Goals For 2019!


On the 31st of December, I saw a tweet that was asking for the top 5+ goals you’d like to accomplish for the new year on my sister’s account. I don’t usually post things like that, because mainly I don’t usually have a clue of what I want to do, but this time I did and I just decided to list all five of my goals for 2019!

The next day, my mom was at work, so it was just my dad and I for the day and I actually let him on these goals, because I thought he’d get a kick out of what I put down for the first two; what I didn’t know was that the next day, the second goal is getting closer to happening. I was a bit shocked by the news, but more so on the fact that my dad asked me what number that goal landed on my list. I was kind of stunned that he had remembered them in the first place, because when I originally told them to him, he was half asleep on me. And then as I was busy telling the both of them, I realized I forgot to tell my mom at all! Oops!

Move Into Our New House ✔️

We’ve been in the process of dealing with our new house for longer than we had planned. Everything was supposed to be done before Thanksgiving, but we’ve passed two holidays and we’re still not in the house yet. We’ve had a lot of issues! I don’t particular want to talk about that on this post.

Update: On January 9th, we finally moved in! It took a few more days to the rest of the stuff into the new house, but we’re here. I’m hoping to do a longer post about designing the perfect bedroom soon.

Finally Getting My New Wheelchair

I think my parents got the ball rolling on the house and my wheelchair around the same time! September was a big month for us, that lead to more question marks than anything else. However, we recently got a letter that most of the things we were wanting to be added onto the new chair were approved, so that is a good sign! I am still fairly wary about the whole thing. I’ve been waiting for a new wheelchair for almost 7 years. I’d like to gain some of my freedom back, like being able to clean my room by myself and just spend a couple of hours outside with our cats, taking pictures than being stuck up in my room the whole day.

More Cuddles With My Nephew ✔️

This had been the only goal to have been fulfilled at the start of the year! My sister brought little man over on the 2nd, and my mom let him sit on my right leg. We haven’t been able to do that before. Even though, he is really active, he really calms down whenever he sits on my lap. On this occasion though, he did something that kind of made me want to cry, because I wasn’t expecting it. He gave me a hug. He grabbed ahold of my shirt and left hand and pulled us together and I couldn’t help but put my head on the top of his; we only stayed like that for a couple of seconds but he’ll never know how much that meant to me, especially since I love giving cuddles myself too!

All The New Music

This one kind of stumped my mom, but as a music blogger, you know you can kind of devout your time into talking about Christmas music, because once it becomes the middle of November, the amount of real music coming out the next month is fairly smaller than you’d like and unfortunately, January has a slow start to releasing new music. You definitely don’t hear anything brand new right away in the new year. You usually have to wait until the second week of February to fade before you hear anything worthwhile. That’s why I’ve had to go back through the last bit of 2018 for any albums I can review on here!

New Opportunities For My Blog & I

In 2018, I decided it was time to branch out a little, away from the blog, and even separate myself from Disability Horizons for a while. I had big ambitious to start writing pieces for other people, whether they were other bloggers or bigger sites for digital magazines. Technically I have a three part series that I was planning to give away to a site that I actually like, but more importantly because they don’t have a lot of disability themed articles. I just wanted to lend my voice to them. I’ve talked to several blogger friends, Lucy and Melissa were very helpful during this time but I kind of lost my nerve at the end of spring.

One thing that I was able to do was work with The History Of Royal Women. I was writing for them at the end of 2017, but most of my work came out at the start of the year until the beginning of summer. I had done two different themes: disabled royal princesses and lives of heiresses of the eras. I’d like to end out that last one, because I still have two more ladies to talk about, but I worry that it’s been too long of a gap and they won’t let me back on to write anymore.

I would love to have more opportunities to write for other people, plus also offer up to other people to write guest posts as long as they match the topics I normally discuss on here. If you want to contact me, click here.

