OOTD: Too Much?



You guys got extremely lucky! I’ve been feeling pretty out of it in the last few days so the fact that you’ve got this post in between two music reviews is unreal! My mom’s work schedule is a bit weird, the only two days she had off were Tuesday and today. This picture was taken Tuesday afternoon after spending time with my grandparents. My poor sister’s has had some health problems that she’s had to deal with lately. While my mom took her to her doctor’s appointment I voted to go to my nana’s instead of staying with dad and ChiChi. Before we left the house though, mom brought in Felix and Otis into my room. It’s better to only have one kitten in my room. At the last of the visit, both of them were climbing all over my table and push wheelchair! They were having a ball and I was on the floor freaking out like always.

I know that a lot of you liked my last OOTD post because I was wearing something bright and colorful. I know Marilyn is going to be a little sad about this outfit. I have a few opinions of this outfit. First off, this wasn’t my first choice for neither shirt or leggings! I think it’s too busy but nobody bothered to say anything about it. Apparently I have learned to pose in my push wheelchair, I didn’t even realize it until I saw this picture. Does that mean I’m finally getting comfortable doing these pictures now? You can also see my eyes in this one too! You’ve seen the shirt top before. The pants I haven’t worn in awhile though. I think I got them at Charlotte Russe. I hardly ever buy anything from there.. I just sit and glare at their shoe rack! These leggings are probably one of like four that actually fit well on my tiny legs. My neon leggings are not tight around my ankles and are very “baggy” in my calf areas. As I said in my last post, they’re also very smooth, almost have like a silky texture to them but with these, they’re very soft and tight! The design is kind of hard to explain. It look like cheetah print mixed with a snake like pattern.

What do you think about this outfit? Yay or nay?