The Garden Tour | Side-Yard + Pickle

Hello, and welcome back to the next part of our garden tour!

For today, this post will be about the side yard mini garden, so technically, last month’s post was mainly about the landscaping the front end of our house, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, click here. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which post you read first but if you want to hear my thoughts about these changes, plus the reason why I am even writing these blog posts, you can read them later.

Last fall, we had a miracle happen in our backyard. A single sunflower sprouted up from the ground. The only way it could have flourished was around mid-summer, my mom found me some sunflowers at the store and once they become very droopy and sad, my parents toss them out the back door. Unfortunately, we don’t own a compost contain, so any food leftovers and scarps end up in the back and the cats tend to enjoy most of the food we throw it, however, they don’t eat the dying flowers (thank God!) and it decided to upcycle itself and leave us with a nice present one day!

Everyone seems to know that I am obsessed with sunflowers, and my dad has always wanted to grow a big bunch of them in and around the location of my bedroom window, but I’m very short, even if I am sitting in bed or my wheelchair, so this past spring, we made the decision that we were going to have a wall of sunflowers up against Rumer’s fence. If we didn’t have either of them, I still believe my parents would have planted them in the front anyways. It’s the area where they would have full access to the sun as there are no trees in that whole section, so they have a huge section to grow and spread some joy to the neighborhood.

We actually planted two different kinds of sunflowers, we had the regular yellow and my folks kind of fell in love with the chocolate ones. I was a little hesitant about them because I didn’t exactly know how they would turn out, but they are so beautiful!

In the beginning, we put about five seeds if I remember correctly into five separate pots. They in various sizes but they all seemed to take off around the same time and it was neat to watch them come out of the dirt, and grow little green leaves and stems. Since these were like my babies, everytime I went outside to visit with our cats, I would roll over there to check on their progress. My mom and I were looking at them almost on a daily basis, and since I am a huge namer, I decided to give each pot a name because to name each flower would be too much, especially with the amount we have now.

I became very inspired by the fact that Ukraine’s national flower was actually a sunflower, I thought the pots needed to be named after names used there in a way to honor the people and state. So, with that being said, the first big pot had the largest collection of flowers in it, so I named that one Boris. I don’t know why, but I felt like I needed to use this name. It may not be a well-used name, but I took that as a sign and went with it. The meaning behind Boris is fighter, so I thought it was perfect as the Ukrainians are real fighters, it doesn’t matter whether they are on the front lines or left their homes, schools, life, etc. They are survivors.

The middle pots are similar in size and my mind went, “well they’re fraternal triplets!” so they were all named with my favorite girl names, Oksana (means: welcoming, hospitality), Olesya (means: protector, forest), and Olena (means: torch, shining light). Olena is for the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska! And finally, the last pot was the smaller and I was drawn toward the name Lev, which means lion, so it’s smally but mighty at the same time.


By June, all of the sprouts were ready to be replanted along the fence line and my parents sent like a whole day and a half getting these guys into place, once there they were given a little bit of water and they began to grow.

Since this was our first time with sunflowers in general, we were a bit puzzled when my mom snapped this picture. We were sort of concerned because it looked like we had planted some very weird Venus Flytraps! We did make a note of the inside of the plant had a small hole in the middle and we realized this was where the seeds were, and the little dark green spikes would become the petals. We were thrilled when they transformed but it was cool to see a part that we never knew happened in their way of becoming regular sunflowers.


Once they began to climb up the fence, they started to change again–this time it was size! Several of the sunflowers were a little too top heavy and so my dad stuck some dowls into the ground next to them to help give them some stability, and they seemed to relish in the support because they are huge, and I mean, they are so big in the middle part they still have issues lifting up towards the sky. So, these flowers really hide among their leaves and other flowers. They are still pretty but you instantly feel bad for them too.

It’s sort of funny if you really think about it; although we only bought (and planted) two packages of sunflowers, we ended up with three different flowers. We expected all of them being in the same size as the chocolates, but then we have a small section with these bad boys! We are sort of dumbfounded at the mystery, but they’ve been fun to watch as the season changes, and we know going into this we would have a bunch of bees come around to collect pollen, and we were right with that assumption, but we’ve also seen some hummingbirds and yellow birds make their way to them in the last month.

Back in late July, I finally got to go around to see them up close and they were somewhat intimidating as they just towered over my mom, sister, nephew and I. It was sweet to see a couple of the newbies (because we have even more flowers traveling up to the others!) and I’m happy to say, it makes really happy to see cars come around our neighborhood to see them. We had an older man bring his wife around to see them the other day and I thought it was so sweet because I love going to other sunflower gardens too! We also have a lot of bees visiting too. Bees are very important to our ecosystem and even though I am terrified of them, I don’t want them to disappear forever because they are probably the reason why we have baby sunflowers below the veterans.

