A-Z Disability Challenge | Z : Zoom


I know I’m late on getting this post up, but I have been feeling really lazy in the past few days.

I have always been called “speed demon” because I have my power wheelchair’s speed on high. It’s crazy how much my mom thought the volume was down low while I was in school! Speaking of that, my middle and high schools were attached and had multiple ramps in the hallways. The first time I ever visited, I was probably going into fourth grade and my face lit up. I couldn’t help but race up and down those halls with Blondie and our cousins. Now as an adult, I feel like I have definitely calmed down, and to just seal the deal, the occasional popping a wheelie doesn’t even do it for me anymore. For my parents, this is a blessing and this could be a good sign for other families out there who are dealing with little speed demons at home too, but I feel like I should say that if I was in my power wheelchair for 8 hours straight and there were ramps all around, I would totally go for it in a heartbeat!

Since creating my Instagram account a few months ago, I have been speaking to other people with Arthrogryposis, and it has been really nice to discuss our stories and everything, I also love when parents will follow me too. I get a chance to watch the younger generations grow up and learn how to deal with it in an entirely different era.

There is one little girl that takes me back to starting school for the first time, making what I thought would be long-lasting friendships, and receiving my first wheelchair. The girl’s mother told me once that thanks to her brothers encouragement, she tracked mud all over their house. I could tell she wasn’t thrilled about the incident. There is a big difference between the mini daredevil and I. When I was in elementary school, we left my power chair there and only took it home during summer vacations because our house wasn’t handicapped accessible. So, I never really got to do things like this when I was younger, but this was also at a time where I could scoot everywhere so I didn’t need it too much.

When we did go places that required something more substantial, we used a toddler stroller. It was lightweight so it wasn’t that big of a hassle to put together and take me on trips. I want to say that we used them from the age of seven to probably 11 years old. After I had my surgeries, my body decided that it not only wanted to grow but everywhere! Honestly, for the last five years of being in the stroller, I never wore the seatbelt. I couldn’t. It never wanted to fit around my belly.  Thankfully, by the time I started going to middle school, I was riding the bus to the school and home, so we could keep my wheelchair with me at all times but more importantly, this also meant we could finally get rid of our trustee stroller of the early 2000’s.

Once you got your first power wheelchair, were you described a “speed demon” growing up? Do you remember the first time you discovered rolling down into ramps and/or mud? 



Spring Is Coming!


This past weekend I went outside!! Words that I didn’t think I’d say this early in March. Just two weeks ago we had quite a few inches of snow and ice covering everything! Last week, it rained off and on with only had two days with perfect early springtime weather. I heard about them through my Facebook. So when the weekend came around, I was determined to get out if it wasn’t raining out. Since it rained all day long Friday, I was really hoping for a miracle. Saturday morning, it looked partly cloudy out of my windows. I was supposed to go out to the barn around four, because we were going to have a birthday party, but I went out like a couple of hours earlier. My dad came over with little Chevy to bring outside to watch our neighbors fly kites. You know something weird, I’ve lived out in the midwest out of my life and yet I’ve never flown a kite before. These suckers were high too! I had to wear a light jacket and my socks, but once you stood out in the sun for a bit, you wanted to take any layers off!

Here’s another fun fact about me, I also don’t like to wear sunglasses. I understand the significance of them protecting your eyes, but I hate having them on for a long period of time because it makes my skin 10x more oily and I feel like they are slipping off my nose. Everytime I’m out and it’s super bright, I go into a sneezing fit. Anyways, while I had Chevy on the back of my wheelchair riding along, we’re getting smarter now. We take off my headrest so she doesn’t poke her eye or hit her forehead. She LOVES riding and acting like she’s pushing me. She’s two (almost three) and talking up a storm now! We’re still trying to figure out if “MeMe” is code for Meghan or Mary (my mom) because she’s call both of us that. She loved all of the mud and puddles in the yards. I didn’t care for them as much as I know my mom doesn’t like how my wheels track mud all over the house.

