I like is that the whole design is large enough were you can see everything, even with my hands in the way. It isn’t black either! It’s navy blue!

As for my pants, you guys know about because I tend to wear them a lot in these posts. I need to go through my bottoms and see what really goes with this shirt besides these, because I do love the pants a lot, but since I wear them so much I’m afraid I’ll want to hide them somewhere where my mom can’t find them! By the way, that’s Bootsie at the last photo, she has a problem with photo bombing! For something special, my mom let me borrow her clip and I had my hair slightly up while at nana’s and I only “stabbed” myself seven times trying to rest my head!

So what do you think of my new outfit? Yay or nay? Who is your favorite superhero?

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