While I was outside, we made a trip to see the other garden along the left side of the house. Nolan managed to find a baby cucumber and pulled it off its stem. He really loves visiting the gardens and picking the vegetables with Mimi and Papaw. He was very proud of his discovery too! A few days later, my mom went by the same section and found the biggest cucumber we’ve seen so far! We don’t know how we managed to pull these things in the same time span, but it happened.

In this garden, we also have some green pepper plants. As a family, we like to snack of chopped up peppers with dip, use them in stuffed peppers (or stuffed mangos as my dad grew up calling them!) and finally salsa!

As the title says, I’ll be discussing our pickling process as well, but we have also made one batch of marinara sauce, and two large batches of salsa. Now, I will not be going into too much detail about the steps to make each one, but I did have my mom take photos of the packages they used to create them though! I’m hoping that’ll be enough, but I also wanted to leave you with their links as well at the end of the post!

On July 16th, we got our first harvest, and the cucumber was really big. I often wonder why my folks don’t pick them while they are somewhat smaller, but it may have something to do with ripeness like most vegetables. I don’t really know. I was never a fan of cucumbers, unless they transformed into pickles… so I’m not an expert on them. Honestly, I can’t physically grab any of our vegetables out of the gardens, which is why my knowledge is lacking in certain areas.

Anyways, the first time my parents decided to start creating our own pickles, they went all in with it and made four different kinds: bread-and-butter, kosher, garlic kosher and non-kosher dill. I have tried one of the dills and it was WAYYY too strong for any of us! Last month, I finally got to try a bread-and-butter and they were much better, very mild and even though they were sitting on the kitchen table, they were not cold, and it didn’t matter because I got to savor the flavors a lot better compared to them coming out of the fridge and my teeth screaming at me because of the coldness!

My nephew was even part of the pickling process, he really loves to help out, and a way to use this to our advantage was getting him involved with stuffing the wedges inside each mason jar and he really enjoyed being able to do this. What was cute though was my dad had this smaller jar that is like a fraction of the others, and he cut cucumber wedges smaller so Nolan could have his own jar! He seemed to love having his own stash in the fridge but since he went home before the jar itself cooled down, we ended up holding onto it for a couple of weeks!

A couple of weeks after my folks completed their first attempt at the pickles, my mom really wanted to make her own marinara sauce, we eat a lot of pizza and spaghetti in our house! Unfortunately, when my mom tried it, she wasn’t that impressed with it, and hasn’t tried to redeem herself yet. The third venture was salsa, and again we love restaurant style salsa so it wasn’t that big of a surprise they would try it out, but I don’t think they expected us to go through seven jars in a matter of two or three months! One of my dad’s ingredients was adding our baby green peppers into the mix and I can’t taste it in there, but I love the flavor of the whole thing! One day, my dad literally made salsa and the only container he could put it in was our lemonade/tea pitcher!

As we continue to harvest our goods, the room on our kitchen table keeps getting smaller and smaller, so much so that the side I eat on was very chaotic and full of empty jars and rows of cucumbers would feel overwhelming! In order to solve this problem, especially with storing the jars that haven’t been used yet, we have this old pie storage, it has to be extremely old and completely made up of wood, but it is large enough to hold three or four levels of our stuff to last a few in the colder months, but we might want to control our intake of salsa if we truly want to do this though!

Next month I will have the final post of the garden tour and will talk more about the whole setup, because it has been a massive undertaking for my dad, but I think in a secret way, he really enjoys fixing it up! It will include the original plans, more vegetables, and how we were keeping the cats and other animals out of it.

I hope you are enjoying these posts; I’ve been surprising myself on how much fun it is to write them for you. I used to do these types of posts when my sister was in her first year of college, but thankfully, the photos are in a lot better quality! Anyways, be sure to be on the lookout for that sometime at the end of October.

How you ever pickled anything before? Do you know of any other recipes we should try to make with our vegetables? Please leave everything in the comments below.


A Photo Diary Of Cats


Hello guys and girls!

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time trying to come up with posts lately. I feel the stuff I’ve been trying to come up isn’t really working. I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. I’m ┬ádefinitely not having any trouble taking pictures though!

This past weekend was amazing! Our weather as I explained in my recent OOTD post has picked up as far as having quite a bit of snow goes! Well, I have to say it was a big jump to feel as though it was spring outside. The last time I was sitting out on our back porch was back in early November? I think so! That doesn’t sound that long ago, but it felt like it! My mom told me the night before of how the temp was supposed to be like in the upper 50’s so I could go out and be with our babies! I woke up at 9am and was outside around 11:30am and didn’t come back indoors until 2:15pm! I spent little over two hours sitting our porch!

I wasn’t out there by myself though! I had my mom come out there and visit with us too! So a few of these pictures below were taken by my mom! It’s interesting whenever we come home, they’re very lovable and want to cuddle with us but when we’re outside with them they don’t try to climb or give us hugs. They can be really weird sometimes! I tried to pictures of everybody so it wouldn’t be so difficult to tell who’s who. This first day was after they got done eating. Also, my neighbor Sammy saw me when I first came out, freaked me out because all I heard was “hi Meggie!” and then I recongized the voice! A bit later she came over to visit with me and we sat petting the cats and talked our heads off! Afterwards her daughter Chevy and boyfriend Alex came over and it was very nice! I still feel awful that the sun was beating down on her eyes! She didn’t want to move though!

