Why You Should Do OOTD Posts


Two things that have never meshed well together is fashion and having a physical disability, for obvious reasons!

Being able to find clothes that actually fit every part of you, even your problem areas, can be very difficult! I’ve only had an issue once in my life and I’m thankful it’s only been that one time. As a kid, I had to have surgery on my side and eventually my back; I also had to have a metal halo placed onto my head. While waiting for each surgery I had my clothes had be altered a bit. They were cut in the back and placed back together with velcro! It was the only way we were able to wear shirts of any kind at that time! I had quite a few shirts fixed like this and I actually hated it because the velcro would always come undone!

I’ve had some issues with blue jeans and shirts with a wide or V necks. Technically, I, myself didn’t have any trouble with my jeans. It was everybody else who did, because nobody could pull them down. It was mostly because of my hips than anything else! As for the shirts, it’s been an ongoing love and hate thing I’ve had for years! Whenever I wear a wide neck or V-neck shirt, it always goes off one of my shoulders. I have days where I don’t care about it and I mean, it’s going to happen! It happens to every single shirt I’ve had! The only way to fix them is either to sew them tighter around the neck or use a safety pin and I don’t feel comfortable with those things being around my neck/back! Other than that, fashion isn’t too evil to me as some people with physical disabilities have to deal with on a regular basis!

At the end of 2014, I started thinking about adding something new to my blog. I started to read and love bloggers’ OOTD (outfit of the day) posts. It always gave me a snippet of their style and what they mainly went for while out shopping. Every once in awhile, I did talk about my style but I rarely talked or showed what I had in my own closet.

The main reason why I never did an OOTD post before this was because of my hands, with my condition (Arthrogryposis) my hands are bent at the elbow and I can’t unfold or move them away from that area without help. So whenever I wear tops that have graphic letters and scene on them, a person has to actually move my hand (mostly my right arm!) over to the side so they can read it. Thankfully, half of the time I wear shirts with more lettering than pictures so I can just say what it reads so nobody touches my hands. So I’ve sort of built up a resentment towards my poor hands over the years! It’s not that I don’t like them, they’re just there. I have limited movement in them–I have more movement in them than I was supposed to!


When I started finding other bloggers in wheelchairs post their OOTD posts, I just decided I needed to break out of my shell and find the love for my hands. So on January 1, 2014 I published my first ever OOTD post on here of what I wore to the NYE party at my neighbor’s house! It was VERY casual! Luckily, I had been in talks with my mom, nana, and sister that I wanted to start doing this and since I didn’t have a way of taking a picture of myself at the time, my mom would have to do it for me! After that first time, I only did it like three times from January to March 2014. When it began to get warmer outside, we did it a lot more and I started to learn a little pose!

If I’m sitting in my push wheelchair, the armrests are higher up than my other chair, but it moves my arm out of the way of the shirt! It’s my go-to pose now! At the end of the year, I had a lot of posts I had ever dreamed of having and I was so happy and inspired to keep going with it! I still have problems with finding the love for my hands, but I feel like I’ll always have that issue with them. It’ll also take longer than one year to finally love them too!

Something that I don’t think a lot of people have noticed in my posts is that I don’t wear makeup in them! I’ve never been a big fan of it and so I have over 24 posts and I’m pushing the boundaries of “normal” fashion bloggers! If you have a disability of any kind and have a blog or maybe thinking of creating one soon, I recommend you start doing an OOTD post here and there as after awhile, it’s no longer about your condition, you’re talking about the clothes and it’s just like everybody else’s posts!

Do you like the OOTD posts? Would you ever consider doing them on your blog or instagram account?


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Wedding In Autumn


The last wedding I went to, was in the late 90’s and I was under the age of 10. So I was dressed up in kid clothes and thought the sense of wedding was confusing. Now that I’m older and still single, wedding are something that’s just not on my radar very much. I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond one night and it was the episode that Amy asks Robert to help out with the invitations and Ray and Frank tell him to do an awful job on them so he wouldn’t have to do them anymore because Amy would just get mad at him and do it all herself. Well, I missed the ending of the episode so I didn’t get to see how it all worked out for him – with that family, I highly doubt it turned out like a good thing! One of the things that Ray says to Robbie is that Amy has been dreaming of her wedding day from a young age that she’ll do anything to make sure everything turns out the way she wishes.

