EP Review: “Post Traumatic” by Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda has managed to lend a hand to multiple musical opportunities over the years. He has produced songs and albums for not only LP, but other artists too! In 2004, he created Fort Minor, and released the album “The Rising Tied” and it featured different artists like Styles Of Beyond, Kenna, John Legand and Common. One of the artists included on the track “Where’d You Go” is Holly Brook, but you might know her by her other name Skylar Grey.

I’ve been back and forth whether I wanted to do this review. As much as I love Mike Shinoda and the rest of the guys of Linkin Park, it’s still so hard to listen to their music. The main reason why I ultimately decided to go ahead with it, is because it’s still music. Mike could have put what he was feelings into some kind of artwork, but instead he chose to go this route. He must’ve wanted us to really hear of the pain that he is going through since the passing of Chester Bennington.

So we’re going to start with the review now. There are only three songs on this extended play, so it’ll be pretty short then my normal posts.

We begin with “Place To Start” and I didn’t know what to expect, whether it would have an upbeat or not. It starts pretty slow, and the tempo does speed up once he starts rapping a bit. The one time we hear Mike rapping, it has a very somber feeling to it. You don’t usually him like that, to be frank, you hardly ever hear rappers let their emotions flow outside of the lyrics. Everybody has a reputation for being a hardass, but this is different in so many ways so I’m glad we got to see that, but those voice mails at the end are so heartbreaking and the fact that he included them was almost too much for me.

The next song is “Over Again” and it immediately starts after the first track. I like the honesty of it. You understand every word he’s saying, and it’s pretty raw. Despite the fact he’s speaking about what he has been going through these last six months, you hear the frustration and anger in his lyrics, I don’t think it’s directed towards one person, it’s a number of people. It gives you in clear insight of how felt about their concert they did in October. I know this may seem weird, but I think I liked this one the best. As much as it hurts to hear and for Mike, to sing it out for the fans, doesn’t make you feel too good either. And lastly, I really like the beat, it’s electronic and very heavy. The song is called “Watching As I Fall” and it’s not as brutal (personal) wise in the lyrics, I mean you get a little bit of it, but it’s not so much at one time like in the previous track.

This was interesting because I didn’t know what to expect, I mean I knew I wasn’t going to feel comfortable, I mean even after my papaw’s passing I think I’ve been fairly quiet because it’s a very personal thing for me, but since Mike is an artist both literally and lyrical–he can use that as part as his healing process and then pass it along to the other fans that feel as though they’ve not showing their emotions enough which is ridiculous to even think about, because unfortunately there are people like that! I don’t know what Linkin Park will do after getting through this hurdle. I don’t expect them to come back with anything for a while and I feel like they need that time to sort things out and heal themselves before diving into a new record and tour. However, I did see that Mike has a gig in Australia on the 18th of August, so we’ll just have to see what else Mike and the rest of the band has in store for us!

Have you listened to the “Post Traumatic EP” yet? What were your thoughts on it?  

Whispers In My Head

On Wednesday, I started work on my second drawing. I went out-of-order a little. When I was working on my Reid drawing, I was getting frustrated with myself and got very discouraged early on in the process of it. I thought the two-year break was the biggest mistake ever and I didn’t think it was going to turn out all that well. Everybody’s biggest critic is themselves, sadly I get too into worrying about it. Sometimes you worry about things will never happen. That’s what happened. I over thought about the details it needed and just the overall picture was enough to show, I had done a good job on it. It is now in a frame and it is a lot darker than it was when I took the picture that’s on here. Everything I had worried about on it, wasn’t as bad as I thought. I love how it turned out.

Like I said at the top, I went out-of-order. I wanted to do a drawing that was going to put some of the pressure I had when I was drawing Mike Shinoda’s in school. When I started drawing his portrait, I was very worried (like always) because out of the six members of Linkin Park. Mike’s was the only one that really mattered to me. I kind of blame doing Mike’s fourth to the reason why Chester and Rob’s look awful. After I did Mike’s I probably could have stopped and sometimes I wish I did. I hope I don’t regret drawing Nikki Sixx second because he is a big inspiration to me. So I’m a little worried it will jeopardize my other drawings. I’m more talking about the Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, and Sixx:A.M. drawings I have planned up in my head.

Since I had Nikki’s drawing done. I have decided to go back to my original plan of just only drawing the guys of My Darkest Days for right now. I have my next picture lined up and the next dude I will drawing is Sal Costa. What is really interesting about these pictures is that both Reid and Sal’s picturing I’m going off of are from the “Move Your Body” music video. I’ve watched that music video too many times to not want to find stills of the guys I couldn’t keep my eyes off of (even it was difficult to do with all the women in the video) and so far they’re the only two I want to draw from that music video. I want to find pictures of Matt and Brendan from the “Casual Sex” music video. Which is going to be difficult from the obvious. I already have a great picture of Doug, so he is good.

