The Baby Name Tag – Extended



If you’re a frequent visitor to YouTube, there’s a big chance you’ve seen a lot of videos talking about baby names! It’s a tag open for anyone that either have their future children’s names picked out like me! I have decided to include two separate tags into one post, the first batch of questions comes from SJ Strum as she’s the one who created the tag in the first place. While, the second part comes from browsing my WordPress Reader and finding another large collection on Lucy Niblock’s blog. 

Since finding both of these tags, I’ve changed some of the questions below because for repeats and other little things, but for the most part, everything is still the same from the original layouts. When some of the questions ask for both genders, I’ve also decided to share what I’d use for the middle name(s) as well. I am a big fan of adding more than one name after the first, but don’t worry I don’t get too carried away with my choices though!

If you had a baby tomorrow, what would you call them? Boy & Girl

When I first read this question, the girl name popped out at me immediately! Sophie Rivers. I really love the name Sophie a lot, but I thought it was strange for me to choose “Rivers” as a middle name. Now for a boy, it was more difficult, but I did think of Luxor and the only reason why I’d pick it is because I love everything about Egypt!

What would you rename yourself keeping your same first initial?

When I was in middle school, I tried to make everyone call me “Monique” because nobody ever spelled it right and I just got tired of it all, and for some odd reason I thought this was a perfect fit! I actually remembering signing my name that way on a friend’s end-of-the-year-tye-dye-t-shirt. I really hope she no longer has that top because that’s just embarrassing!

What would you have been/wish you had been called if you were the opposite gender?

I’ve actually never known what my parents would have named me if I was a boy, so I had to ask her about this one. She told me, I would have been “Derek” and honestly, that’s not too bad compared to “Salem Rachelle” (my original name) and it is one of my favorite, casual boy name too!

Favorite Vintage baby name for boy and girl?

This is like the second worst question, because I love vintage baby names! For a girl, I have: Cecily Anne Victoria and the boy would be: Arthur Hugo Michael.

Favorite Nature baby name for boy and girl?

Apparently I like nature names a lot more than I thought I did! We had a cat named Wren years ago, and I still love that name so I’d probably go with Daisy Wren. I think thought be a really cute, girly name! For boys, I really enjoy the name Forest, but I feel it’s becoming popular again so my second favorite is Leif.

Favorite YouTuber’s name and/or baby name?

I love Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly’s oldest daughter’s name: Emilia. It’s like the Italian version of my sister’s name! I also think Emilia Jane sounds so feminine too!

Recently I found Tania Licciardo-Toivola also known as the “mom of 10” the other day and I’ve been learning her children’s names and I’m actually loving them. I’m still missing at least two of them, but so far the names are Leonardo, Jerusalem, Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Nefertiti, Aphrodite, King James, and Omega. So, they’re really out there, but I actually really like them! I’ve always wanted to use Nefertiti in some way because she’s one of my favorite Queens ever, so I tend to put it as a middle name, but I really love that it’s front and center for her daughter.

Favorite Literary name?

I grew up in the early 90’s so the name “Jessica” was very popular in school, and even though I had to mesmerize about 8 different ones, I never lost my love of the name itself.

Favorite “O” name that isn’t Oliver or Olivia?

This is really difficult because I really love both Oliver and Olivia a lot, but the first boy name that popped into my head was Otto, and apparently it was pretty popular with several other people who took this tag too! It doesn’t hurt that it reminds you of Rocket Power, right? The girl “O” name I really like is Oona, which is Irish. I am really obsessed with Irish names! If that didn’t work, I’d exchange it with Olympia, which is Greek. I fall in love with this one long ago, so I see myself using it more than Oona unfortunately!

What did you wish you were called when you were younger?

I really like my name “Meghan” but I have never enjoyed having the letter “h” right in the smack dab in the middle. So, honestly, I would have kept it but maybe have it spelled just “Megan” to make things easier on everybody!

What name would you immediately VETO?

When I originally began working on this post, I bravely put that I didn’t have too many names I would veto, but after a few days and I searched for other names, my veto list actually grew so I managed to really surprise myself! The names I had mentioned for this question were: Nova and Sailor, but after thinking about it, I felt that I needed to add both Fergus and Tillie. It just reminds of an old lady in her 90’s! I don’t like Fergus because I just want to automatically change it to Ferguson!


What is your favorite boy and girl name from the Top UK names list?

I think for a boy my favorite is Jack and for a girl, I really love Nora.