I do have more personal goal. The reason why I want to keep this one under a lock and key, is because I don’t want to put any pressure on anyone to make it happen right away, nor do I want to feel bad for my expectations. So, for the time being, the sixth and final goal will remain hidden away.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2019? Can you name five or more in the comments?

Battling Weight Issues As A Disabled Woman


I thought this topic was appropriate since everybody has decided on their new year resolutions. Most people put “lose weight” on their lists because it’s something that is important to them and if they’re tired of looking at themselves in a certain way, I believe everybody has the right to do something for themselves, it’s not a selfish decision at all. If they admit that it’s time then they should be able to take the whole twelve months to figure out how to lose the right amount of weight to make them happy!

My weight is another story though.

When I was busy having my surgeries years ago, it did become a bit of a struggle because I was so small. They wanted to bulk me up. I didn’t have to drink those disgusting protein “milkshakes” right away, the gap between my second and last surgery was pretty short, and I was really low on my weight so I think I had to drink two of these drinks a day for a week. Once I was home, I never had to drink another one of those again. However, when I was really sick my doctor recommended PediaSure because again, I would get very skinny because I wasn’t able to keep any food down. I think I tried both the chocolate and vanilla. Surprisingly, I liked the vanilla better! I’m hoping they taste better than what they did in the early 2000’s!

Now that I’m an adult and over 80lbs, I can get pretty down about my weight. I’ve never really had a problem with it though. It wasn’t until after I got out of high school, when I was being left out with my “friends” so I began to blame my weight and on top of that, my disability.

When somebody you love is attempting to lift you up out of bed or into the car and they grunt and grumble with every movement, it can get you down very easily. Every one of my family members has some sort of aliment. What’s interesting is that I don’t have the same strength I used to have before I had my surgeries. I used to be able to get on and off the bed without any help. I can still get myself down and we’ve learned to do pivot transfers which has been very helpful so hardly anybody has to really lift and/or carry me to an area. I think I’m scared of getting any bigger because I don’t want my legs to give out on me.

Now I know, it had nothing to do with my disability, but my weight is still at the forefront of my problems. I am noticing different areas. My waist and what my mom calls them “fat rolls” because I am constantly having issues with my pants, they’ll get twisted and pinch my skin underneath this patch of fat and skin. When you’re not able to untangle them yourself, and when it happens at night where everybody else is sleeping, you feel kind of hopeless. One of my least favorite places is my chin though. I definitely have a double chin and I absolutely hate it.

I’d like to find a balance in my weight, because I don’t want to be under 60 lbs and have a bad immune system. So there are a few things on Pinterest for people with disabilities to do in and out of their chairs and I wanted to include an example for yoga, so you can stay in your chair.

Chair yoga can be great for the disabled, but it's also wonderful for anyone who is not feeling quite up to a more challenging yoga routine that day.

And then of course you have YouTube, where you can visually watch somebody else doing it in front of you and you can make sure what you’re doing is right too. Honestly I think watching them on YT is better anyways, so you can feel comfortable with it, before you actually do it.

This is a four minute workout you can do.

And this one is a little longer workout that I liked too.

If you have a disability, what do you do as far as trying to lose weight? Do you have any good tips that you can share below?


Blogmas | Meaning & Topics


Hi 🙂

So it’s now December which means it is time for Blogmas! And as you can see, I have snowflakes falling down on my blog! I always love that feature and it usually lasts for the entire month too. Back to what I was saying though, last year was my first real year of doing blogmas and I had a lot of fun figuring out what I wanted to write and share with you all. This time, my creativity has hit a dip, but I do want to try to come up with good posts for you to enjoy.

If you are a new reader and wondering what the crap “blogmas” is, well it is holiday edition of blogging; meaning you post about the many topics about Christmas as you want. People tend to do the full 24-25 days but I am comfortable with my three days a week. So you’ll get a new post every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! If you are into YouTube though, sometimes your favorite people will do “vlogmas” which is the same thing, but it’s more visually so if you’re more interested in watching those, you need to check them out too. Personally, I love both Zoella and Niomi Smart, but I anybody that does daily vlogs you should be fairly entertained for the whole month.

