Album Review: “Gloria Regali” by Tommee Profitt x Fleurie

At this time, we usually get another collection of epic songs by Tommee Profitt, and I guess you would say that this would fit but the album has a very specific theme and features only one artist. So, it’s something completely different, but yet it isn’t. I think with the release of the previous volumes in the last two years, I think they were the “calm before storm” if you will; allowing our ears to hear something new to get us in the groove of a project like this to take over.

This project “Gloria Regali” was inspired by the new and unfortunately final season of Game Of Thrones. Last year, I started watching the series and instantly enjoyed it too, but since DISH does not carry HBO anymore, I am not able to watch the season along with everybody. Honestly, I should have expected this. I wasn’t really surprised when they made the announcement that it would be their last season but for some odd reason this wasn’t on my radar! Anyways, I was really excited to see Tommee Profitt using the show and maybe even the books for something like this anyways. I think Fleurie’s voice is incredible so the fact that she’s the only main vocalist on the album is really exciting to me!

Check out my review of Tommee Profitt’s album Cinematic Songs, Volume 3  here.

Let’s start off with the first track of the album, which is the title track “Gloria Regali”. I like the fact that they start it off kind of quiet. The beat itself is intense from the moment it begins but Fleurie’s voice has this soft quality to it and as the song progresses the song just explodes with those loud drums and choir. It is a great beginning into this journey and if you have watched Game Of Thrones, it also gives you this nice image of the great war brewing and who might sit in the iron throne. The second song is “Onward & Upward” and I thought the sound was more grittier, kind of gave me the vibe of being Cersei’s theme song maybe? The reason why I say that is because Cersei is such a sly, malevolent character and between this hard-hitting beat and Fleurie’s dark emotions coming out in this. It just reassured me that this was her song, but of course I could be wrong too!

Next is “Noble Blood” and at first, I thought I would regret my original statement above, but then the more I thought about it. This could be for Queen Daenarys, Mother Of Dragons. Can you guess which team I root for? I feel like this one had a more sensual sound to it, which really led to my decision to think this could fit her in the end. I think Daenarys is a very strong character, she’s had to sacrifice a lot to get to where she is right now in the story, everytime she gives away a part of herself as far as love goes, it always seems to be taken away or used against her in some way. So she’s had to learn quick and fight within her own terms. After that, we finally have our instrumental and that is “Desolation” and the first person that popped into my head was Arya. She’s like Daenarys in a way that she’s had to grow up quick, but she’s just powerful and honestly I won’t want to cross either one of them. Your death will not be peaceful and I think that’s what this sound brings out, is this fire (no pun intended) and fierce pace fit for two strong women.

The fifth song is “Winter’s Song” of course. This brought me back to Jon Snow’s time at and beyond The Wall. I also think it’s beautiful funeral track to all of the characters we’ve lost throughout the series too. It’s just gorgeous! It is in your face, but it is very gentle. Next we have “Undone” and it also has another slow start, but I have learned to love these types of songs because they are usually the best, and I was right; the sound just continues to grow and grow and you just wonder how it will all end. The drop itself was mighty and even it had a bit of a hip hop sound towards the ending, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our seventh track is “Premonition” and this instantly gave me Brann vibes. It’s the one song that I didn’t have to guess who it was for, because of the title! I do appreciate the fact that it is another instrumental. I like the change of sound with this one. It has a ton of different elements incorporated within it and I thought it had some depth to it compared to the others. We move onto “Midnight Oil” and it has this mysterious introduction that I really enjoyed, but I actually ended up loving the whole song. I instantly got this powerful feeling come around me the longer it went on! I really loved the fierce but gentle sound of the beginning but the end was monstrous and I couldn’t get enough of it really! Four minutes and five seconds was apparently NOT long enough for me!

I thought “Remembrance” was our only “real” ballad off the album. The usage of the piano was beautiful! I feel like it would fit every “Saying Goodbye To ‘Game Of Thrones'” videos on YouTube we will see just before the last episode premieres because it just has that kind of quality to it. However, I quickly realized that the melody itself is the same of another one of Tommee’s songs. “Tomorrow We Fight” and another thing they share is Fleurie herself too! I knew once I found the other one, my original thoughts would disappear, because I generally dislike hearing same lyrics and/or melody shared with multiple songs. It’s still good but I would have liked to hear something that wouldn’t have me so easily distracted in this way. The final song is “Sound Of War” and personally I hoped for a banger, between the title and being the last of anything GoT in general, you’re kind of expected it to end with a big bang. I did like the quirky sounds in the introduction and the intense banging was a kicker. I really enjoy hearing epic songs about wars. I know it’s weird as crap but there’s something with the raw emotions of the singer and the rush of everything going on in the sound behind them is so exciting! They make you feel invincible and powerful at the same time and I’m thankful that this gave me all of those feelings at the end. It was perfect!

