OOTD: Miss Marvel


Hello my friends!

I finally get to talk about this outfit. I actually wore this for Christmas but that whole day was a bit weird so I ended up forgetting about it. I didn’t think you would be waiting this long to get the actual post but okay!

If you guys didn’t know I am a HUGE nerd! I’m into a lot of superheros and a couple of vilians that even I didn’t realize I was into but I am! My poor mom is like my sister, they’re not into superheros. She only knows about Avengers, well Hulk and Captain America. She’s been nicknaming me lately “Miss Marvel” and I’ve been saying in my head “Captain Marvel” even though I’m not a blonde. She only calls me that because I’m mainly into Marvel superheros.

This outfit is pretty light, except for the socks. They’re like little booties! My shirt is while with the picture of all four Avengers: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk in comic form in gray, on top of them is the word “MARVEL” in pink bold letters. It also has two thick circles going around the edge of the sleeves. My mom thinks it looks like a jersey type of shirt because of the short sleeves alone. The leggings I’m wearing I bought those months ago, we found them at Walmart but like everything else in my closet, didn’t have anything to go with it! They’re like a royal blue, with the word “fearless” in bold letters on my left pant sleeve. Unfortunately, they’re not very thick so cold air goes right through them when you’re outside and they’re also very long on my legs too. I can literally cover up both of my feet with them, which I have to say I love!

What do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? What superhero and/or villians do you admire? 



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