OOTD: Hammer Time!



I thought I’d do another outfit post for you guys! This is like one of two reasons why I hate winter because I kind of get stuck inside for a few days at a time and I hardly get to create any OOTD posts and it honestly sucks! I just want to go somewhere, take lots of pictures and wear something cute! Speaking of cute, I think this is a good picture of me!!

It was somewhat spring-like outside on Friday. If it wasn’t for the stupid wind, it would have been perfect!  When we took this, our cats were rubbing up against us like always, that’s why in the photo down at the bottom has a couple of tails around my toes! Okay, let’s talk about fashion now! I know for a fact I’ve worn this shirt before; it’s my hand-me-down shirt from Blondie and it’s from Hot Topic! It has a cute gray kitty with the words “Turn Down For What” on the bottom. I had fun trying to explain what that meant to my nana earlier that day!

As far as my bottoms, these are my “MC Hammer” pants. Despite the fact that they’re not gold, they are baggy as crap at the legs but then again majority of my leggings are like that! #skinnylegprobs! I think I got these from Charlotte Russe a couple of years ago. They’re very comfortable. I like the sweatpant/leggings feeling they give off whenever I wear them. On my ankles and waist, they are a solid black and wrap and are snug around both areas. The middle has this cheetah pattern of white, gray, and black, I want to say it’s like a snow leopard print! The material feels very thin, but when the wind blows it doesn’t go through it which is a blessing in disguise!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you have anything in your closet that reminds you of an old trend? 



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