What is your least favorite boy and girl names from the Top US names list?

I’ve never liked Asher or Grayson for boys, maybe because they are so common nowadays. As for girls, this was a lot harder because generally I love girl names, so to find one or two girl names that I hate isn’t very ideal, but I don’t like Addison, which is strange because at one point I loved it!

If you had twins, what would you call them?

If they were both boys, they would be Mason David and Michael Brandon. Now if it was a girl and a boy, I would do Saint Isabella and Amerik Morgan. If I had two girls, then it would Emily Catherine and Leah Reverie.

You have four children, any gender, their names have to start with the same letter. What names would you choose?

Madeleine, Mason, Micah, and Magnus.

What’s your favorite celebrity’s baby name?

Since I love Celtic Woman a lot, and we’ve already established my love of Irish/Gaelic names. I really love both Mairead and Eabha a lot! Mairead means “pearl” and it’s pronounced as “MYarade” while Eabha means “life” now the pronunciation is different as it’s “AY-va” like the name Ava.

What’s your favorite animals inspired name?

Besides Wren for a girl, I don’t like too many girly animal names, except for one other name. Sparrow! I’ve never cared for it as a boy name, but for girls it always makes me smile! However, I really love both Hawk and Robin for a boy. I am obsessed with hawks and robins and cardinals we see and use to remember my papaw. So, apparently I love birds!

What’s your favorite color inspired name?

Honestly I love the name Lavender, whether or not I’d actually use it for my future children or characters one day is still a mystery, but it’s really cute! I love Scarlett as well, but it has been used a lot lately. And then for a boy (or a girl) there’s Navy! I like that Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany, are naming their second child, a girl Navy Rome. I think it’s a beautiful, unisex combination!

What are your top 3 favorite boy names?

This has always been a VERY difficult answer, but my favorite three names are: Milo, Hudson, and Sebastian.

What are your top 3 favorite girl names?

I thought I’d have a better idea for my three favorite girl names but unfortunately I don’t, so I wouldn’t surprise me if I change my mind later on! Anyways, the names I love right now are: Harlow, Francesca, and Siobhan.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure name?

Ooh! My ultimate guilty pleasure name! Honestly, I think it’s Charlotte or Elizabeth. I really enjoy old-timey names for babies, but when it comes to boys I like the outlandish ones like Aspen or Ever.

Choose a baby based on a food/drink

This was REALLY difficult, but I actually don’t like using food or drink inspired names but I do have an exception to one and that is Clementine and what’s interesting, is that when it comes to herbs and some spices I have a lot. I really love: Ginger, Anise, Basil, Caraway, Lavender, Saffron, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme.

Choose a baby name based on a month

I’ve always wanted to use August in some way. I’ve had Levi August picked out since I was in middle school. I do love May but I would have to use it like Mae because of the way it’s used in my family, but those are the only two that I really liked.

Choose a baby name from a movie

Here we go again, another hard one to answer because I like to watch a lot of movies! For a girl it would be Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and then my boy name would probably be Benjamin after The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button!

Choose a name that’s already in your family

Oh boy! Since I know more about my mom’s side, I’ve realized that we tend to like the letters: E, L, and M a lot! I’d love to have as many family names as I can in some shape or form, but I’m not allowed to use the name Mary because my mom (who is one of the inspirations for using it in the first place) thinks it’s too old fashion for this generation. So I’ve had to find other names that were similar to it, like “Margaret” and as much as I love it, I’d still like to have “Mary” instead.

My three times great-aunts all had very unique names. The oldest was Regina and she didn’t pronounce it like everybody else would of course. It was “Ra-kee-na” and I have a combination that I’ve created recently that I really like, it’s Ava Regina Elizabeth. We have had a few Marys’ and so she’s the second reason for my inspiration there. I’d like to use it for Mary Louise. Third was Elsaleah, and her name is probably my favorite of the bunch. I’ve picked out to use it in Maud Elsaleah. And then finally we have Lula. She was given the middle name Thomas, and this was before unisex names were a thing! The only way I’d have it as Lula Rose.

Hope you have enjoyed this tag! If you decide to do it too, please send me a link of it after it’s published, okay? 


Life Lately | Eyes Opened Wide!



