Virtual Reality – What Would You Do?

I grew up on this show called Mad About You. I had several of my family members watch it and record it on video tapes for us. At one point I think we had two or three tapes of hours upon hours of it. Since the show started in the late 90’s, there were a lot of bad fashion trends present and some wacky (back then) story lines. One was about virtual reality, now I’m thinking I was like maybe eight or nine when my mom let me watch the show with her. I kind of remember asking her about virtual reality was back then, but I don’t know what kind of reply she gave me. It is one of my top ten favorite episodes and there is a scene where Paul (Paul Riser) is explaining what he did in his virtual experience, he spent the “day” with Christie Brinkley essentially, Jamie (Helen Hunt) didn’t like it very much and was even more upset that he had invested in it without even talking to her about it. Her reaction is hilarious actually! Because he’s trying his best to make it fine and dandy, it doesn’t go his way though! He does convince her to try it out in the end though!

A few weeks ago, the Insurgent movie came out in the UK and some of my favorite YouTubers got to go see it or something along with it, because they got to try the virtual reality goggles and shared their experiences of what it was like with them on. So afterwards I had a strong urge to watch that episode of Mad About You, so I watched it and after it was over I went online to my personal Facebook and asked all of my friends and family to tell me what they would do if they got to experience virtual reality and got to do anything they wanted like Paul and Jamie got to do. I decided to save myself from the trauma and made everybody give me their answers with a PG-13 rating. This actually worked better than I thought it would!

My Aunt Katt and friend Joanne picked similar experiences, Katt picked a place and a person. She wanted to go on vacation in Hawaii with Tom Sellack or Jason Statham. Jo just picked a place, she wanted stay permanently in Robin Master’s house. She also wanted him to be her housekeeper! My sister gave me two different ones, the first sounds like something she would do now! She said she’d live on that island in Japan that all those cats. Sounds like her, doesn’t it? Out of everybody though, my Uncle David gave me the answer that I was looking for since I made the freaking status! I just was wondering who’d give it to me first my mom or him, but he said that he’d give Christie Brinkley a massage. Which is what happened in Mad About You. I come from a long line of comedians I think! I never got anybody to reply back to me on Twitter, but that was okay.

I’ve been seriously thinking of what I would want to experience. Which is why it’s taken me weeks to get this post up, because I think everybody would think I’d go to Sturgis (which is one of the biggest bike rallies) and I can understand why a few would think that. Or maybe I’d go to the concert or festival of my dreams, last month I considered putting Ultra Music Festival in Miami on that list, but my choice stuck and is something that I know I wouldn’t be able to really experience it physically like ever. Years ago, while my sister was in early high school, she attempted to do two sport activities that I happened to love very dearly, they were track and field and dance. She only did a year of both of them. I’ve always wanted to run. It’s almost a hidden secret, not very many people know how much I really loved running the miles in P.E. and wished I could trade places with one of the students for the day to feel what it’s like to really run on my feet. I feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid at the moment, but it’s true!

Everybody knows of my love of dance. I still get teary eyed everytime I think my experiences from all the dances I went to in school, sitting at the side of all the slow songs away from everybody so I could cry because nobody would slow dance with me. It basically wrecked me every time I’d sit there in my wheelchair watching these couples wrap their arms around one another, my senior prom was the worst I think. I picked the worst place on the whole dance floor to “sit” and wait until another upbeat song came on. I do enjoy playing Just Dance with my sister, but we don’t do it much anymore and when we do, it’s like my hips feel like they could snap off so easily because we don’t do it often enough. On a lighter note, I’d like to learn the cha cha or Paso Doble. I also have a big love for ballet too! So I’d like to experience being in a big ballet production. Of course, I’d love to be able to stand on my two feet for all these styles of dance too!

So now that you know what I’d do, what would you do? Who would you hung out with if you could? Where would you go?   

