May Playlist



May has finally come and gone! This was the month that not only started my Tune Tuesday summer posts, but it’s also the month you start to see tracks become so big to the point that they eventually become a staple in the summer of 2017! Last year I started to see the change early on, like when songs like “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots and “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors that came out in the middle of March, I literally just started hearing less of these songs in the last two months or so.

I am excited to see what the artists and bands bring out for the summer! One of the things that we definitely see more are the outdoor festivals like Rock On The Range in Ohio was earlier this month, and then towards the end of July and August, you have Lollapolooza and the Vans tour! There’s a concert and/or tour for anyone’s music tastes and majority of the festivals take place sometime from May to the end of September!

A lot of music came out this month, probably the biggest date was May 12th, you had Machine Gun Kelly, Paramore, Harry Styles, Goo Goo Dolls, Seether, and New Kids On The Block all releasing new albums at the same time! The week after, the 19th you saw Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Rascal Flatts, and Snoop Dogg! It’s all over the place the amount of different genres on this list alone! All of them have potential of producing the next best summer anthem for 2017!

I’m sorry but I was unable to figure out a song of the month for May. If you’ve been keeping up with this month’s Tune Tuesday posts, I will include some songs from each act somewhere in the monthly playlist!

Do you have any songs that you like so far that came be part of the summer 2017 anthems? Are you going (or been) to any concerts or festivals?


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Song Review: “Confident” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato.

I am LOVING her new song!! The title track of her brand new album, “Confident” comes out next month! I heard this song last Monday and I was soooo happy to hear something strong from her. She is a very powerful woman and this song just represents a very confident woman well. I love the introduction just a little bit too much, which was the reason when it came out on my TV I actually took my toes off my remote and actually listened to the song fully. I love the fanfare of horns and drums; that combination makes for a fierce starter! I’m a little over with the repeated phrase “what’s wrong with being” in the chorus, but it is very good!

It’s a lot better than “Cool For The Summer” and I understood the reason why that song was released first because it was the end of the summer and everybody likes a good summer-y song. I thought it was a bit cliche but this made up for it! I haven’t been a really big fan of Demi’s music, my sister is of course definitely addicted to her as an individual and music. I’ve always been neutral. I am ready for this “new” side of Demi Lovato though! I want to see this fierce woman bring brought out in this album, so I’m excited!

From Brothers, To Just Joe.

Say goodbye to the Jonas Brothers for awhile. Joe Jonas is doing his own thing. In my opinion he’s succeding in doing things himself. His first solo album is featured on Spotify and I am LOVING it! I’m not even missing his brothers Nick or Kevin. My sister has always liked the Jonas Brothers, and of course crushed on Joe. I didn’t start having a crush on Joe until after watching the first Camp Rock.

Now that he’s on his own everything seems a bit off. It looks different without Nick and Kevin. You could tell the difference between Nich and Joe’s voices.¬†Even the music sounds different as well. Before it was pop-rock and Joe played guitar. His new album sounds like hip hop and pop. You can even hear some electronic sounds in different songs. The songs are really good, lyically and all.

I can’t wait until my sister gets home from school and hears it too. I’m sure she’ll love it as much as I do. Especially the “Just In Love” remix with Lil Wayne. She’s into Lil Wayne now, so I know she’ll definitely like that. I can say, “Fast Life” is an amazing album! Really loving his change and hoping he does a second solo album when he has time after prompting his album.