I don’t want to over do it or think too far ahead, but I kind of have ideas swirling around of other bands to draw after I get done with all four bands. I am thinking of drawing the guys of Nickelback. Love them a lot, so I think I can find great pictures of them. Hopefully I’ll find some fans sometime and get some individual pictures of the guys from them. Because that’s how I found good individual pictures of Dj Ashba and Mick Mars. Even though I hate asking for help, sometimes when you say, you’re drawing so and so, they give you the best. Thank you for that by the way. I was thinking about drawing Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, just because I think they’re adorable and since I can’t watch The Voice I can look at these drawings all the time. No, I was kidding!

Top 20 Sexiest Males

Well one of the trends on Twitter today is “#10sexiestmales” I don’t usually do that kind of thing because I either forget a few people or I spell their names wrong. I was doing pretty good typing them all out and them I got to #7 and of course, my brain decided to think. I forgot a few sexy males to my list. Then I realized that I haven’t exactly blogged today. So I’m ruining my good blog with the letter to Nikki Sixx with a list of my Favorite Sexiest Males. I’ve tried to do one of these lists before and include their pictures but that was a bust, so I’m just typing them out. It’s better that way. I’m also including my Twitter list to help me figure out who I’m forgetting.

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Dj Ashba
  3. Channing Tatum
  4. Adam Levine
  5. Ludacris
  6. Mike Shinoda
  7. Duff McKagan
  8. Donnie Wahlberg
  9. Brian Littrell
  10. Ian Somerhalder
  11. Chad Kreoger
  12. Mark Ballas
  13. Bobby Flay
  14. Joseph Morgan
  15. Rob Bourdon
  16. Michael Trevino
  17. Sal Costa
  18. Dave Navarro
  19. Josh Todd
  20. Blake Shelton

The Curious Fan Of An Awaiting Album.

So I’m on my Tumblr and been reblogging pictures of Christina Aguilera and Mike Shinoda, both are my favorites. I love Linkin Park and Xtina, but as much as big of an Linkin Park fan I am, I’m more excited for Christina’s new album to be released next year. Like, I’m pumped! I need new Xtina music on my iPod. I have a few more songs to download onto my iPod from iTunes from her Back To Basics album.

I’ve heard that she’s been wanting to make another Stripped record from Tumblr. Yet I heard a few months ago that she wants to make a rock album, which I’d be pretty excited about. More songs like “Fighter?” That would be freaking amazing! But that’s my opinion. Everybody else thinks she should go back to her pop stuff but ever since Maroon 5’s song “Moves Likes Jagger” came out, I think everybody switched over. I know my mom switched over. I like her electronica and rocker style. She could definitely do both on her new album. I’d be happy with anything. She does everything so good!

Yesterday, I was on YouTube looking up her live videos. Ended up finding a certain video of an apparent leaked song with Eva Simons called, “Last Dance” and I am completely in love with it. It’s what I’m into, the music style. Then on my right side with the other videos I saw a video of a song with her and Eminem? Ok, I remember when her and Fred Durst didn’t like each other but she still ended up on stage with him performing a song with him. (Ew!) Now seeing she did a duet with Eminem, doesn’t really surprise me. Whatever floats her boat. I will surely listen to it later.


Better Day.

Sorry, for not blogging all day. Usually I do 3 blog posts a day, but today just seems a little off for me. Beginning with my elbow pains I have at night. Especially last night, between I couldn’t get comfortable and the pain I was so frustrated with everything. I woke up twice at 2am and 5am. When I was up at 2am, so was my mom and she gave me medicine to hopefully calm my elbow pain and knock me out at the same time. However, the meds kicked in but I didn’t go to sleep til around 4-4:30am. Then I got up at 5am with the same problem. Went back to sleep then got up at 7am when my sister was getting ready for school. When I went back to bed it was around 8:30am and I didn’t get back up til 1pm.

Yesterday wasn’t really bad. That night was the part that sucked. Hopefully this time will be different. My heart would like to believe that but I already know the truth. So to be sure I didn’t have the same night filled with heartache and depressed all night long. My friend Stacie was my helper to help me stay happy. One of her friends, Mark was going to Livestream Brad’s LPU chat for whoever, and had this preshow. I’ve been to one of these Livestream/Ustreams before but like asking the questions and talking to everybody on there is a little weird. Mark played music videoes, concerts, and LPUTV episodes for us. I finally figured out what the whole “Iridescent American Girl” was about on Tumblr.

Anyways, around 4pm Brad came on there. Had some trouble with the Audio but it got better. Brad’s chat was pretty much 20 minutes long. Everybody was chatting on there and putting funny things that we’re making me laugh my ass off! Then afterwards, I left to lay down. I only did that for 10 minutes until I got back up again to listen to Fireflight. Got back on Twitter to find out that Mike’s doing an LPU chat as well at 7pm my time. Two things, it was interesting and I never want to hear the word, “Kinky” to come out of his mouth again. That was hilarious and weird at the same time. It would be a little hard for me to explain what it was about that made say it in the first place.

So after my screen froze and my audio kicked off. Everybody else was still chatting on the box. I didn’t want to restart the whole thing so I gave out my Tumblr URL and got off of there. My left knee is slightly killing me with all this bending. I don’t really feel tired right now, but I feel better that I got to witness both chats in one day without having to use YouTube. That is a plus! Well I think that pretty much covers my whole day.