Road To Thanksgiving


I think this is my first week of Thanksgiving were I am actually paying attention to what is going on around me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and I’d like to take over the reign of getting things ready for Thanksgiving in our family, but it’s just drastic change from last year and the years before. My only concern is that we have fun and I have my celery and dip. That’s basically all I want honestly! As I get older, I was wonder about if somebody would allow me to make something, but by the time I find something it’s too late to get everything ready to make it. Since I can’t use the stove/oven by myself because of the use of my feet, my courage of cooking or baking anything for my family or friends in the neighborhood just freak me out. I’ve never done it before. Even in our Cooking Ed class or whatever it was called by then, I never got to do anything that the students got to do because I couldn’t reach the countertops. I got left in charge of putting the rags that they used in the washer. Oh boy! In my last year of that class, since I got sick I missed their whole week of cooking/baking and I got left with memorizing different types of cookies and what are in them. I failed that damn test. I knew I was going to fail it, I just did it because I wanted it over. I’m pretty sure I could pass it now though!

My family is celebrating our Thanksgiving on Friday. So I’m making my “road to Thanksgiving” a bit early but it’s okay. We thought everybody in our family had heard of my mom’s schedule enough over the weekend that we’d all knew what days she was off work and when we were going to celebrate it. Well, my poor dad has been a little bit backwards. We’ve had to tell him at least twice now. This is the first time I think we’ve ever had to celebrate a holiday on another day than the actual day. I thought I’d be the one doing this or at least my papaw, but nope it’s my dad instead. My week really started on Saturday when my mom began getting things from the store. I still remember most of the stuff we needed that we had on our trustee list my mom had stuffed in her purse. On Monday and Tuesday, my mom and I had our finale of Dancing With The Stars to watch, you know? She didn’t have to work on Tuesday or Wednesday, so she could stay up and watch it with me. An hour before it all started, she went to McDonald’s to get herself a milkshake. I already had a dessert product from there like two days before, my dad got us a hot fudge sundae to share. I didn’t end up with nothing though, they’re still selling smoothies here, so she got me a strawberry and banana smoothie. I finished it within an hour while Wren laid on my bed next to me.

10383084_4713071762841_7525113251877170692_nWell, when I was finished with my smoothie. My mom asked me if I wanted to watch DWTS with her in the living room. I told her yes. So she took me in there and Wren in there, along with my Transformers blanket because I was freezing my toes off! I stayed in there on the smaller couch for three hours. Wren only lasted a good ten minutes on the couch before she got down and went back to my room on my bed. After the first break, mom went in there to bring her back out in the living room. She led her for a bit and then put her back on me and there she stayed for the next hours. I loved how this season ended even though I wasn’t too sure if I’d be so pumped for it like last season. I was worried that even though we didn’t have Amy Purdy on there anymore, I’d lose my interest in the show. I didn’t though, I was very much Team Sadie, Tommy, and Alfonso. My mom on the other hand switched on me. She’s usually on Team Derek, but she went on Team Val this season. You should have seen her on Tuesday when Sadie and Mark got those tens from the judges’ scores  for their fusion dances. She was NOT happy, but I was! I loved it! She was also not happy about Janel and Val getting booted first too. After that, she didn’t care about who won which ruined my outlook of the night. I would have been fine with anyone, but she’s just mad that her favorites didn’t win, but she always tells me if you don’t vote you can get mad at who wins. Karma’s a bitch! And I say that in the nicest way possible!

Wednesday, I went over to my nana’s for the second time. I’m not complaining but I think after the third hour being there the day before, we kind of ran out of things to talk about which ended up being a very good thing because something happened that neither one of us was expecting at all. Our family is notorious for surprising different family members. My uncle Dave is the king of this and his son Chris has been in second for years! One year we were having our Thanksgiving lunch, we all just got done eating and we were having our infamous food fight at the end and I remember “running” from everybody’s whip cream fingers as fast as I could. We all ended up in the kitchen because that year we had so many people that we had to put the kitchen table into the living room. We got into the kitchen, we were shouting and pointing at each other. All of a sudden, we heard this knock which freaked us out because we were all there. Nobody we knew was going to be there was there. So then when my cousin Chris came through that door our entire family kind of exploded with joy, then he got on the food fight by dropping a cupcake on the floor.

1476090_674439456003244_7982745793397983540_nJust like that year, my nana and I were in the kitchen, we just got done eating and were trying to figure out what we were going to discuss next. She was facing towards the door and windows, I was facing the opposite direction so when she started to freak out on me, I didn’t know what was going on. She totally scared me until she said “you’re never going to believe who’s here.” I thought it was my sister at first until she went to the door and I turned out and looked out the window. They said they heard somebody scream, I’m pretty that was me. I even scared my papaw that once everybody was inside I went to get him and I think he was surprised too! It was such a fun time to be around Chris, Amber, and the kids again after almost four years. The kids had grown a lot! I showed Lynnie majority of the house, even my nana’s dollhouse. She’s got such a tiny voice. She had her hair up in the Elsa braid. I actually talked to her about Frozen and what teams we were on. She like Elsa the most, I told her I was on Team Olaf. We established that her daddy could be Kristoff especially since we explained he talks to a moose named Sven, then Chris said that he talks to his cars which doesn’t surprise me one bit.