I thought this was a fantastic lineup of music for not only GoT fans will enjoy but anybody that loves cinematic music in general. I also think that quite a few of them might end up on some people’s workout or motivational playlist. I don’t really have any bad notes to add-on because I included what I really wanted to say in each section.

Now it’s your turn, what did you think of Tommee Profitt and Fleurie’s little creation? Do you have any favorites on the album?

March Playlist



So it’s time for this monthly playlist, but it’s not a Tuesday or Thursday. Since the 20th, landed on a Tuesday, I ended up messing up the last two weeks of March. Tomorrow I have something special for you that goes with the whole music theme so hopefully that’ll make things better for you!

March had a good amount of music and I always think that any new music that comes out this month has the potential of being a big favorite over the summer. Don’t believe me? Look up the release date of “Lean On” by Major Lazer and “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots!

This time I think there’s a lot of variety, some rock and hip hop, plus a lot of pop music in the mix! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the selection below as we’re back to our normal ten songs and a full playlist from Spotify! If you’d like to check that out, click here.

Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin
Walking In My Shoes by THE FEVER 333
Friends by Anne-Marie and Marshmello
Pray For Me by The Weeknd featuring Kendrick Lamar
Vincent by Ellie Goulding
The Champion by Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris
High by Whethan featuring Dua Lipa
Empire by Tommee Profitt featuring Steven Malcolm
Get Off by Zo
Happy Place by Alison Wonderland

And I’m trying to do more reviews that were a little out of my comfort for this month too! I’m really enjoying doing them while my folks decide to take a nap in the afternoon. It’s my alone time to really dive into some genres that I don’t normally listen to! If you missed any of them, here they are again!

Sign Of The Dragonborn by Leaves’ Eyes | Fight by Sandra Lynn | Cinematic Songs Vol. 3 by Tommee Profitt | Amsterdam Trap Music Vol. 3 by Yellow Claw | Heavy Rules Mixtape by ALMA (review comes out on Thursday!)

What were you enjoying this past month? 



February Playlist



February has been a good musical month for me though. I’ve heard a lot of good songs over the last couple of weeks. They actually appeared towards the end of January, I actually added two of them into last month’s list last minute because I felt as though I needed to share them with you at that moment. Hope you all enjoy this list of songs!

Speak To Me – Amy Lee
You Can’t Rely – Counterfeit
Bastards – Machine Head
The Middle – Zedd featuring Maren Morris & Grey
Sick Boy – The Chainsmokers
All These Years – Camila Cabello
Him & I – G-Eazy featuring Halsey
I Fall Apart – Post Malone
River – Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran
Filthy – Justin Timberlake
Gensis – Ruelle
Geromino – Sheppard
This Is The End – RAIGN
Keep Up – Rachel Platten
Scream It Out – Ellie Goulding
It Won’t Kill Ya – The Chainsmokers featuring Louane

I had fun with a couple of extended plays and I had one album review I did too! I’m hoping to continue to more for March but we’ll just have to see about it. I have decided officially that I will not be discussing G-Eazy’s new album as I had planned. I don’t do a lot of rap music on my blog, so I don’t know how to breakaway from my normal mindset while also paying attention to a person rap very quickly at the same time. The only reason why I did Mike Shinoda’s was because I already knew what I was getting myself into before I even started writing anything down.

If you want to hear the full playlist click here.

Camila by Camila Cabello | Born Again by RAIGN | Post Traumatic by Mike Shinoda

What was your most played song for the month of February?


Ending One Month, Getting More Music Next Month

UntitledIt’s the last two days of August. Man! This year has been traveling back so fast. Some months it seems like it’s fading away so slow but like this month is totally the opposite. One of the things that I like to do is think of the upcoming months is a good light, letting all of the good shine first before anything else. The first thing that makes me excited is the fact that after August ends, that means the air becomes cooler and the temperature drops from the high 80’s to a nice mid-70’s. The colors of the leaves start to change from their deep green to a yellow or an light orange. For some people, the fading of summer is bittersweet. To me, it just means that Halloween is getting closer and my birthday!

Besides the temperatures, leaves, and fun holidays coming up. We have to get through the month of September first. Those things take time to get started after a couple of weeks, but once the new month starts so does looking forward to your favorite shows coming back on. New movies being released on Friday nights, speaking on Friday nights. Football is in full swing too! You go to your old high school or college football games and sit in the bleachers and drink hot chocolate to not only warm up your hands but also the rest of your body. As for shows that are coming back for the fall schedule, I’ve got Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Dancing With The Stars. that comes back on next month! Plus, a show that I have been slowly getting into (I’m only on season three!) and that’s Sons Of Anarchy, their final season starts in September too. I’ve been trying my best to keep away from all of the spoilers but I’ve got bigger issues and that’s figuring how the hell I can get the other seasons that I still need to watch before I can even get started on the final season. So should I just start unfollowing actors on my Twitter now?