It is finally May! I know I’m a few days late on saying that, but this is my real post for the new month! During the last week of April, not only did I get majority of this month’s posts scheduled and ready to go, I also got to go outside in our yard for three days straight. We actually had three days of gorgeous weather! My sister had our finals during that week, but only has two days of classes so whenever she came home she’d usually come home after her last class on Thursday and stay until Monday afternoon. So that Monday, she was out with me, making sure I wasn’t going to fall out of my wheelchair or drop my camera. I was SOOO excited to bring my camera out with me after getting the “ok” from my mom that I could go in the backyard with my chair. As much as she hates when my wheels go in the mud, we can’t dodge it forever! We also have the babies in the back porch, so if I want to see them up close I need to go back there. I was just thrilled to be in the yard again. This was my first time ever out with my camera too! I did what I knew I’d do: dodge the bees and wasps and take pictures of EVERYTHING in sight.

The first day I didn’t have my seatbelt on and I was quite happy about that! When you do everything with your feet and legs, seatbelts are your enemy honestly! As protective as they are to have, being able to hold your feet up in the air for a certain period of time without shaking is non-extinct. Not very many people would know that of course! Anyways, my mom has this beautiful dogwood tree in the front yard. I love it dearly! It’s my second favorite tree on our property. She likes to call it the “dwarf” tree because they were supposed to be huge! I say “they” because she did have two of them until my dad killed it with the weed eater one spring. She still hasn’t forgiven him for it, but now we have his flag in that area. On Monday and Tuesday, it was pretty breezy out so I had my jacket on. I had some troubles getting the white flowers on the tree as it the branches didn’t want to stay still for me! After I got a couple of pictures, I went to our backyard, rolling right into the scrapes of food my mom had thrown out for the birds! My mom was worried about mud and I roll right into our leftovers!

I had to holler a few times to get any of the older cats out of their hiding places. Midget and Bear-Bear were the first two to greet me when I came up to the porch. The only one that seemed to want to get petted was Bear-Bear. I’m happy to say he doesn’t try to attack me now! Grumpy and Stormy basically ignored me like always! Neither one like to get their pictures taken. Bootsie, Midget, and Bear-Bear were my stars for the whole three days. I tried to take some inside of the cage where the babies were, but the pictures turned out to be so dark and they were too far back in the cage that you couldn’t see them either! I tried to mediate while being outside Monday and Tuesday, it’s a thing that I try to do while I’m in the backyard. I always turn around to face the trees because I’ve had trouble explaining to my dad what I was doing. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any trouble with the bugs on both days, Tuesday was much cooler, it was nice enough where the bugs weren’t out as much. Wednesday was a different story, I only stayed outside for twenty minutes I think! I kept getting ate up by mosquitoes. One got me right on top of my foot. I still have a little red dot.

I have an aunt and uncle that travel all around the south and most of the Midwest because my uncle is a trucker. So they go on these trips to load and deliver. Almost every day, she posts a new picture on her Facebook. I’ve been trying to get her to create a blog but not having Wifi in the truck, she wouldn’t be able to update it a lot. She’s got all of these great pictures so I just decided to take a few and use them as my “headers” for these posts. I have no idea where this one posted above is from, but I do know this was one of my uncle’s takes. He mostly posts pictures of other semis so this is basically a rare treat from him. They don’t mind me using their pictures. I think my aunt feels pretty special whenever I use them! They like to go to the beach a lot and I have maybe two pictures I’ll be using on future installments, so don’t ask if I’ve been to Florida or the beach because I haven’t sadly! I’ve used my dad’s friend Shawn’s pictures for my banner photos in the past! He doesn’t mind it either! He’s gotten to the point where he asks me if I’ve been out taking pictures!

I had my mom get me some spring like colors the other day because I was needing it! I figured they’d bring them home, but they took them to my nana’s instead. I had to wait a whole week to actually use them. I actually like getting my toes done a lot more than my fingers, mostly because it’s so difficult to do my fingers than my toes. That’s one of the downsides of not being able to move your fingers around. They look like Easter colors; a coral shade (thought it was pink!) and lavender. I HATE the light shades of purple, but I really love it! Now here’s the bad part of this post. I’ve been looking forward to uploading those pictures and putting them in a post like this, but the SD card won’t work on my laptop. My sister tried it three times and it still wouldn’t load up for us. My nana and I were just discussing this the other day, because she can’t get her photos on her phone to upload to her Facebook anymore. It could be the phone or Facebook in general, because mine doesn’t hardly upload either. Anyways, we were talking about how she wants to get a digital camera instead of getting a new phone. I don’t think she should get a camera, because she wouldn’t get very good lighting in her house so her pictures would be very dark and blurry. Digital cameras are much more difficult to figure out how to use than a phone. Especially, if they don’t have a cord to plug-in into your laptop, just the SD card. Which is my problem at the moment! Okay, I’m done discussing that, I didn’t take these pictures, my sister did. So I hope you enjoy them until I get something figured out with my camera.

