100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups: “And So It Begins”

I’ve been meaning to do this writing challenge for a while. I’ve seen some of my other blogging/writer friends do this challenge too! I just need something new that’s weekly and I think this would be good for me. So I hope you enjoy! If you want to join in, click the image down below and add your blog link to the original post. The prompt is:

“…and so it begins.”


And so it begins, they are awakened by the bright sun shining through the drapes, The time on the clock was six o’clock, it rang three separate times. Fresh brewed coffee drips through the filter, down into the dispenser, waiting for somebody to pour it into their mug. Sugar coated cereal and milk spills into four small bowls, each one with a spoon placed at the side. The sounds of stomping feet comes across from different areas of the house, upstairs and down, their faces are covered with wrinkles and tired eyes. They were dressed and ready for the day.

Poetry: How To Begin The Day

“As the sun began to slowly rise.
The morning sky became a beautiful baby blue with pink specks.
The birds sing in the new day without a care.
On the road, other early goers are lined up on the interstate.
They constantly check their clocks and drink their coffee to reinsure that they stay awake.
One has a pair of toddlers in the backseat.
She has an early job interview and is taking her kids to the babysitters.
They sit in the car seats with little smiles and wipe their sleepy eyes.
The other behind her is a man who had woken up late and is now probably going to get fired for the unfortunate issue he can not control.
They both have their windows down, smelling the rich air of the freshly mowed grass and hear the barking of neighborhood dogs.
The coffee is no longer steaming after the long wait.
Different music blare from both cars, one playing The Wiggles and the other playing Metallica.
The young mother can hear the old familiar solos and starts lip-syncing to the words she remembers.
The traffic slowly awakens and cars began to slowly move again.
As they each get over the hill, one is in the right lane with her turning signal on.
The other is heading straight.
The pull up just in time to hear the last bit of the song they were singing to themselves.
When the light turned green the song was over and they went their separate ways to begin their days.”