Album Review: “Unusual” by Marian Hill

27540920_1766139436764641_5691408952034562692_nToday, I will be talking about a very fun and unique duo’s second album. American artists, Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol, who make up Marian Hill have finally put out their new record, called Unusual!

The album was released on May 11th, and consists of ten songs total. I’m actually very excited but also a little nervous because I’ve only really listened to their singles, and unfortunately I never did hear Act One (2016) all the way through, but after I saw this on Spotify’s new music, I knew I wanted to hear it and review it on here!

Marian Hill is kind of known for their electronica beats, mixed in with a very chill vibe to it, and their first song off the album called “Subtle Thing” and its everything you know of MH, however, it’s a little edgier, and I really love the seductive, whisper way of Sam’s voice. Despite the fact that it has a mellow sound to it, you can still dance to it! I really like it. Second is “Differently” and this has an urban feel to it. I didn’t necessarily like the introduction, I didn’t think it meshed well together, the booping sounds with Samantha’s low voice, she was fine though. If it didn’t have that sound, I don’t think I would have had any care about it. Once the song continues, that element starts to intertwine with the rest of it, but by itself isn’t good. Next is “All Night Long” and this features Steve Davit, all three has made it into a modern jazz-y sound. That’s actually the best way to describe their music in the first place. They have a very light approach to electric music, so it honestly sounds more like a modern take to jazz and blues. I think this is the perfect track to showcase that type of subgenre, because it has that horn solo, like regular jazz music would, but it’s a totally different sound then what you’re used to hearing.

Fourth is “Don’t Miss You” and this has a darker sound, kind of sassy in a way. It has more of a pop element to it towards the end, so I really like it! Next is “Wish You Would” and to show you their quirkiness, you can hear these obsessive snapping sound and a mixture of computer sounds throughout that make a whole beat around Samantha’s words. It’s really cool.  If their song “Down” had a part two, sound wise, this would be that song! Afterwards is “Don’t Do It” and I really like Sam’s high pitched voice in the beginning of the verses, usually I don’t like it, because I think it’s too much, but I thought it was very pretty. This has another ominous, almost hip hop-y beat behind her lyrics, I can hear a small exotic taste in it too! It’s very interesting!

“Sideways” is next and finally we have a slower track. This could be the perfect song to put in a sad scene of a television show or movie. If you need something to calm you down, this is your song to listen to on those gloomy days! This will probably become a favorite of mine. We have “No Hesitation” now and and we’re back on the eccentric train with this one, but I don’t hate it. It’s not so outlandish like the other one, so it’s very mild and has a nice chill vibe. It’s good with me. Steve Davit makes another appearance with this next track, “Listening” and we have that urban feel to it, but gives me an old school pop vibe too. And lastly we have “Go Quietly” and its a straight up ballad. Yay! I love the dreamscape-y beat, it’s absolutely beautiful!

I thought this album was really great! I’m always to listen to different kinds of music, because I don’t want to hear the same stuff over and over again, and I think with Marian Hill, since they’re so out there, as they don’t necessarily fit the general pop and electric dance music standards, they are really unusual to what we’re used to hearing on the radio on a daily basis! You kind of have to train your mind to look beyond your normal tastes, and see for the smoothness of the music!

Have you listened to Marian Hill’s second album yet? If you have, what were your favorite(s) so far? Let me know below!


Tune Tuesday: Marian Hill


After a couple of weeks of breaking up with constant TT posts. I’m bringing it back for a few weeks until I decide if i want to start on the Male edition of this theme or want to do another World Tour edition like I did last year. Even though I think I should wait to do that in the summer like I did last time. I don’t know, we’ll see soon! 

This week it’s all about Marian Hill.

I thought it was only person, but it’s not. It’s a duo that consists of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. Nobody is named Marian Hill. I don’t know if anybody knows this but I actually don’t like really new singers or acts, because I like to do a binge if I really begin to like them. So whenever I get into a new artist or group, it makes me kind of sad that there’s not much on Spotify to listen to. However, in this group’s case. They’ve got quite a few singles on Spotify that helped keep me at bay until the EP came out early this month. I don’t remember how I found them, I’m thinking on a Spotify playlist but I think I could’ve found them on TV too. I’m thinking I found a song of theirs playing on Sirius XM Hits 1 one weekend and that’s when I knew I had to look up their music.

It’s kind of difficult to categorize their music, because it’s got a nice pop sound but yet a lot of electronica beats to balance it out. It’s very chill, you can relax to it. The song that got me hooked was “Got It” and I’m like really into this song! Thank god there are lyrics for it or I might go insane! When I was first hearing the song, after a few listens I started humming to the song and from there, learning the actual words was easy. I think it took me a week or two, to finally get all the words. The EP is called “Sway” and my favorites from it are “Wasted,” “Deep,” and “Whisky.” That last one is really good! You need to listen to the whole thing though. It’s only seven songs, which isn’t bad and won’t take up much of your time either. So give it a listen!