In October, I published a post about some of last minute ideas to do with your pumpkins, and so I had the idea of starting blogmas in the same way. There are some people who are still thinking about joining all of the fun, and I think this will be perfect to help them make that leap! Now you don’t have to do the same things I did, but you can do other things that go with these ideas. I just wanted you to have an idea of what I’ve done in the past, and hopefully they’ll inspire you to have fun throughout the holidays!

How To Wrap Your Presents – As many of you know, I am disabled and use my feet for everything. Unfortunately, I’ve never been taught on how to wrap gifts the “right way” because nobody in my family usually has the patience to teach me these things. So last year, my nana finally did it and I created this post for others who haven’t been taught plus for anybody that likes to see me the crazy things with my toes. Yes, I’m talking about you Rebekah!

Holiday House Tour – This seems so bittersweet as this will be the last post about my grandparent’s house during the holidays. Thankfully, I will always remember the way it looked because of the posts I’ve done over the last three years! If I can, I might do another tour but it’ll be of my nana’s “dorm” she has at the nursing home! I think she’ll like me doing that for her too.

Holiday Nails – There are many ways to do up your nails for Christmas. I’m pretty sure we did Candy Canes one year too! These weren’t the prettiest, but they were fun to do. I really tested my nana’s patience (and mine!) with this one.

Paper Hollies – I still can’t believe nana was the one who found this one! I will say though, it was really fun to do! I think everybody still has theirs so they can add them to the trees this year! If you love glitter, this is the craft for you!

Christmas Gift Bags – This is another somewhat sad post, as I know I won’t be able to do it this year. For the last four years in a row, nana and I did a special goody bag and this would be our last craft, and it was probably our souped up DIY because we decorated the bags, made bark, cookies, the hollies and added two candy canes into each bag for the 23 people! Sidenote: read about the batman snowman I did for Brandon, trust me if you need a good laugh, that’ll help you out tons! 

December Playlist – Honestly any Christmas music playlist will work great for this, but I honestly can’t listen to a lot of holiday music. So I still made up my regular playlist but added some of my papaw’s favorites like Stan Kenton, plus a couple from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation soundtrack because why now?

Let’s Bake Some Cookies – You guys should be familiar with my annual cookie post by now, but if you’re new, we do this every year and it really doesn’t matter who I’m around because at one time we had over 100+ cookies because my nana and I made them and then mom, Blondie and I made some too! At least the ones I did with nana, I could leave the cookies naked if I wanted or just add sprinkles to them because my mom and sister love a LOT of frosting on their cookies!

Milk Chocolate Oreo Bark – This was probably the most confusing but exciting thing I think nana and I ever did! Considering we’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in our times together, this was one in the top 10 things we ever did that probably frustrated her but didn’t break my spirit moments. And I will say, they tasted amazing! Everybody wished they had more. They could’ve just said that to make us feel better, but I don’t know because I thought they were pretty taste-y too!

If you’d like more ideas, I did another post of last minute ideas for 2016 (oops, I forgot about that!) and hopefully these will get your creative juices flowing!

I have three different album reviews (not counting tomorrow’s post!) that we can say fit the holiday category! You have the traditional and original songs by these artists and it was so much fun writing these posts that I might even do it again for 2018! I also have a couple of other posts going up, like a baby wislist for the little “nugget” going up next Monday! And then the next day I wrote about I wanted Santa Claus to get me for Christmas when I was a kid and what I look forward in getting now as an adult; plus I opened it up to my friends and family and added some of their responses at the end too.

One of the last things I do after Christmas is over, is that I post my “Best Of” pieces that talk about all of my favorite posts I did throughout the year. My other favorite is the post that list all of the movies from both 2016 and 2017 “coming soon” lists and rate the movies! I’ve figured out that I have watched a lot more than I did last year, so I will probably be splitting them up like I do with the yearly movie lists that way it’s not too complicated for me to write up like it was for this year’s!