One that starts as soon as possible is music. New music comes out every Tuesday and I love it! For you Europeans, you guys are lucky and they get new music on Monday. I wish our music came out on Monday’s too, because that would make the week seem less stressful and you’d have something to start your week off on the right track. Or am I wrong? I would LOVE it honestly, but I can live with getting my music on Tuesdays though, because if my Monday sucked that just means I have something to look forward to that next day. This entire year I’ve been introduced to so many artists and bands that it’s probably one of the best years (musically) for me because I’ve been learning a lot about myself as a person who likes a certain genre for so long, I’m always looking for something else. I am a lover of rock/metal but I’ve been getting into celtic and indie music as well. I’ve also learned that majority of everything that I’ve ever said “ew” or “oh god no!” to has come back to bite me in the ass in someway. Bands like Korn, Asking Alexandria, and Bring Me The Horizon have gotten off my shitty list and are now on my iPod and I play them proudly. However, now I’m at a crosswords with another. Slipknot is not one of my favorites, but I’m not going to lie anymore. I am a fan of their songs, “Wait and Bleed” and “Before I Forget.” They just recently released a new song called, “The Devil In I” and I do like it. I don’t love it, but it’s not bad either.

In August, we saw a LOT of things come forth with different artists and music acts. Two things that were big this month was the fact that both The Civil Wars and Danity Kane disbanded. It took me a while to get into The Civil Wars and I do love their first two albums. I still have their songs, “Poison & Wine” and “The One That Got Away” on repeat on my iPod. I also have a new love for “Dust To Dust” and “Tell Mama” off their second album. After announcing the two had broken up, they released a new single called, “Sunshine” and I have yet to listen to it because I feel like I might cry. Late 2013, we got word that Diddy’s former all-girl group Danity Kane was coming back, even though with only four of their original members, they were working on a new album and going on tour. Aundrea had to leave the group as she is pregnant with her first child and then an incident happened and rumors buzzed about someone getting punched in the head. A day later, remaining members Aubrey and Shannon went on their Facebook and said that the group had also disbanded and apologized to their fans. They also had released a new track over the summer before any of this happened called “Lemonade Stand” and there hasn’t been anything new about if their new album will be released at all.

Despite that heartbreaking news, new music will be released from other acts. I’m pretty excited about it, because two groups that I just love to pieces. Train an Flyleaf have their new albums coming out. Train is releasing their album “Bulletproof Picasso” on September 16th. I love hearing their first single “Angel In Blue Jeans” on the radio. It’s definitely a good late summer track to listen to. The Christian rock band Flyleaf is releasing their first album with new vocalist Kristen May, called “Between The Stars,” a lot of different musicians and bands are not doing the traditional way of going to the studio and recording their music by pulling money out of their pockets. They’re having their fans fund them in the process, bands like Thousand Foot Krutch and Fireflight have done it for their new albums, and TFK just released that album this past week. Flyleaf released an EP last year with their new singer, she’s definitely not like their last singer but she’s still VERY good though! They released their first single off the new album, “Set Me On Fire” last month. I love it! It took me two weeks to learn it and now I sing it all the time.

I’m looking forward to the debut album of the R&B beauty, Banks. She’s been growing one heck of a fan base with taking a dark sound to R&B and making a whole new genre. I found her on Spotify in one of the many indie play lists I follow. I’ve talked about her a lot in the last couple of months. So I’m pumped about finally getting her first album, “Goddess” and hearing the other tracks that haven’t been released yet. I heard a former competitor on the show The X-Factor, Ella Henderson. She came in ninth place but she still releasing her first album called, “Chapter One” and she just released her first single co-written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. This dude is a genius. The song is called, “Ghost” and I literally heard it for the first time this week on The Pulse. It was really good! Does anybody remember in 2010 I think it was, when boy bands New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys went on tour together and released an album together? Well, if you were or are a fan of both Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, they’re in a mini group together and their debut album comes out next month and it’s called, of course “Nick & Knight.”