My mom and dad got to see them after they came back from getting a head start at Christmas shopping. Neither one didn’t stay very long, but were glad they came down finally! Of course we can’t have a family visit without taking pictures. I felt bad for my sister, she was stuck at work while they were down here. She definitely wanted to be home then and that night as our older kittens from Bootsie’s first litter, Tubby decided to turn up after a year. Dad had always he got hit by a car because apparently there was a cat like him at the side of the street. He just didn’t tell us because he didn’t want to upset us. Blondie texted my mom after she continued to send pictures to her that he was home to never him go back outside, but after having my mom and ChiChi follow him around throughout the house, he meowed and mom put him back outside. Dad thinks somebody else has been taking care of him as good and calm he was being to us and other cats too.

 Now that it’s actually Thanksgiving, it’s a bit weird. I taped Macy’s Day Parade and I tried to watch a bit of it after I woke up, but I’m starting to understand why I don’t usually watch it. I loved it as a kid because of the giant balloons, but now they’ve got performers that you know they’re all lip-syncing to their music. Especially those broadway sections, but I like those I always have. I know, I know! I’m being weird again. Anyways, the parts I did watch it I only saw at least 3 balloon characters. Really? So I’m thinking now that setting it up to tape was a bad idea. I did this last year too, you’d think I’d remember it! However, one thing that my family and I always say we’re going to do is watch the Thanksgivi10426523_4715594625911_262121616550919199_nng episode of Mad About You, called “Giblets For Murray” its were their dog Murray eats their turkey after they just told their family that it was their year hosting Thanksgiving and they were going to do things their way, well then they walk into the kitchen and find the dog going to town on the turkey. They spend the last part of the episode trying to sneak in another turkey into the kitchen without anybody noticing. It’s honestly a great episode, probably the best! I know every word of it because I’ve watched it so many times.

I hope everybody in the US is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for everything I have, my family and friends, this blog and ever-growing amount of music I can consume in a week. This is my road to Thanksgiving, if I can get myself to do anything tomorrow evening I’ll be posting my day with my crazy family that I am so stoked to seeing. I waited up for my sister last night as she came home from work in the snow. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting any snow for Christmas. That’s just my guess since it’s here on Thanksgiving. Dad said we didn’t get much though. I hope you’ve enjoy this post.

Rain and Blood

It looks like it could rain all day and I just kind of wish it would already. I didn’t want to wake up earlier because I could even tell how it was going to go today, my body could feel it as soon as I started to move around to look at my clock. As soon as I got up I felt crappy and just wanted to escape today. I had to get up though. I have my shows on today. New episode of Dancing With The Stars tonight. Before though I have my favorite episode of Mad About You, it’s part 2. I had to wait all weekend long I’m gonna watch it. I tried to watch some of Fast Five a bit ago and then I got the urge to listen to music so I turned it off.

Between watching Fast Five I started thinking about my finger nails. They’re getting long again. One of things I hate about my surgeries did was make my legs and hands less flexible. I can’t really reach unless I really try to practically toss my arm up close enough to my mouth. It hurts like a bitch because one of my fingers just has to be in the way and make it even harder to reach it. I think I did that too much and wasted energy on that. I went to grab my thumb finally after five tries and I guess I bit too hard on it which is werid, because I’ve done worse to my fingers before. When I was little I would get the nail off and then try and fix the skin underneath which meant biting that off and making it bleed.

Now I have I guess a blood blister underneath the nail. Its small but noticable. I’m a little freaked out because my dad said I wasn’t allowed to pick at my toe nails anymore. Don’t worry I can’t even reach down there either. I just pick off the whole nail. I stopped that, which I’m pretty proud of, but dad knows I can reach my thumb and I’m allowed to get that one myself but he might freak if he sees the blister and I can’t cover it up so he can’t see it. I shouldn’t worry about it since I am 20 years old, but I am worried. Well that’s all I got for the day.