Summary | Best Of 2016Best & Worst In Film 2015-16

So are you doing Blogmas? Or are you going to watch any vlogmases this year? Share with me! 



OOTD: Happy New Year!


Hey! 😀

It’s finally 2016! I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but of course it’s only been two days so I’m allowed to have an uneasy feeling about it. I think I feel like this because of what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks. It has kind of changed my outlook of life, but then again it doesn’t feel like it’s a bad thing because it’s my reality and I can’t change evolution as much as I’d like to at the moment.

As I shared in my summary post, I really enjoyed doing my OOTD posts a lot than I expected! My mom knew how bored I’ve been that she took me over to my nana’s yesterday. I got to have my soup, ice cream and RC for lunch and spend time with my grandparents. When I came home my mom thought it was too cold to take my picture outside and even though I cleaned up my room a bit, you can clearly see the stuff I still have on m floor! I also thought it was too dark in there too, so blame the bad quality on her phone, mainly her flash for only working for my pants.

My top is simple, it’s a white and gray/blue thick striped hoodie. It’s very soft, probably one of the softest clothes I might’ve gotten for Christmas! It’s a little thin so I should probably wear another shirt underneath it but since I was going to my nana’s, I didn’t want to smother so this and my jacket were good enough for me! Now about my leggings. I got two pairs of Christmas-y leggings, which is what I wanted because I don’t care if they have reindeer and trees on them, I’ll wear them all year long! They are soooo nice and warm inside, which for me is everything!! I have little legs and get cold easily. I love the Rudolph and snowflakes all over! They’re so cute! I also wore my standard black socks since my mom’s recently found them!

No Boundaries Juniors Striped Hoodie
Holiday Snowflake Leggings (similar)

What do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? What are your thoughts about wearing Christmas-y clothes after the holiday is over?



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Resolutions In Three Words

So how was everybody’s first day of the new year? Why is it everytime we begin a new year, it feels like we are back in school? I mean think about it, at the beginning of the year after summer has ended, you told everybody around you that you’d try harder this year in your classes. That sounds like an awful lot like making a resolution at the end of the year. Just hoping for a better start, because that’s what we’re all looking for when it changes like this. Plus, by the end of the first week, you know you’re going downhill on what you hoped for, but the only difference is that when students get back to school, teachers usually don’t give you anything to take home until that next Tuesday. So for everybody in junior and high school, they’re still going strong longer than you. Here’s another thing though, they always say that once you break it, you can’t get it back. Who said that? You can always keep that resolution, it doesn’t matter if you’ve broken it once or twice. It matters as long as you continue to try to keep it. I’ll give you the perfect example to what I’m saying. Last year, I made it my resolution to blog once of everyday. It didn’t matter if it was just a picture, quote, a short story, or something that happened that day. I missed four days out of 365 days, I think that’s pretty great for me. After I missed that first day I thought about giving up on the whole thing but then I thought, “why?” That one little word motivated me to keep going and even after missing three more days, I still went on. So don’t worry about breaking your resolution or after getting one or two “D” in your classes. It’s not the end of the world, keep going. Don’t lose hope for yourself. Some future advice a “D” isn’t failing, you’re still passing. It’s the “F” you gotta worry about more than anything! Thankfully, you don’t get graded in real life!

