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So I decided to change up what I originally had for today. I wasn’t necessarily happy with that post so I figured I could do something else and thus came this review! I’m only discussing the events that happened in episode 1.

Last week the channel FX premiered a miniseries called Taboo, a dark and mysterious drama about a man who was thought to be dead, comes back to the life he left behind in London, where his now dead father has him as a sole heir in his will and with a piece of land called Nookta Sound (that is located on west side of Canada) that is considered a “wasteland” by various people but the people of the East India Company want him to sign over that property to them.

The man James Daleney is a very haunted person. You don’t see it until after he makes it to the pub after everybody’s left the funeral. He sort of has an episode at the end of the general scene after his half sister and brother-in-law has walked away from him. The first episode is an hour long, but with the slow pace you are kind of left wondering about all of these people and their intentions, but I think James is the second most interesting person on the show. I’d like to know about Sir Stuart Strange, the chairman of EIC but I’m more into what and how James knows so much about the EIC and his father Horace’s actions towards the end of his madness.

My dad and I were originally going to watch the show together, but I wanted to watch it live with everyone else. The only bad part about it was all of the freaking commercials! Once you start using the skip button when you record your favorite shows late at night, you automatically become best friends with it. And like an idiot, I decided to take off my headphones about 30 minutes before the show started. The day after, I remember telling my mom that I thought dad should wait until next week (meaning Tuesday) to watch it as it might go a little faster, but he does like darker themes and like me he loves anything to do with Tom Hardy, who plays James Delaney.

If you can handle a little witchcraft or supernatual themes, then I think you’ll like it. It is very interesting. I am apart of the Facebook group called “Taboo Tribe” and we were asked to rate the first episode, I gave it an 8. I thought it was fair as it was slow in parts and you were mostly getting more questions than answers than anything else but it was a nice beginning!

So what do you think about Taboo? Are you watching it as well? What was your favorite scenes? Who are you most curious about? And if you’re not watching, does it sound like you would in the future?


October Playlist!



So I am back with a monthly playlist after only sharing what songs I was addicted to hearing in the summer! Is it weird that summer is over and we’re now in November?! I mean, that’s just crazy! Most of the time, I’m the one who thinks time just flies by throughout the year, but I think after my papaw’s passing earlier this year, I think it’s been going by at a slower pace.

Anyways, this previous month has been an interesting one! I started writing out my songs again, but I didn’t start doing it until the second week because I was being very lazy. I think I wanted to listen to a lot of different genres throughout the month of October. It also tends to bring out a very mysterious side – as it should! I think a song that sort of helped this feeling along was “Poltergeist” by Banks because it’s very moody and dark, she’s just amazing! I was also listening to a lot of different one hour mixes of instrumental music to help motivate me to do some writing too!

Machine Gun – Matisse & Sadko

Wild Things – Alessia Cara

Hymn To The Weekend – Coldplay

Starving – Hailee Steinfeld & Grey featuring Zedd

Judas – Banks

Trainwreck – Banks

All We Know – The Chainsmokers featuring Phoebe Ryan

Lay It All On Me – Rudimental featuring Ed Sheeran

False Alarm – Matoma (Hook-N-Sling Remix)

I’m Not Famous – AJR

All About Us – Jordan Fisher

Like I Would – ZAYN

Cannonball – Flux Pavillion and Snails

Wildfire – Borgeous

Let You Get Away – Shaun Frank featuring Ashe

Winner – Ellie Goulding

If Only For Now – Pop Evil

Royals – Otep

The Worst In Me – Bad Omens

Ravenheart – Xandria

Dead – Phoebe Ryan

Check On It – Beyonce featuring Bun B

This Town – Niall Horan

Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix

Puakenikeni – Nicole Scherzinger featuring Brick and Lace

Polariod – Imagine Dragons

Starboy – The Weeknd and Daft Punk

Iracus – R3hab

I Apologize – Five Finger Death Punch

The Essence Of Silence – Epica

Maid Of Lorraine – Leaves’ Eyes

Against You – Lacuna Coil

27 Hours – Banks

Grown – Little Mix

My Name Is Human – Hightly Suspect

The Bottom – Devour The Day

Dancehall Soldier – Yellow Claw (Dan Faber Remix)

7/11 – Beyonce

This Is Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett 

Moon Trance – Lindsey Stirling

Thriller – Michael Jackson

What have you been listening to a lot over in the last month or so?


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Five Sentence Fiction: Marriage

Lillie McFerrin Writes

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: MARRIAGE

A baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket cuddled and warm, not knowing what kind of struggles she will later on in her life, but there she is living proof of everyday miracles.

As she grows, her eyes widen to the sights and smells, playdates arranged by mothers and she meets a little boy at the tender age of four.

Much later in this girl’s life a photograph makes its way out of the old albums at the house, the baby girl is now in the mid-20’s still trying to find somebody to love her, but she is almost given up for it all, that is until she finds one suitor and makes a blind date with him.

She puts the picture up before she leaves, she is ready to make a good impression to this still somewhat mystery man, but she still wonders about the boy in that old photo and what he could be doing at this very second, she thought he’s probably married and rich.

When she leaves, she has small wonders about the boy, but it’s off to meet this guy; she sits at the bar of the restaurant and he slowly makes his way towards her and he instantly puts a smile on his face, when he said her name, she turned to face him and the outline of the boy in the picture was now in front of her, they were meant to find each other again.



I like to have some fun. Who doesn’t? I’ve always wanted to have a masquerade party, I’ve always loved the masks. Even though I hate almost every mask out there. Well any that looks scary. To me, every mask is like a clown. Although you’re not really wearing as much makeup as a clown while wearing a masquerade mask. These kind of masks are different than any other masks.

They are regal. Elegant. Classical. Somewhat mysterious too, depending on how you carry yourself while wearing a mask like this. It’s kind of a like an another story of Cinderella. She was a servent to her stepmother and went to a ball when she was not allowed to and her fairly godmother dressed her up and so ono and so on. I don’t need to go on when we should all know the story. These masks are like our own fairly godmothers helping us out.

These masks can make us forgot about our problems for just a moment. It takes everything away that can make us feel ugly inside. Our eyes are our best feature we have on our faces. No matter what others say. Every eye is different. In shape or color. Be thankful for the ones who can open their eyes and see out of them. Some of us don’t have that choice.

I wish everybody voted for the masquerade theme for prom during my Junior year but no it had to be “Welcome To The Jungle” which wasn’t bad, but not what I picked. I wanted to be regal. Elegent. Classical. Somewhat mysterious just for one night. However you can’t be too different when you are in a wheelchair, but at least I’d feel beautiful for once or twice.