Slow Day, Thursday.

It’s Thursday, and it’s been a really slow day!
It’s five so my favorite show is on right now.
If you didn’t know it’s Mad About You.
I’m happy because I know this one and just quoted it.
Tonight is The Vampire Diaries, and it is one with flashbacks in it.
I’m pumped about it.
Because we get to meet the Originals.
I’ve seen two strange things today.
My dad went out hunting and he looked like Bigfoot.
My sister has been practicing this dance she’s doing for school’s talent show.
Her caves look like they have tumors growing because they’re so swollen.
I’d like to go back to sleep so I could continue my weird, but yet wild dream I had last night.
So yeah, I’m done.

Justin Timberlake < Mad About You

So yesterday was Thursday and it was suppose to be just full of The Vampire Diaries and Great Pumkin Charlie Brown, yeah well while I was on my Facebook that morning I discovered my favorite person in the world was going to be on The Ellen Show. My insides were screaming, and I got too excited for my own being. Justin is just amazing! I’ve had celebrities and musicians put a smile on my face before but he had another hold on me that I can’t seem to fight off. It might be because he has a charity for Shriner’s Hospitals. Which is where I went and had my surgeries done. Well, one surgery the others I had at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. Anyways, it might be that.

I was excited to see that he was going to be on there. One problem, I think her time slot got pushed back an hour because of Dr. Phil. Usually it’s on at 4pm but ever since they put Dr. Phil on that channel she is pushed back to 5pm. Anybody want to guess what show starts at that time too? My favorite show, besides The Vampire Diaries and a few others. Mad About You. They came on the same time! I was willing to give up the first half hour of The Vampire Diaries for Charlie Brown, but I didn’t want to give up Mad About You too.

Justin Timberlake was her only guest besides Coldplay, and luckily I’m not that big of a fan of them so after they played their game I switched it over to Mad About You. By this time it is 10 minutes into the second episode. Sad part was I actually knew both episodes. The one time I actually remember two of the episodes of the day I can’t watch them. I was somewhat pissed, but seeing Justin Timberlake on my TV made me all happy inside. So I forgot about it.

I Don’t Remember The 90’s TV Shows Being So Dirty.

I’ve been watching a lot of reruns of 90’s daytime shows. Most of them either have been on for awhile or some have made their way back on my favorites list again. Take Friends for example. I’ve been a Friends fan for several years, and always love Jennifer Aniston and had a mini crush on Joey. However since Nick At Nite have been playing it now, I couldn’t believe the first I noticed this show was a bit dirty. Not as dirty as Mad About You. I’ve watched over 10 episodes in two weeks and I’m starting to remember ever embrassing question I asked my mom and uncle when I was little. That is really sad for me to realize.

I’ve been watching the reruns of Roseanne and The Nanny and noticed the remarks and plots of certain episodes, but it was like my mind didn’t click until I started watching the other two shows were they were based off of young couples– no offense! When the older couples would do sex remarks or anything it was like it was normal. They’re adults, they are allowed to do that sort of thing. Even though both of those shows were a family based shows too, they weren’t too awful with it either. All four shows were shown on cable network programs and had to be set a certain way or they couldn’t be played. Now nobody cares to be honest with you.

What’s the funniest show on television these days?

Television these days are either so serious or have a reason to be on the air. Some like, Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant had a purpose at the beginning to be on the air and now it’s like they want to be make teengers pregnant or they think if they get pregnant they can get on TV. It’s just wrong all over the place. Some shows are very inpisring like, “Switched At Birth” it’s about these two girls who recently found out they were switched when they were born. One girl is deaf and the other isn’t. It’s very different from some shows that are on the air now, but very inspiring since apparently babies get switched a lot.

Some shows are just all around hilarious too, those are the ones I usually go for. Despite the few mysterious and competition shows that I’ve gotten stuck to lately. The funny shows are my all-time favorite shows to watch. I know it says, “these days” but I’m going to do an all time funny shows on television.