For this year, I would like to try to blog everyday like I did last year. I think it was good for some days to push myself to sit up and find an inspiring quote or random thought and publish it for everyone to read. It’s very weird still to see the time and date on the right side say “1/1/2014” because I’m still thinking it’s December. You start a new chapter of your life and you have 364 days to make it memorable. I shared something yesterday, if you could choose three words to reflect your goals in 2014, what would they be? Well, the three words I picked have a very specific meaning and they all kind of intertwine with each other. I started writing a story and if you have been reading the sections or chapters, thank you. For ones who don’t or have no clue the reason why I talk about it so much is because of this. While I was in high school, I wrote little stories, but only worked on her a month or so. Once I was done with it, that was it. I never looked back at it. When we’re writing a story on your blog, I think it motivates you to keep going with it. It’s not the views that makes you want to continue on with it, it’s just the love of the characters you have for them and you want not only see where they end up but you want to see where you end up too. I guess I’m more afraid of ending and stopping in the middle of the story and wondering if these characters–sisters–will see the light and be ready to fully accept love altogether. All three sisters are a different part of me, Brenda is my hope of a family, but scared my spouse will leave me for somebody else. Chloe is my will to love and being naive and never wanting to let go of the past. Claire is my hatred towards love and how afraid I really am to let myself love somebody else and have them want to be around me. I would like to see who has the brighter future and see where I go at the end.

So here are my resolutions that I will probably break once or twice. I will hopefully be able to bring myself back up again if I do break. As long as I don’t give in completely, I will move on with my story. Oh, and those three words were being patience with not only myself but with the characters themselves. I need to keep up with my positive thoughts. That’s mostly just me. Last word is dream. I need these characters to come to life again and the one way I know how to do that is to dream  about them and how they would feel about their solutions, decor of building and houses. I need more details and more pictures of their faces. To end this post, I say never give up hope for yourself and resolutions, wishes, goals, whatever you wanna call them. You can break them, just don’t give up on them. I wish you all good luck and hope you do the same for me. Because I’m going to need it.

Last Post of 2013

It still doesn’t seem like it’ll be 2014 tomorrow. I remember thinking in both March and August that it still felt like the beginning of the year. This year went by fast, as in the beginning it could have sped up a little bit. There have been a few months that I wanted to slow down a little and there were a few months that didn’t need to exist anymore. There were a lot of good and bad things that happened this year, but as I think to myself there has to be sadness in every year of a person’s life. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you get it twice every six months or the entire year was awful for you. You kind of have to continue to hope for a better year. It’s a lot easier said than done I know, but I think once you accepted that you have to get through whatever is causing you so much pain in order to find happiness. Two days ago, I was on Pinterest and I found this “new year” post saying something like, “What if 2014 turns out to be the year you meet the person that changes your life?” I actually said to myself, “I doubt it, but we’ll see.” I usually just laugh and ignore it. This time I had some hope inside that maybe there will be somebody who will change my life for the better.

There were a lot of things that happened this year that I liked a lot. I finally got to do Physical Therapy and did that for three months. I kept up with a book series. Speaking of books, I got a few authors to follow me on Twitter and got replies from a few of them. I have 25 or 26 celebrities/bands following me on Twitter. I even got a reply back from Anette Olzon, Chris Kael, and Zoltan Bathory. My mom redid my room for me. I got a new poster and my closet continues to grow from overwhelming pile of band shirts. I got to enjoy my time with family. I got to see my little sister walk down grand march for her last prom in high school. I also got to see her graduate high school and yes, I did cry. I got nominated for two blog awards. I got my shower chair and a bedside commode as it’s getting more difficult for my family to carry me around. My nana gave me a nice little table with wheels on it that my papaw had made, and I’ve been sitting up and eating by myself. My nana and I did a lot of do-it-yourself crafts with pumpkins. I got to finally Push Girls and I ended up falling in love with it a little more than I thought I would. I got to meet some new people and got to Skype with a couple of them too. I have become a cat lover after the two liters that Bootsie had this year.

There were some bad things that happened, as I said, we all have to go some bad times too. I was only in PT for three months and I wished I could do it forever. I wasn’t happy with the fact that I had something in my sights on something that actually made me happy and look forward to, I know I’m a weirdo. I got to see my worst nightmare come to live twice. I had two friends of mine pass away. I was depressed a couple of times this year, but I always found myself out of it. People still irritate me. I still over think everything. That’s honestly all I could think on the bad things. All of the good overweighted the bad every single time. Don’t ask how, it just does. I don’t know what the new year has in store for me. All I keep thinking is all of the new music and movies that are supposed to come out next year. Is that a bad thing to have your focus on that? I don’t think so, as long as it keeps you happy and excited that’s all that matters. I hope the new year treats you well. Hopefully the new year will bring more sections of Chloe, Brenda, and Chloe’s personal lives.