As soon as I heard him say that, I literally thought to myself, not every woman dreams of her wedding from a young age. I sure as hell didn’t. It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 years old before I started dreaming of decorations and my wedding dress. I had been watching Say Yes To The Dress and Platinum Weddings like a mad woman too! I was thinking of luxury and being a princess on my wedding day, which is freaky as I’d hate that now! It wasn’t until an episode of My Fair Wedding that kind of changed my outlook of what a wedding should look like and I’m not a country girl at all, but I thought a country like wedding set a sweet and cozy feel to the whole thing. The bride wanted sunflowers, cowboy boots, and mason jars as her center pieces. It was just a good easy wedding to have! That wedding ended up becoming one of my favorites! Now I’m going to my first wedding this fall and I will be legal to drink alcohol. I’ve seen movies (and even wrote) of relatives and friends getting so drunk  that they’ve basically ruined the reception. I’ve also heard of guests meeting their mate at weddings as well! Like I said too many movies! By the end of this thought I’m actually hoping my mom goes with me, but she will not be allowed to drink along with me.

My real concerns at the moment is what to wear. I’ve never been to a wedding as an adult before, so I know I can’t get a big formal dress like I did for my proms and I know you never want to overshadow the bride. So what you wear that’s nice, casual and flattering to a wedding in early autumn but late summer? Here it can be in the 80’s or the least it could be in the 50’s temperature wise. It can also be sunny as crap or partly cloudy with rain in the later part of the day. It just really depends! I asked my mom a few weeks ago, what do you wear to a wedding at this time and she said that you wear a dress. I’m not a very big fan of casual dresses because usually I don’t look as good as I’d like and getting in and out of the dress can be a hassle. I have been looking at these beautiful floral dresses at Wet Seal and Forever21 and thinking one of them can be a good idea. I am also a fan of jumpsuits, however I’ve never had one on before so I don’t have a clue or not if I’d actually look good in it. I do know that a nice regular T-shirt with one of my leggings just won’t cut it. Also I need help with my makeup. One of the things I’d like to do is wear a very bold shade of red lipstick as it’s on my bucket list and the bride said I should wear it for her wedding. That’s always nice to know of how much I’d like to wear it. What kind of eye makeup should I wear? I’m not a big makeup person so go easy on me, I’d rather not look like a clown here.

Going All Neutral!

It’s another Monday here and surprisingly after all the storms last night, it looks like the sun is trying to make its escape from the clouds right now. On Monday’s, I am apart of the new challenge called #BloggersDoItBetter and the topic for today is bright and neutral. At first, I didn’t have a clue what to write about, especially since I had written about nails last night! The only idea I actually got just now is going all neutral with absolutely no make up at all! We’ve all seen the different challenges and celebrities take their makeup off and then post a “selfie.” Some odd reason, that ends up front and center on a magazine website. Well, my question for you is, well I have two questions for you actually.

Have you ever went without make up on your face and chest?

How many days have you went without makeup before?

What I’m about to tell you right now will be kind of shock for those of you who can’t leave the house without some sort of makeup on. I never have makeup on. Literally! When I was younger, I was like every other girl in school looking at other women and girls and loving the bright blue eye shadow and lipstick that my nana always used when we’d go out to eat. I remember her letting my sister and I wear this very light shade of pink lipstick into Red Lobster, Blondie looked very good with the pink that it actually became a thing with her later on in life. When I hit middle school and high school, I was in the middle of liking makeup and hating it at the same time. It was something I couldn’t do myself because of the fact that I can’t reach up that far. So my mom and sister would have to do it for me in the mornings.