Little Gru. All gray except for his belly, paws and nose!
Little Gru. All gray except for his belly, paws and nose!


Penny and Otis.
Penny and Otis. They’ve had their eyes open for a couple of weeks now, but like Stormy, Grumpy, and Otis’ mommy Midget, little Otis has gunk in his eyes. We also think Midget’s kittens were pre-mies so they are tinier than Bootsie’s kittens!


Penny and Gru
Penny and Gru. These two are Blondie and Batman’s cats.

What A Celebration!


This week has been a very interesting one as whenever you have things planned things can array and that’s what happened, my mom has her work schedule changed twice in the week, first she was wasn’t working on today (Saturday) and well, now she is. We’ve had to rearrange everything around and lucky for everybody I was willing to go with the flow with no complaints. I’ve kind of always wanted to celebrate my birthday on Halloween and this year I actually got to do that. Another part of our original plan was to go to Steak N Shake in Vincennes and eat there for my birthday, but we found out earlier in the week that they wouldn’t open until next week. So we ended up going to the second post and we got to do the buffet at Ponderosa. It was my parents, Blondie and her boyfriend, something else that was different from the past years was this was the first year that I got to eat by myself, I’ve always had somebody feed me, but we took the push wheelchair and it was much shorter than my big chair, so I got to it all myself even eat ice cream!

After we left, I sat in the backseat with the push chair, which was weird. The day was pretty windy and gloomy. It never rain or anything, but the cold wind was NOT the best thing. Halfway through the drive home, I was busy watching the pretty autumn overview as we were driving home. So I finally asked my mom how good her camera was while the car was in motion. She, of course said that she didn’t know and then she asked if I wanted to some pictures of the trees and everything around, I said yeah. She was REALLY getting into it. I kept seeing her try to reach out a bit to get a better picture. I kept wondering what my dad was thinking while she was busy doing it. When we got home, my mom took a nap and I laid on my bed trying to relax a bit, after fifteen minutes I sat up and started editing my pictures. When she got up, she took me to my nana’s and she made me dark chocolate cupcakes. My papaw had told us when we first got inside the house that he’d had two of them already, but only had the second because he dropped the first one on the floor! He rat on himself! It was hilarious! I only got to eat one cupcake but it was okay because my nana and I kept talking amongst each other. It was okay, after that I stayed at home for a couple more hours until the last part of the night begin.

The last part of the day and the beginning of the night, started out simple and absolutely hilarious for my mom. Now, we were supposed to go out trick-or-treating, but since it was too damn cold and really windy outside, it ended up being a no-go. Which was okay, because while my mom was out doing my nana’s errands she got a bunch of candy. We also decided to dress up anyways. We waited until the last minute to find anything and Sammy and her mom had quite a bit of different costumes you could do the last minute. Somebody had suggested that I could go as somebody in an electric chair because since I have an electric (wheel)chair, we could find a belt and something else to put on my head. My mom got really into it. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many white clothes, but we did find this one sweater that has black skulls in the front. My mom had this bright idea of putting it on backwards and tying the sleeves around to my back. My mom used one of her brown belts and put it around my arms, lastly we didn’t exactly know how to make the helmet or whatever. So we used my headband and get this my mom cut part of the cat food bag and cut a circle of it and put underneath my headband. It actually ended up being pretty good. An hour of being in the barn, seeing Sammy and Tepe with their face make-up on, Sammy offered to put on some makeup on me too. She gave me a similar sugar skull design. I actually liked it a lot! A couple of their friends came over and we had some pretty cool pictures! Lots of fake blood, I was the only one that was tame.