Maybe you miss Tony Bennett or Lenny Kravitz? Both are releasing albums in September. Although, Tony Bennett isn’t by himself in this album. I’ve heard so much about how he was working with Lady Gaga. Lots of people, including myself thought that was a weird combination, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, it sounds pretty cool! Tony Bennett is such a big singer and to have a big singer in this generation like Gaga sounds like a very interesting mix. Lenny Kravitz is coming out with a new album! Praise the lord! I’ve got to say as much as I’ve loved seeing him on my TV screen in the The Hunger Games and Lee Daniel’s The Butler I am ready for some new music by him. The new singles are just…yummy. How about some new Bryan Adams music too? Yeah, I’ve only heard a few songs of his and I am obsessed with the movie Spirit soundtrack because he did all of the songs on there. I don’t hide from the love I have for that soundtrack honestly. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I always will! Lastly, Boyz II Men, hello? Everybody needs some new Boyz II Men music, it’s just good stuff!

There are a lot of great music out there. Lots can come out in one week, I always try to go through everything that comes out on Tuesday’s on my Spotify. It’s becoming a ritual now and I love it, because I find new good stuff that way. Never turn down music whether it’s old or new, because then when you do discover it, you’ll look like a total ass around everybody else. Or worse, they’ll call you out on it and that’s never fun either! I know in life, we might have a lot going on but it’s always a good thing to take a music break and dance around like nobody’s watching and sing out as loud as you want! So I hope this new month treats you right and I hope you let yourself have some fun too!

Tune Tuesday: New Zealand


It’s another Tuesday full of heavy metal, this time we head to New Zealand. Honestly, I had two other acts for our trip to NZ but I’ve been recently introduced to this new band I found on Twitter a couple of months ago. If you talk about music on your Twitter account, you might get a lot of different bands and singers following you back randomly and/or asking you to check out their music on YouTube. Majority of the time you ignore or sometimes you actually do listen to it on the first time they say something to you. There hasn’t been very many bands that I’ve actually been interested in at the first time they’ve sent me a tweet or anything. I have been followed by random bands before, both famous and unsigned bands. It can get pretty interesting at times. When I get into a band, I want to good quality stuff, meaning I want to be able to hear everything that goes on. I mostly listen to any new music on my Spotify account. In other words, if you don’t have a Spotify file then it’s very unlikely I’ll be listening back to your stuff. Sorry!

Back to our travels though, the band that I’ve selected is called Saving Grace and they are definitely a heavy metal band. As I’ve said they come from New Zealand and they are pretty awesome! Their newest album “The Urgency” came out in January of this year. The band consists of Nicholas Tautuhi on vocals, Vasely Sapunov is on guitars, Ross McDougall is also on guitars, George White is on bass, and Shaun Anderson plays the drums. Not only are they a good band to listen to – the guys are incredibly sweet to their fans! Which is always a good thing to know when you get into a new band that you’ve never heard of before. Maybe one day I’ll get to see these guys live and meet them face to face. If you have NOT listened to Saving Grace I leave you these videos as my gift to you all. Enjoy! See you next week!

Ablaze by Saving Grace

Unbreakable by Saving Grace

Tune Tuesday #4

So it’s another Tuesday. I’m beginning to LOVE Tuesdays ever since I started these each week. It just makes me happy and I always wonder what songs I’ll choose as my picks of the week before. I’ve been back and forth between doing a Disney theme and a mellow-ish theme of songs as my picks but I chose to do one of each and maybe I’ll do the other two for next week as a fun thing. I love getting into new artists and bands, and we have Sirius XM radio on our TV’s and so that’s how I’ve been hearing all this great music. I’m really addicted to The Pulse and Octane like crazy! Everybody knows I’m addicted to anything Disney related. I’m definitely not shy by it. Both songs are terrific and I hope you enjoy them! What are you listening to?

The Wire by Haim 

Strangers Like Me by Phil Collins

Now Listening To:


Tune Tuesday #3

It’s been a full of metal favorites in the past week. I’m still pretty picky for all male metal bands and the songs they produce. Sometimes I don’t like it as soon as it comes out and by the time I do say “it’s good” the radio stations have stopped playing it. If that happens then I’m not always happy but if I had learned to not judge so quickly then I wouldn’t have this problem. Anyways, this past week I’ve been listening to three songs that I can’t exactly get out of my system, but in a way I don’t want them to get out of my body either. Instead of two songs, this week I’m giving you three as it’s pretty difficult to choose between all three of them. I’ve been trying to remind myself to play these songs to my dad, but I keep forgetting. I think once he hears them enough he should like them just as much as I do. At least that’s what happened with Five Finger Death Punch. I am always a lover for songs that have a sexy feel to them, but it’s rare when a heavy metal has sexy moments within the actual song. I’ve found that it’s not always the lyrics that make it that way either, it’s usually the guitars! I am breaking this heavy metal fest with an album that is just released today! Hope you enjoy these tunes and what are you listening on this new music Tuesday?

Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood) by Hellyeah

Me And Mary Jane by Black Stone Cherry

Take Out The Gunman by Chevelle

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