There were very few days in my senior year that I actually wore makeup because that’s when I just got so tired with it, that I just gave up on it. My sister would have nights were she was bored so she gave me makeovers and I always cherished those because they were so rare. Afterwards, we’d basically have a little photo shoot in my room. For my senior year prom I actually didn’t wear any makeup at all. I only had that fake tanning stuff that you put on your body and after so many times of using it, the skin gets tanner. My dress had no sleeves and the chest area was open and we only used it twice in the two weeks we had to get ready for it. My chest was white as snow but my arms and shoulders were somewhat tan. It was a disaster!

It’s kind of funny for the weird days of actually wanting to put on makeup, but thankfully I have none so those thoughts go away as fast as they came! One essential that my sister always has is her eyeliner and mascara. She never really uses lipstick/lip gloss anymore, but she uses a natural blush on her cheeks. Something else that’s interesting that I don’t allow very many things around my eyes (you should see how I am at the eye doctor!) but I am fine with Blondie putting the eye makeup on me. I trust her a lot more than anyone else in that area. In September, I am going to a wedding and I’m trying to decide if I want her to put eyeliner/mascara on me or not. My problem is that I don’t know if I can get my mom to do it if she’s at school that day. I do know that I have to wear bold red lipstick as my friend knows that it’s on my bucket list. It’s only on special occasions that I want to wear makeup, but on other days I want nothing to do with it. So, do you think you could go a day or two without a shed of makeup on your face?

That One Eye.

I’m in love with eyes. I could never have this much eye makeup on ever. To be quite honest with you I don’t even like makeup that well. I liked it on other people, but not myself. I always have a problem with people getting too close to my eyes. Going to the eye doctor isn’t much fun for me. It never has been. When I was little, I had an allergic reaction to some type of eyedrops and I think after that I never liked eyedrops.

When commercials would come on about different eye makeup and if they’re advertising anything in purple I will instantly want it, and I’ve had eye shadow on before and I’ve had Mascara on too. Eye liner is not my friend. Knowing a pencil is coming at my eyes freaks me out. I’m always afriad somebody’s going to poke my eye and I’ll be blind forever.

I have a lazy eye, it’s not as bad as it use to be. Crazy thing is we found out about it around the same time I had that allergic reaction. If you don’t know what a lazy eye means, it just really is an eye pupil that can’t stay straight ahead and goes over the side. I have to focus it really good to make it striaght. I also can’t see that good unless it’s in big words. My right eye is mainly the more domaint and normally I have to wear glasses but after several years I stopped wearing them. I’ve never liked them and I probably never will.

The Girl With The Bow

This isn’t me and I’m not talking about the picture. I’ve never been the one to really love fashion. I love dresses! Every year I would go to Grand March for Prom just to see all the pretty dresses. Some of the girls go with the theme of prom, like my class did. Pretty much every girl in my Junior class had an animal print dress on and our theme was ironically “Welcome To The Jungle.” This year’s prom theme was a romantic themed, I’m not sure what it was called exactly, but all the girls wore what I call “sweet” dresses. Mostly were red and white symbolizing love.

I can’t stand makeup. Like, at all. I don’t like how every girl has to put on makeup just to feel somewhat pretty. I’m thinking in my head, “just go naked!” My sister has her days where she won’t wear makeup at all. Which is good because she is beautiful naturally. Then sometimes she just wears mascara and blush and she’s good to go. At least now she doesn’t put 10 pounds of mascara on her eyes like she use to.

I am in love with bows. I don’t know why exactly. Anytime I see a bow I think it’s too girly, but yet everytime I blog about high heels or look at magazines just for the pretty ball gowns I think I go over the “not girly” line. I can’t help it. I’ve never felt good enough or think I have the right style, but yet I don’t care about that anyways. It’s how I use to feel. Now everytime I see something cute online I automatically want to buy it. I’ve never been a high maintence girl. I mean like, I’ve always been a music-buying kind of girl. Now I actually look at clothes and look at the prices, but if it’s over $35 I put it back. I’m definitely a celerance type of chick. This is what shopping at Walmart does to you.