When we went over to the barn, it was so nice to the motorcycles again. My dad didn’t get his bike out. We heard a LOT of roaring noises from different bikes in town. Rex was included as one of those bikes. He took advantage of this beautiful weekend too! My mom and I were not happy. We probably won’t be until dad takes his bike out of his building! It was nice to be around everybody in the barn again, watching the guys fiddle with another bike. Chevy went inside and came back out with an Elmo doll, she had me hold it the majority of the time I was there. After a while, some of Sammy’s friends came over. One couple brought over their baby girl, her name was Zoe. She was SO cute! I love when baby girls are dressed up with those big bows on their heads. I don’t remember Chevy wearing those when she was a baby. Chey and Chevy were in love with this little baby. Chey held her and Chevy was very gentle with her. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, as the sun went down and the wind grew colder we went home. My mom made lasagna for dinner and it was amazing!


I was told on Thursday that my mom was going to do my nana’s errands on Sunday. So I was looking forward to seeing my grandparents on Sunday. I got up that morning and found out that my mom had done them Saturday morning while I was snoozing away, sounds about right! I was rudely awakened by ChiChi barking her head off because she kept hearing noises outside of the house. Is it bad I’m already not looking forward to the warmer weather because of this dog? She is so loud and mean. Something that happened both days was my mom brought my baby boy Stormy into my room. He’s getting so big! Almost as big as his older Grumpy. Thank god they’ve got different markings to tell them apart, because they’re both covered in gray and white fur, but Stormy has a weird little scratch on his nose that he’s had since he was itty bitty. He’s also got this very thin white lines on his back. Stormy throughly enjoyed his time indoors. He still doesn’t like my bed, but he does love to get his belly rubbed!

We try to go over to the garage every weekend, mostly on Sundays because we have a big dinner. Earlier that day, dad came with Miss Chevy once again and grabbed me. We went rolling back around the block, Chevy holding on for dear life on my handle bars and attempting to point at the bare trees. She wore a long sleeved shirt, because it wasn’t that warm yet for her to wear flip-flops and a sleeveless shirts yet. So while I was busy driving, I kept seeing her raise her hands attempting to roll up her sleeves and my dad freaking out, I wasn’t going too fast – I never do! She kept saying “do, do” as a code for roll up her sleeves. It was cute! She sticks pretty close to me whenever we stop, once we were at Ju-Ju’s house she found those round soft things that put on metal bars and such, she apparently needed one for her bed and they were going to give it to Sammy, but she was having a blast playing with it! Dad and I took her back to the barn a little bit after that and we went back over to the garage. My mom and sister soon followed too.

We ate there, the guys grilled out. They made hamburgers, hot dogs, and potatoes. I ate a hot dog and potatoes which were cooked with bacon underneath them. You could definitely taste the bacon flavor in them! They smelled and tasted amazing! During the first hour, the guys actually watched the basketball game on the TV and after it was over, they switched it to the race and began to play pool. My buddy Rusty wasn’t there, he was with friends instead. We did have more visitors. A friend of John and Julie’s came over with her sons. I got meet the oldest while I was busy seeing Miss Lexi. She’s getting large, especially her head! No longer a puppy! We had another batch of neighbors come by and they have two daughters. One of them looked about two or three years old, the smallest had to been several months, she had fun playing footsie with my feet. Babies don’t know what to think about my feet. They know I have to do things with my feet but if my hands are covered up by my jacket, I was wonder if they think I’m missing my hands? She did smile at me a couple of times. The other one was too shy, I tried to talk and wave at her, but nothing worked.

I really enjoyed this weekend and the beautiful weather. Blondie has gone back to her dorm to finish the rest of this semester out. She’s only got a handful of weeks left before she’s done with her second year at college. We’ve been making estimates on how many kittens Bootsie’s going to have this time around. Yup, she’s pregnant again. My sister has talked her boyfriend Batman into taking her and Bear-Bear when they move into their apartment. That won’t happened for a while though, so I can see only one going along instead! Batman is a little obsessed with Bear-Bear, according to my sister he thinks its his cat. I haven’t done much lately, been thinking on future blog posts and watching movies. I’m just waiting for the rain to make its appearance one again because I know it’s coming! My body has been aching again.