I Guess I’m Not That Handicapped To Dance.

Remember all those posts about wanting to be a dancer? My love of dance is still going strong and everything, but my mom rented Just Dance 3 for us for the weekend I guess or something like that. My sister said to me while we were at nana’s still that I had to try it. I was glad she asked me to do it with her because mom and dad probably wouldn’t do it with her. So when we got home dad was asleep so that kind of crashed our plans of doing it when we first got home.

After he got up I texted her asking if she was going to do it. She said yes, and mom put me in my wheelchair and I went into my parent’s room. It’s where the Wii is and the only space we have left to do anything that has to do with the Wii. However, the space we do have isn’t that much with a computer chair, my wheelchair, and a bed in the way. So it’s not really much room, but enough to do some stuff though. I’ve played Wii before. Not gonna lie, I suck at it. Guitar Hero, I can only do “beginner” on the songs. That’s it.

I’ve been actually curious about doing these dance-type games on the Wii. Since you just do the moves and don’t have to push anything (which is a good thing for me!) I didn’t think it was going to be THAT bad. Emily didn’t want to do the Sweat part, even though we were doing that anyways. Our first song was “California Gurls” by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. Emily’s actually played this game before so she’s actually a pro at this a little. She’s also a cheerleader too, she’s got better hand coordination than I do. She got over 2000+ points, and I got 1957 points and got called “Lazy.” I’m in a wheelchair, trying not to fall out of it. Trying to do the moves with one foot and keeping myself steady with the other. I was more than “Lazy” I was trying.

After my first try to¬†figuring an idea for the controller, I have elbow pads and I figured if I had ahold of it with my toes and then put them through the pad I wouldn’t be in some pain. Mainly it was my pinky that was hurting. It’s a strong pinky, but it’s very weak. It’s not use to it. Before we went again. My mom went in and did it with Emily to give me a break. They did “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Mom played my character, she got 5955 points. That was her first try too. In her second try she got over 7000+ points. She also knew most of the steps too. She was getting there.

Emily and I did “Price Tag” by Jessie J and B.o.B. and I actually liked that one. It wasn’t as hard as the first song. I knew what to expect. Pain. It wasn’t as bad though with the pad on my foot, but I don’t usually sweat since I don’t use my feet like everyone else, I can’t walk or wear shoes that much. So I don’t sweat there. This time I did, but I had back pain before doing this and it hurt even more afterwards. Pinky, was fine though. Most of the time I just used one foot but then I wouldn’t get the points so I used my other foot. Somehow, I got more points using both feet. After that song we did “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz and “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. They were group dances and I can say I definitely sucked at both of those but I got “Creative” on the first song. I was happy for that.

No More Sorrow

Its one of those rare days when both Linkin Park and The Vampire Diaries end up playing on the same day on my TV screen. One of my favorites on the DVD is “No More Sorrow” and the one that is playing right now, “Pushing Me Away.” Both are the best of the whole show in my opinion. Even though I haven’t been to a Linkin Park concert…yet. I’m not going to dwell that their concerts are over. They could still release their new album next year and freak all of us out. Anyways, I didn’t have intentions of talking about Linkin Park but obviously my feet just couldn’t help themselves. Blame it on the toes!

Last night I went to the Powder Puff Football game. Since last Friday’s football game sucked and I was pissed off at everybody that I have ever talked to, I didn’t expect to have a good time but I was going to be happy that I was getting out of the house. Even though my mom is sick she still managed to get both my sister and I out there so we can watch the girl’s play. I was somewhat excited, because I was getting the chance to see one of my friends I haven’t seen since the summer after I graduated from high school. She played last night and despite kind of rooting between the Junior’s (because my sister’s a Junior) and the Senior’s (because of my friend) they ended playing up against each other of who won this year. It was the Junior’s that won it.

So that happened last night. I only made two rounds, one with my sister and the other to go find my sister. By the last game against the first winning teams, I talked to two girls that I graduated with. Brittany and Emily. I didn’t talk much to Brittany, but Emily and I had a WHOLE conversation. Nice relieve, especially since I don’t normally talk to her much and haven’t see her either. She’s one crazy girl, but so fun to be around. I need to watch LMFAO’s music video to “Sexy And I Know It” according to her it’s pretty hilarious. Definitely going to have to watch that later.