The whole time, we sat by the heater in the barn. I kept eating candy that we brought from home. I swear I had like five or six different suckers, still haven’t had a Club Soda sucker yet. My favorites of the night were the Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Mango, that I never got to finish because I had that one while Sammy was doing my face makeup and I didn’t want to drive her insane with my sucker in my mouth, so I took it out and gave it to my mom to HOLD! She ate the stinking thing! Sammy and her mama, got me some really cool presents. I got a cute black skull garland and a pajama outfit of a skull shirt and light purple leopard fuzzy pants. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the last gift of all that everybody knew and I didn’t. Sometimes I love/hate those kinds of surprises. Sammy and Theresa came inside and they surprised me with an awesome birthday cake, it was a light purple skull and it was a while cake around the face area, but the top of it was the most coolest part of the entire thing. She put a small layer of red velvet cake as a brain and she had red corn syrup dripping down the sides of the cake like blood. The green parts are coconut shavings, the little black “graves” at the sides are from crushed up chocolate graham crackers. It was amazing! I had never treated red velvet before and I’ve got to say eat it with coconut on it and it tastes really good. Sammy and I really enjoyed it! So did their outdoor cat Twitches too!

I also got a small little bag of those left over skulls on the right side, they weren’t edible. I’m going to have fun finding places for all these different skull stuff! I had a fun time over in the barn with everybody! Day Two was on my actual birthday. We celebrated it in the garage this time around. Our neighbors just a got a new pool table. So everybody was interested in playing it for the first time! We went over there, dad made his famous pork chops, somebody made this really good sweet baked beans, it had like three different kinds of beans. Ju-Ju also made a good batch of corn on the cob and basically soaked it with butter. I had two corn cobs and it was delicious! I honestly had a great time over in the garage watching the guys play pool and all of us women were just talking up a storm. Going back home however was interesting because we were walking out in the dark and I remembered there was something on the side of the other garage and I could see an outline of something in front of me, so when I was trying to dodge it my mom was trying to get me to through it, it was difficult not to scream after that but I knew I was hitting something! That was my two days of my birthday celebration. I’m hoping on Monday or Tuesday, my mom will make me potato soup because I still haven’t had my birthday dinner yet.

I'd say this comfort food at its finest!
I’d say this comfort food at its finest!












Five Sentence Fiction: Horizon


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: HORIZON

From down at the bottom, it’s dark and the air is musky.
Last night’s rain created a small slippery slope on the trip up.
Mud covered our boots with a thick brown stain, the smell was unbearable as we continued to walk through the puddles, some of us mistakenly took mud over poop.
The trail up the mountain was step and since the sun was slowly coming up from the night sky, the temperature was still fairly low.
When we finally got to the top, the mountain was dry, the air was clear and fresh, and seeing the lightly dim stars behind us with the bright sun making its horizon ahead was so beautiful to be able to witness both evolutions at once.

The Start Of Our Pumpkins

On Sunday, I went over to my nana’s and it was interesting to say the least. It was rainy off and on the whole morning. I got up at 11am, I actually slept in a bit and when I got up, my mom made me “breakfast” she poured me a small bowl full of Coco Pebbles and a cup of milk. I had told her how much I wish I had a little bit of milk inside of the bowl and I never like milk in my cereal. I only like it two different cereals. Anyways, I was happy that I had a straw (I’m always happy for straws!) but I had the awesome idea to hold a good amount of milk inside the straw and lift it into the bowl and let go on top of the cereal. I did this twice so the cereal wasn’t as soggy and it was still good! I was very proud of myself until I made a small spill on my table, but nothing went on the floor so it was okay! Later on, like maybe an hour or so, my mom came in and got me ready to take me over. I was on my Twitter before she came in and was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Apparently that chocolate rush wasn’t coming anytime soon!

When I got to my nana’s, she just got up from her nap and was more exhausted than she started off being. We honestly didn’t do much. When my parents and I got back from Wal-Mart on Saturday, my mom finished up the rest of the errands she still had to do for my grandparents. She did take over the glitter and crayons we got at Wal-Mart, while she was out. She found smaller pumpkins that were called “pie pumpkins” so I guess these would be great to scoop out the meat inside and use it in a homemade pie. She bought like six of those as they were surprisingly cheaper than the two big ones she got at the store. While she was out, she also got different colors of sharpies and there was something else I can’t remember at the moment. Anyways, I took my Country Living magazine I got at Wal-Mart too! I looked into it when we got home and actually found a great craft to do with one of our smaller pumpkins. Sadly, there’s no link for it anymore on their site, but if you go out and buy the magazine, it’s on page 62 and it’s called the “rubber band pumpkin” and I knew how much my nana have tons of rubber bands, so while she was having her snack I actually began working on the smallest pumpkin and started doing a similar version of the rubber band pumpkin. It started off kind of weird and tricky to do with my toes, but once I got the hang of it, it was quite fun and a big accomplishment as it was my first craft I’ve ever done by myself!

