The Rise of the French House Scene | A Guest Post by The Life of a Thinker

It all started with Daft Punk’s galactic, robotic synth-pop. Since then, artists such as David Guetta, Martin Solveig and Madeon have warped the French house scene. So, with that in mind, what’s next for this genre of music, and how has it evolved over the years?

First of all, we have to start with Daft Punk. At the moment, they have been relatively quiet with their music since the release of Random Access Memories in 2013 and the success of their track Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams. However, despite them lying low nowadays, the majority of French and international DJs admire their work (including Madeon – more on that later).

Aside from their choice of wearing masks when performing causing them to stand out, it was the duo’s (consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) fusion of electro and funk which was one of the setting stones for the French electronic genre.

Since then, other DJs have added to the industry. David Guetta’s album Nothing But the Beat (and subsequently the 2.0 version) was, in my opinion, the album which brought the French DJ to the spotlight. For example, his track Titanium not only brought Sia fame, but was also a successful electronic ballad (almost) which a lot of people still remember today. As well as that, their other single together, Falling to Pieces branches out more into dubstep, and his latest tracks including Hey Mama drift more into the hip-hop genre.

Finally, we have Madeon, who – admittedly – is my favourite DJ at the moment. Last year, he released his debut album, Adventure, which saw the musician (real name Hugo Leclercq) collaborate with the likes of Kyan, Dan Smith (from Bastille), Passion Pit and Mark Foster (from Foster the People).

In terms of his style, Hugo still gives a nod to one of the original artists from the French house scene. In tracks such as Cut the Kid, Ok and Pay No Mind, Madeon uses imaginative and flourishing melodies in an off-beat fashion which develops upon Daft Punk’s original style.

But, at the same time, Leclercq brings something fresh and exciting to the French dance music industry. If anything, as well as making links to other music styles within his music, his ability to creatively tell a story through his songs is impressive. In his track, Imperium, Hugo tries something different and almost branches out into dubstep. Meanwhile, in his collaboration with Bastille frontman Dan Smith, Leclercq almost mimics their alternative style of music and in You’re On, the track is an electronic take on the euphoric pop songs of today.

So, as we enter another year of music, perhaps French DJs are about to make their mark? In terms of the genre of music, could it see a merge between pop, alternative and dubstep? Comment your thoughts below!

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Tune Tuesday | France


This week was supposed to be Finland week, but there’s no point of even including the country when you used up the only two good acts for it last year. So we’re moving on to France for this week and I was very happy going after this country! I didn’t just have one good act, I have three of them!

I’m starting with the only band I could find coming out of France, they’re a little different from what I used last year Eths. The band is called Kerion and they are a symphonic metal band formed in 2003. There’s really not much about them online. I haven’t found a Facebook page to learn about its members or anything, but I do know they have a Twitter because that’s how I found them. I like to go on binges on Twitter and I usually find great music that way too! You can find Kerion’s music on Spotify too!

I think I’m keeping some kind of trend here, as I had both a heavy metal act and a DJ on last year’s post. In 2013, we all heard the song “Turn Down For What” playing on our radios like nonstop. It was by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. Everybody thought that song was the shit and for a bass addict like me, it was my kind of song! My sister and I still have arguments between which song (with Lil Jon’s “Bend Ova”) has the most bass. I think we all know that answer! Lastly, there’s a DJ out there that’s not gotten a lot of attention. I find it interesting to see these younger DJs finding their ways onto the charts and such. In a couple of more weeks, I’ll be adding another young one to these posts. Anyways, have you heard of the DJ Madeon yet? If you listen to the EDM channels, you might’ve heard of him but other than that I haven’t heard much of him. I keep wanting to say “yet” because I know how these things go and he’ll be coming out of the shadows and surprising the crap out of everybody soon! If you would like to know more about Madeon and his debut album, a fellow blogger friend of mine has written a review of his album, called “Adventure” and Liam’s allowing me to add the link onto this post! So enjoy that!

Ghost Society – Kerion

Fireblast – Kerion ft. Rachel

Turn Down For What – DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon

You Know You Like It – DJ Snake ft. AlunaGeorge

Pay No Mind – Madeon ft. Passion Pit