  1. Full House – Full House has to be on this list. It was cute, had a purpose, and it was funny to watch. I think I liked when DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle were younger better. When Stephannie and Michelle were itty-bitty and their lines were crazy and adorable. Michelle’s “You got it dude!” and Stephanie’s “How rude.” I’m not just talking about the kids though. Uncle Joey and Jesse had some funny lines too. Uncle Joey’s impressions of Popeye would make me smile all the time. I think the girls kind of overshadowed them at times.
  2. The Cosby Show – Oh my gosh! The Cosby Show was a great show to watch and still is! When I’m not in the mood to watch one of my shows or anything else that’s on and The Cosby Show is on I’ll watch it. Rudy and Olivia were my favorite kids on the show. Rudy’s sassy but yet bossy charm with her boyfriend Bud. Olivia’s cute little smile but sassy tone about things. I love the episode when it’s their grandparents anniversary and they are sitting in the living room. Cliff turns on this old jazz song and the family comes down the stairs and starts lip-sncying to it and Rudy does her “BABY!” part. Gets me everytime!
  3. Home Improvemt – Yes, I’m putting this show on here. Tim Allen made a fool out of himself all the time and it was just hilarious. His character would try so hard to fix things but it would end in diseaster. I loved Mr. Wilson. His knowledge and wisdom was crazy, but a good balance to the show. The kids were funny as hell. Johnathon Taylor Thomas was a cutie pie, and of course I had a crush on him. He was the funny kid of the bunch.
  4. Mad About You – I have to add this, because for one I actually grew up on this show. It was just amazing! I know I already have a post about this so I’ll keep it short. Besides Paul and Jamie I did love everybody else on the cast. I think Mark and Lisa were my favorites though. They put were out there and crazy, but in a good way. I love the episode when Paul and Jamie are filming themselves for Paul’s work and Lisa comes in obviously not knowing there’s cameras at every angle of their apartment. She comes in and talks about her love/personal life and wants to borrow a shirt of Jamie’s and both are trying to get Lisa’s attention because Paul was still filming and Lisa was wearing a robe, she takes it off not only in front of Paul but also a camera pointing right at her. Priceless.
  5. Friends – Friends ruled the 90’s. Thank god for Nick At Nite for bringing them back for everybody who does all-nighters. I loved all the romance, even though I hate real love. I loved Ross and Rachel as a couple, but now that I’m starting to get back into now I actually liked Rachel and Joey more. It’s weird actually but I do. Monica and Chandler was amazing together too! Phoebe and Joey were the funny ones, and yet the most caring ones out of the bunch.
  6. Whose Line Is It Anyways? – This show was awesome! ABC Family is generous enough to reair it on there at midnight. I watch it everytime I feel like it and remember. My favorites are Wayne, Colin, and Ryan. If you haven’t yet. Go on YouTube and watch their bloopers. Oh my god! You’ll get a even bigger laugh out of the bloopers than the actual show. I still think they should have continues it.
  7. The Nanny – Fran Drescher is an amazing lady, plus she’s also very funny. I loved The Nanny! Still do. It deserves to be on this list. Especially on one of my lucky numbers. I was watching it last weekend and I was actually thinking and agreeing with an comment someone had left me on my past post about The Nanny. Niles and C.C. should have had a show of their own, but I think since they were married and expecting a child together it wouldn’t be exactly the same with them bricking back and forth.
  8. Reba – Reba was a show I started watching when we were living at my nana’s a few years back. My nana liked it a lot and not too long afterwards the rest of us got into it as well. It was a caring, adorable and ditzy kind of show. Cheyenne and Van were the best ever. JoAnna Garcia played “Cheyenne” and she was a ditzy, caring blonde. Steve Howry played “Van” he was the football player who gets Cheyenne pregnant during their senior year of high school and he’s just hilarious, but yet very sensitive in the later seasons.
  9. Everybody Loves Raymond – I know I also did a post this too. Everybody Loves Raymond was a good show to watch. It would scare the living hell out of all the newlywed couples to make sure they don’t move close their in-laws. If my in-laws were like Frank and Marie, I’d be filing for divorce even before the relationship got that serious, but I’d love to have a brother-in-law like Robert anyday.
  10. Two And A Half Men – This has to be on my list. I got everybody into it and the new season started last week so that just makes everything that much better. Charlie Sheen maybe not be on the show anymore, but I think Ashton Kutcher would be awesome on it. I watched the first episode of the season last weekend and loved it. Alan is my favorite character besides Breta. Oh my god! She’s a hoot! I liked the episodes when Jake was younger. He was more funny back then. They always give the kids the good lines even though Breta might have him beat.