She thought the magazine was very interesting and she loved the different ways to decorate a pumpkin. We are definitely doing the melting crayons on top of the pumpkins again. I got the smaller containers of glitter this time around, they came in a pack of different colors, we’re hoping I’ll be able to grip these bottles better than the big one we had last year. My nana’s probably hoping we don’t have to use anymore of her spoons, but we’ll have to use at least one to scoop out the glue from a small bowl. If I’m going to be doing any of these, I need to figure out things I can actually use and these shortcuts worked great for us the last time! I decided to not hold myself back from my creative juices and actually did a little more to the rubber band pumpkin. He kind of has these two little colored “leaves” on his sides, if I can color him in all the way, I might untangle him from the rubber bands altogether. How I did it: I used the stem as my helper. Thankfully it’s still strong in the top of the pumpkin and when I go to pull on the rubber bands the stem didn’t give out on me. I used slightly bigger bands, they could really stretch. Once I got one on, I went and did the other side etc. I went back and forth and in all I got six or seven on it before it felt like I wouldn’t get anymore on.

This was taken at the beginning stages. You can clearly see how I got the rubber bands around the sides of the pumpkin using the stem as my guide.

After we got done with decorating and doing what we were willing to do with our pumpkins. It was time for a break, but somehow in the middle of the break I asked about doing another craft. I’ve seen this different bookmarks using paperclips and little decorations on top, she’s got a tin bowl full of buttons and I thought my rock collection was cukoo! I started picking out different ones and then it dawned on me, I mostly read books on my Kindle. Why would I need these? My birthday is coming up so I might be getting physical books sometime soon, so I might actually need these bookmarks. I think it’s better if we just concentration on one project than two. It would be better on both of us! We like to name our pumpkins, my nana had named hers “Charlie” and it’s weird because the big pumpkin my mom brought into the house a few weeks ago, the first name that came into my head was “Linus” and we agreed that would be his name for now on! I haven’t named mine yet. I was thinking “Ruby” but I don’t like it really. So I’m still thinking at the moment. We’ll probably name them all again. It’s very possible we will!

On Friday, my mom did the first part of my nana’s errands and got me a new carton of ice cream, this time instead of getting cookie dough, I got cookies n cream. I feel like I only like four flavors and I’m running out of what to try. So I think next time my mom is going to get the smaller cartons and get a new flavor I’ve never tried before. Right now, I’m going to savor every last bite of these flavor of ice cream! A little bit after I was finished, I cleaned up my area and put everything back in the cabinet. My mom came to get me and take me home. I had stayed at my nana’s for three hours and before I went over there, it looked like it could rain/storm and by the time I got back at home. It was all clear, the temperature was still pretty low but it didn’t stop me from spending an hour or two outside with the babies taking pictures. We have a gorgeous tree out by our neighborhood that has branches of both an emerald green and deep red. It’s a strange mixture of colors but so beautiful too! My mom has noticed my old soul coming out as I voice my love of the changing colors of the leaves. Our trees are slowly changing colors, we have one tree that has a lot of leaves changing and dropping out onto the ground. I decided to take some pictures around the yards again and the cats followed me for the ride too.

Just a fraction of the buttons she had inside the tin bowl.
Just a fraction of the buttons she had inside the tin bowl.
Stormy was NOT in the mood for pictures, but neither was his big brother Grumpy.
Stormy was NOT in the mood for pictures, but neither was his big brother Grumpy.
My mom's lone tree in the front yard is changing leaves and the berries on it are turning into gray little buds.
My mom’s lone tree in the front yard is changing leaves and the berries on it are turning into gray little buds.
This one berry looked like it was ready to explode!
This one berry looked like it was ready to explode!
The pretty autumn ground full of dying leaves, sticks, and dirt.
The pretty autumn ground full of dying leaves, sticks, and dirt.
The "Scoliosis" Tree is still a blooming tee full of deep green leaves, so it's hard to tell where the changing leaves are inside it.
The “Scoliosis” Tree is still a blooming tee full of deep green leaves, so it’s hard to tell where the changing leaves are inside it.
This one was a lot easier to get than the picture above. At least I didn't drop my phone like I did trying to get the berries.
This one was a lot easier to get than the picture above. At least I didn’t drop my phone like I did trying to get the berries.