The ladies that host Ketchup With Us, Mel and Michele shared a post on both of their blogs. What would be three words that reflect your goals for 2014? Mine would be: Patience, Positive, and Dream. I have become very patient in the past year. It seems like that I might be the only one who has accepted being patient of both little things and big things at times. I’d like think positive at everything and not try to over think or assume everything at once. It just clutters my mind and I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. I want to keep dreaming. I like my dreams, but I hate my nightmares. However, those nightmares are probably made up from all of the negative thoughts that I had earlier in the day. What would be the three words you would chose to reflect your goals for the 2014?

I’d Rather Have Sun Than Snow And Rain For Christmas

Our oldest cat Oliver decided to take shelter underneath our festive Christmas tree the other night while my mom, Blondie and I were decorating Christmas cookies and the little kittens were running around the house like chickens with their heads cut off! Lol

There is only today and tomorrow separating us from Christmas. Next Tuesday is New Years Eve. I feel like Charlie Brown right now and hearing him say in my head, good grief! Where did this year go? I’ve been trying to keep ideas in my head until the beginning of next week for what kind of countdowns I want to do for the last posts of this year. I had this simple plan for this year to blog every day; in the beginning I blogged for whatever was in my head. As time went on and there wasn’t anything going on, I started adding quotes to the mix. They were a good thing to add to the blog, because if I wasn’t in the mood to do anything I just posted a quote and that was my contribution for the day. I was glad that out of 365 days I only missed four days out of the year. Majority of those days weren’t really my fault either. Some how I added three more writing challenges and was nominated for two blog awards. You can’t beat that! 

For the next couple of days, my grandparent’s house is going to feel incredibly small. Yesterday, well Saturday night, while our backyard was becoming a pond because of all of the rain we were getting from last that night to all day Saturday. It was awful! I basically had to stay inside a house while my parents went Christmas shopping. Anyways, my aunt and uncle and their cat Roxi made their early arrival. We hung out with them all day yesterday and that was pretty fun. I just never thought I’d hate the word, “Haubstadt” because my uncle and he took my sister in the semi to do something. My mom and nana wrapped presents in the beginning of the visit and I talked to my aunt. After they were done. My mom and aunt went to the store. By the time everybody came back, they had to go back to the store to get something for supper. Within 12 hours later I can officially say my family is crazy and the majority of them aren’t going to be here until tomorrow afternoon. God help us all!

While we were trapped inside our house, well I was trapped inside the house. I don’t really think I’d have a prayer if I drove my wheelchair into the backyard. The battery would have crapped out on me on contact with the water. So anyways, I was inside for safety reasons and much common sense too. I sat in my room and wanting to do an online crossword puzzle because it was National Crossword Puzzle day and I didn’t even know if they had those online anyways, but I found one on Yahoo! I also found other games suck as a Pac-man type of game and pool practice. I’ve been a little addicted to that second one. There’s no timer on it and I’m by myself. I don’t really understand the game of pool either, but it hasn’t stopped me from playing a few ten times a day. That afternoon I found a couple of movies playing throughout the day, but our satellite kept going out. So I tried watching the third Santa Clause movie and I’ve got to say, I don’t like that movie. I also taped another Harry Potter movie but I haven’t watched it yet. I finally finished Trouble With The Curve though and that was pretty good! For my first Clint Eastwood movie, it was one of those few good movies were it doesn’t a second installment. There was one movie where I was excited about, because I hadn’t seen it yet. I taped Captain America: The First Avenger. After watching The Avengers a few good dozen times, it was good to see the history behind Steve Rogers. I just didn’t like how it ended though. I wanted more of it.