Once they left I debated whether or not I wanted to go back inside or not. If it wasn’t for my back and left hip I would have stayed out there for another hour or so! I have to say I had trouble scooting out there, but trying to go back in the kitchen was rough too! My ass was frozen, I couldn’t move it! I don’t scoot a lot at home and I feel I need to start it up again as my hips and butt just feel like they’ll shiver up and disappear, I know they can’t but they certainly feel like that some days!

You’ll get day two of pictures in a couple of days I promise! Hope you enjoy these for now!



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Beautiful Autumn Days

Boy, can you tell it’s autumn in the Midwest. I’ve started to notice some of the trees finally turn to yellow and orange. I’ve never been to North, South, or West coasts in the fall. So I don’t want to say that Midwest has the most beautiful scenery, but it’s pretty close. In the different years, our fall/winter like weather comes in one month earlier or later, so each year we continue to get more confused about when the temperatures really supposed to drop. This year I think it actually started on time. We had some cooler weather in between August-September but nothing really big until the last two of weeks of September and then we started to really noticing the temperature drop in the evenings. Today, the nice cool breeze we’ve been getting used to in the weekdays has turned into full blown wind and it’s cold. You know when it’s really windy bad, when you’re driving and the wind has the car moving all over the place. For me, sitting in the backseat was no fun because I was actually feeling the power of the wind deep inside the car. Today, was also the first day were I wore my trustee jacket that I’ve had for a number of years. I also kept on my socks (that did NOT go with my outfit! Thanks, Dad.) until we got inside and I found the Halloween stuff and I was gone.

My parents were actually supposed to go to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon, but they ended up going to Royal King and went out to eat were they had margaritas and my poor dad had one that whoever was to make it forgot to put in the actual mix in the drink, so all it was, was tequila, some fruits, and ice. He didn’t drink much of it according to my mom. While they were there, I was at my nana’s and we were having a fun time. My mom got me some pumpkins the other day, so far we only have two and they are freaking HUGE! She said they looked smaller passing by them but when she goes to pick them up, it’s like she’s going to pick me up. So they are underneath my grandparent’s dinner table. This time around when we do our stuff to them, we’re keeping the aluminum foil under them. We did that to two of our pumpkins last year and it actually was the smartest idea we ever had at that point. Hopefully my mom will be able to find medium-small size pumpkins somewhere else. Anyways, when they got back, of course I tried to spend a little time outside with the babies (cats) and we made some rounds. When Bootsie had her second litter, Wren, Midget and Stef used to follow me from the backyard to the front. It was really weird even then, but cute too! Well, now that we have six cats now they all have been racing me every time I’m outside. They no longer follow me, they race me. It’s actually Midget or Kelso that beats to it too.

While I was at my nana’s, I had the job of trying to find our old box of crayons. We had no such luck, however we did find something that might help me get a little more hands on. As much as everybody thinks, I honestly do a lot of the crafts and sadly never have, even in school. I always had to have help, which was good, but I always liked to do things myself. One of the things that I was never allowed to do at home or at school was use the scissors. I’ve been properly trained what not to do with them, but have been able to cut with them. Apparently, I make people feel uneasy with my toes. She found this small blue box, it was kind of dirty but still adorable. My nana never throws anything away and I’m thanking God for that now, but inside this little box were small tools. A pair of scissors, a stapler, measure tape, knife, ruler, an eraser, paperclips, and liquid glue. I thought they were the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I could easily these items. We decided to leave those out because I might be using those sometime soon. While my dad and I were looking for glitter in the craft section at Wal-Mart, he tried to get back into making necklaces again. I can’t do those, I spent too much money over something that does not work well with my toes or back. Even though I was tempted to take home a bottle of purple paint and a wooden letter of “M” but I think God knew what I wanted to do there and I couldn’t find either one.

While I was outside with them, I’ve been trying to take a lot of pictures of the leaves around the yards because I know my dad will have to mow it sometime soon. Despite the cold temperatures at night, my mom does have one flower bed producing buds, and yesterday she had a lone purple flower in full bloom. It must’ve enjoyed the nice rain we got that night and decided to come alive once more. When we went to leave to go out today, I checked it and it was still open but sadly decaying too. Which made me kind of sad that summer was officially over. It’s strange to think that I’ve always loved autumn because of the changes in the leaves, feeling of Halloween, and then getting closer to my birthday. I think since I took lots of pictures of the outside, especially the flush trees. I don’t know I might be changing my mind slowly and thinking I might have a new favorite instead.







Some pumpkins I found while in Walmart.
Some pumpkins I found while in Wal-Mart.