What One Band Can Do!


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I know everybody would rather read about how things went at my sister’s wedding, but I wanted to do something special first. The music world lost another great vocalist. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died and I have a lot of friends that I’ve been thinking about over the last week. I felt I needed to let them know that I’m always here for them!

If you read my FB post I published an hour after founding out, I was pretty much in denial about it. I’ve learned that you don’t believe anything that those “news” sites say until that person or somebody close has said something first. And it’s been a couple of weeks and I don’t think it’s sunk in yet because I still feel like it’s a cruel joke! No wonder people think that Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are alive and hiding out somewhere!

I put on my blog’s Facebook page of what I was feeling at that moment and how much these guys have meant for me as a whole! I mean, Chester is essentially the first male screamer I ever liked, and I started listening to Linkin Park mid-2009 and if anybody remembers he was with Dead By Sunrise at the time and I remember the album came out the week after the new Backstreet Boys album and I was stunned on how much I wanted the DBS album more! I still think it’s a damn good album! This was also the year that “New Divide” came out too, it was the only new song from LP that came out that year as Chester was busy, but I loved that song! I STILL love that song!

The chemistry between Chester and Mike was awesome! I had never heard of Nu-Metal and immediately after I started listening to “Collision Course” I was pretty much done for! It was my dad’s but it became mine after like four months of being in my possession! Overtime when their music started evolve, it was like their bond got stronger! I never thought a rapper or a screamer could do EDM until these guys! I can’t imagine what Mike is feeling right now. To be able to share a stage with somebody like Chester is an honor but for them to be bandmates and how this happened, I cannot imagine what any one of them are feeling and my hearts goes out to them!


By 2010, I was using Twitter a lot more despite the fact I had it for even longer than that! Mike, Chester and Phi were the only three members who had Twitter accounts at the time! Mike and Phi would have conversations amongst each other, but Chester would rarely visit because every time he did his mentions would explode. I’m not being a stalker, he literally said it a few times!

I don’t really remember why I started following more of the fans and couldn’t even told you who was first! I remember Maryam was at University at the time of when we started talking though, because I was in and out of my depression and she tried to set me straight with a few of my life problems! I remember Alex was from Italy and she was our like matriarch of the group; everybody wanted follow her and talk with her! I really enjoyed chatting and admired her for what she was doing with her life!

One of the last that I started talking to in the beginning was Breanna, we have a long history with each other! I helped her while she was at school and needed a code to be able to go through the LP meet and greet back in 2014. I still have text messages saved of our late night conversations! She lives on the west coast and I am on the east so time zones screwed with us most nights! Stacie was another one and was the first one I ever Skyped with and I was so nervous! She even met my mom and dad too! Poor girl! Breanna got to see my dad with his beard!


I definitely remember on how I met Maddy. I love her dearly despite the fact we no longer talk to each other as much. When I first heard the news, I thought about her and then my other friend Rana. They were definitely Team Chester! My heart broke more for these two than anyone else I think! I met these next two chicks during a chat that was livestreamed on another site (thank god)! Hell I even remember the screen names they used: “ilovelpforever” was Autumn and “caroleeone” was of course Carolee. I enjoyed talking with them while we all basically lost our minds while hearing Mike talk on the screen! And then I found both Melissa and Ally randomly after I saw somebody talk about Rob and I think I just joined their whole conversation!

I made friends from all over the world! There was one girl who was from Viethnam and the closest was from the same state! It was crazy! I sent quite a few of them Christmas cards! I cannot remember how we all met but I still think of every single one of you! Antigoni, Jelena, Nevena (still love your name!), Iva, Yahaira, Stephanie, and Gilmara. It still shocks me that one band can create so many friendships at one time! You all were the reason why I got so fast on my key pad! Every time we had a chat, my toes would just drag on and on, but now they are super quick! So thank you for that and lovely memories! We’ll always be LP soldiers!

If you want to read what else I put on my status, you can check it out here!


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Decorating Lockers.

This title went with my day, today my sister Emily registered for Junior year. We took her friends Jayde and Jace with us and they’re a year behind her. The night before I couldn’t get any sleep at all. My mom got me these elbow pads to sleep at night because I don’t roll that much at night. When I wake up in the morning, my elbows are really red and sore from that night. Well I’ve had two different ones on me for the past two nights and either one have actually stopped the redness and pain afterwards. So thats the reason why I couldn’t sleep last night.

Despite being up half the night, I wasn’t too much of a bitch today. I was actually paying attention to things around me. We started out our day by going to Cato. The four of us, (Emily, Jayde, Jace, and I) went inside and looked around. I loved everything in there! Well almost everything. Emily got a new purse, she just had to get a purple one. Mom got a shirt that I actually like on her. Emily found this hot pink blouse that had a belt at the waist. She tried it on and apparently Jayde hated it. Jace almost got a shirt with her boyfriend’s football number on it, but didn’t get it. It was cute too! I found two cute pairs of high heels. One purple and the other one was black. My mom said, no.

Finally, we got to Walmart. I still had money from when my friend Stephanie got my NKOTBSB poster in Indy. So I knew exactly what I was going to use that for. The girls grab a cart when we first got there and went on a hunt for there stuff. I hung out with mom. We looked at posters (no TVD or LP) and books. They didn’t have one single The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries books. I was sad! They had Twilight books but not TVD. We tried looking for cups for me, and they didn’t have a big selection of cups. Then she let me get my iTunes card. I’m in a habit of only a $15 card. Which is good!

After mom got done with her stuff, we went looking for the “giggles.” I think they stayed in the school supply aisles for half an hour. I don’t remember having that much getting stuff for school, except for getting stuff for my last year. That was fun! One of my sister’s friends Sam was there with her mom and brother. Sam broke the news that they can’t put there stuff in their lockers because the computer system crashed or something like that. So the girls were devasted that they got all their stuff and probably can’t put their stuff in their lockers til the first day of school.

On our way home, that’s all they kept saying, “I can’t believe we can’t decorate our lockers.” This is what I missed in both middle school and high school. I only used my locker for like four days when I was in sixith grade, between me and the combination and the thingy to push up. Oh my god! I remember being so fustrated because I wanted to be like everybody else, but I was so happy that my aide put my stuff the aide’s room.