Tune Tuesday | The Netherlands 2016



There are a lot of different countries that I feel I may never have to worry about running out of music, England, Australia, Canada just to name a few… The Netherlands is of course, right up on that list. It’s the main reason why I started doing these posts because I wanted to continue to expand the music that I love to listen to and wanted to learn where these musicians were coming from, it just made the whole experience fun to do it like that!

The last two weeks I’ve talked about a lot of metal bands so I think we need to shake things up with some good EDM music!

Starting with Yellow Claw. Yes please! I remember in mid-November 2014, I was in the middle of my 1D obsession and then I heard this crazy beat and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing to it every time I heard it on the radio! You know which song I’m talking about, or at least you should. It was “Till It Hurts” featuring a fellow Dutch artist Ayden! Dear god, this song was my jam! Hell, it still is! Since then, I try not to discriminate the group. They are really good! A little bit of house and trap, it’s just fantastic!

Another one we have to talk about is Julian Jordan. I still consider him a “newbie” mostly because I don’t necessarily hear his music on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure he’s been out and about since Martin Garrix, so he isn’t a “newbie” at all. He’s been at it for a while! He is pretty good too, just starting to find his sound and have others enjoy it too!

Just because I said I will never run out of Dutch music, doesn’t mean I won’t look up new ones that you guys think I should check out! So send me some my way!

Song Review: “BouncyBob” by Martin Garrix feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto

One thing about the start of a new year being on the weekday, especially on a Friday is a fabulous thing for us crazy music fans! I’ve gotten to the point now I look forward to new music being released on Fridays!

When I saw this song was being released on NYE I was freaking stoked! I mean, I’ve been such a big fan of Martin Garrix and his creations, but the poor dude’s had it rough lately and it seriously makes me so sad for me. I sound like a die heard fangirl right now! I was really curious about this track and like “Poison” these one is basically instrumental, but with very little words in it. Which is good enough for me! Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with Justin Mylo or Mesto, but I feel I might be after this, just trust me on that!

This track sounds like the name of it, very “bouncy” and playful. It doesn’t sound like a bunch of amateurs made it up one night, however I wonder if alcohol was involved at some point of creating it. I mean, just because Martin isn’t legal to drink here in the states that doesn’t mean he can’t drink while traveling out of the country or at his home. We’re getting off subject again, sorry about that! The song sounds like a true Martin Garrix song but weirdly enough only after the introduction is over. Those high-pitched notes! They get me every single time! I find that parts of it are a little boring especially after that build up, but other than that, it’s pretty good!

What are your thoughts on “BouncyBob?” If you listen to Justin Mylo & Mesto, send me some of their tracks please!


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Song Review: “Poison” by Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix.

 So I deeply feel bad for the guy. Here’s a young man, not exactly out of his teens yet and is apart of industry that only wants to create music for people, but with that people can take advantage of their power and sometimes they get hurt. As a blogger, I can get a lot of flake for talking badly about someone. I’m not that type of person especially to celebrities and musicians. I’m not here to talk about all that though. I’m here to talk about my love for his new track “Poison” it came out the day after my birthday but it took me about a week to hear it. Sorry! I really have to work on figuring out when to hear new songs the day they come out so I don’t feel like I’m being left out, but technically this is all my fault! I have nobody to blame here! Anyways, in the last post

I wrote up for today, I talked about different artists have signatures in their music. DJs are the same way! Martin Garrix has quite a few songs that do not have any vocals on it at all and I seriously love that! There’s no distractions, it’s just the beat. I feel like since he released his first track “Animals” in 2013 without any vocals too when he first started out that it’s almost fitting to bring out something similar to people to keep them interested. As much as I love it as a instrumental, it also makes my job as a reviewer ten times harder to talk about because I have no idea about beats, tempo and all that. I wish I did though! All I can say that it’s very light, there’s not much of it that would excite a normal person. If this song was a dance routine on DWTS there would be no lifts and tricks, however I have an uncontrollable wanting to jump up and down in different sections of it, so I guess that’s a good sign. It’s a great song for EDM festivals. Don’t let me fool you though, the song’s actually pretty good!

What do you think of Martin’s new single?

Tune Tuesday | The Netherlands


Throughout the years, my music has grown beyond what I even wanted. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. I think everybody should try to expand their love of music. There’s always more than what they play on the radio. In every country, I feel like I should have a list of what gets me the most. I’m pretty sure The Netherlands is a good candidate for the third spot. I definitely don’t need anybody to help whenever I go to talk about my favorite artists and bands from there that’s for sure. Since last year, the genre was mainly metal except for Don Diablo in the EDM category. I thought I’d use more in that genre for a change.

I always think Within Temptation started the trend of NL music on the rock/metal side, but Tiesto started it on the EDM side. Except what really gets me is that I don’t have an exact date of when I got into Tiesto’s music. I want to say 2009, but I feel like it was much earlier than that, like towards 2007. It could work honestly, I’ve always been into dance music and he’s one the older DJs and so I could have heard his music earlier in my teenage years and had to hide it. I shouldn’t say that, I didn’t hide my music at least not to my parents they generally don’t care, but since at this point dance music wasn’t at its peak like it is now so “hiding” it back then would have been easy! I hid that I liked Cascada for years so it could happen! Anyways, I love Tiesto’s music. I got interested in his music when I went looking for more trance style back in 2011-12. Ended up finding his albums Kaleidoscope and In Search of Sunrise 4 – Latin America. I have a weakness for tracks over 4-5 minutes long! Don’t judge me!

Tiesto has amazing music, but he’s (thankfully) not the only great Dutch DJ out there. There’s actually quite a bit that I like to listen to, but if I had named them all we’d be here forever! I think Tiesto is great for the older generations, but both Martin Garrix and Hardwell are great for the younger generations of music lovers and ravers. I can’t say who I like the most between these two, they have their own styles. I’ve been interested in Martin’s music I heard “Animals” on the radio. I lost it after I downloaded it because I thought it would sound differently on my stereo and it didn’t, but my love for the song grew back for it after it was part of a dance routine on Dancing With The Stars. I’m surprised my mom didn’t ask ,me what the song was called after that! She usually does! I can’t wait until his debut album comes out. I’ve been looking forward to that since March! I found out about Hardwell’s music through Spotify of course, but I didn’t start like REALLY listening to him until I started listening to the Sirius XM BPM channel and that’s when I really got into his stuff!

The Only Way Is Up – Tiesto & Martin Garrix

Don’t Look Down – Martin Garrix ft. Usher

Sally – Hardwell ft. Harrison

Colors – Hardwell/Tiesto ft. Andreas Moe