What’s your middle name? Do you like it?

My middle name is Elizabeth. It’s a common name. An old-fashion name. Although its name that’s old-fasioned, somehow I got stuck with two very popular names. Meghan and Elizabeth. One with a different spelling and the other is just long. Hell, my full name is long. I don’t like it that long. I like short and unique names. So to answer the second question on my title, do you like it? Do I like my middle name? Yes, it does have its perks. Because since I have unique spelling first name and old name as my middle name. I want to name my kids, mostly girls with original first names and old middle names.

My sister Emily has the same but for her its backwards. She has the old name as a first and unique middle name(s). I’m still jealous of her for having the two middle names instead of just one like I do. She has the short name and unique middle names. That’s what I like. What the hell? However though, her middle name is Lindsey-Mae. It makes her full name a lot longer than mine. So I probably shouldn’t complain that much, actually both of our names are long. I’d like to know why our parents wanted us to have long names. My mom’s name is short. Dad’s medium conpared to both of ours combined. It’s just weird. Oh, if you’re wondering. She doesn’t even like her middle name(s) either.