You Jive Right Through Me.

Last night, I hardly slept, but when I did. I had this pretty amazing dream. Since I’ve been thinking about who should be on the All Star cast of Dancing With The Stars next season. I’ve literally thought about different people, but I guess my brain wanted to give me a break. This time I wasn’t dreaming my “dream” cast for the cast. I was dreaming of just being able to dance. I think I had the dream twice. The first dance had Mark Ballas as my partner and the next time I went for that dream again it was Val Chmerkovskiy. I like both! Both are extremely dreamy.

Anyways, the first part of the dream started off as a “spoil moment” for my mom. I had gotten a good job in my dream and was considered a celebrity, which I’m still trying to figure out why. I had this planned for my mom to sit in the front row. Somehow I got all four of us to sit and watch. In my experience, this would never happen because both my dad and sister hardly watch the show. When they do, it’s by force. So if this was to happen. It would be by force. Back to my dream. I got to the part of meeting Mark, but I don’t remember meeting Val. I probably screamed for him like what I did when I met Mark. I felt sorry for him in my dream. Poor dude. We made it the first two weeks. After that, my brain doesn’t remember.

I do remember two of the dances we did. I mostly talking about Mark, since the dream with Val is hardly there in my memory. The first dance I remember the most was the Paso. It’s one of my favorites. So I’m thinking that’s why I dreamt of it. It’s a serious dance. You kind of have to be angry, which sometimes I like to think you get to be this daredevil for the time you do this dance. You get to be mean and serious all at the same time and I just love that! The second dance we did was the Jive. It’s my second favorite and I loved Mark and Katherine’s Jive on the finale. So I’m thinking that’s how I started dreaming about it. That was one of the most challenging dances considering I kept falling on my butt because my legs wouldn’t balance right. Sounds like me, right? Something that caught my eye during both dreams was that I wasn’t normal. I wasn’t like everybody else, like my past dancing dreams. I was still in my wheelchair. Both of my feet still deformed and everything. Yet I thought I was kicking butt. Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t remember none of the scores from either dance.

Top 20 Sexiest Males

Well one of the trends on Twitter today is “#10sexiestmales” I don’t usually do that kind of thing because I either forget a few people or I spell their names wrong. I was doing pretty good typing them all out and them I got to #7 and of course, my brain decided to think. I forgot a few sexy males to my list. Then I realized that I haven’t exactly blogged today. So I’m ruining my good blog with the letter to Nikki Sixx with a list of my Favorite Sexiest Males. I’ve tried to do one of these lists before and include their pictures but that was a bust, so I’m just typing them out. It’s better that way. I’m also including my Twitter list to help me figure out who I’m forgetting.

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Dj Ashba
  3. Channing Tatum
  4. Adam Levine
  5. Ludacris
  6. Mike Shinoda
  7. Duff McKagan
  8. Donnie Wahlberg
  9. Brian Littrell
  10. Ian Somerhalder
  11. Chad Kreoger
  12. Mark Ballas
  13. Bobby Flay
  14. Joseph Morgan
  15. Rob Bourdon
  16. Michael Trevino
  17. Sal Costa
  18. Dave Navarro
  19. Josh Todd
  20. Blake Shelton


So even though I did not post my weekly “Dancing With The Stars” posts this week. I’m already regretting it by the way. When the first hour came on I almost did my notes but since I didn’t do yesterday’s show I said to myself no. So I didn’t do any notes this week. Forgive me, but next week I will pushed myself to stay awake and publish them.

Two things that made my day suck. One, NBC cancelled The Playboy Club after three episodes. The ratings weren’t doing very good apparently. They should wait to count the ratings until after the first season is over. I’m curious since I’ve never experienced a show being cancelled, that I actually watched. Will they play the rest of the season? I hope so. I want to see what happens next Monday.

Well, I bet why you’re looking at a picture of Mark Ballas and Kristin Cavalleri from Dancing With The Stars. They got sent home tonight. I’m not happy right now. Even though it happened about three hours ago. I’m still upset about it. I still think Hope and Maksim should have went home tonight. My mom thinks Chaz and Lacey should have went home, but I like them too. What Tom said though was right, people are thinking they did good and they don’t have to vote. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I don’t vote. I can’t, but you have to register which is stupid. So that’s my reason.


Dancing With The Stars is ending tonight and its my favorite show ever! Thursday starts up my second dancing show So You Think You can Dance. I’ve watched So You Think You Can Dance more than DWTS. I watched last season of DWTS and this season. I had Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough winning last season from the beginning and I was right. My mom and I this time are not on the same page. She thinks Hines Ward and Kym Johnson will win tonight.

We maybe surprised tonight though. Kirstie and Maks may surprise us. That would not suprise us. I use to watch this show just for the dresses and now its for both dance and dresses. I should make a list of people I want next season. Which will be kind of hard because I didn’t even know about Chelsea, Hines, and Petra. So figuring out people I want to be on next season is a challenge all its own.