Favorite Romantic Comedies!


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I hope you’re not getting tired of these movie posts because I’ve got a few others that I’d like to discuss sometime in the future! As you might’ve seen in my last movie post, I added¬†Sweet Home Alabama¬†as one of my favorite chick flicks, which is what it is, but after searching around for my favorite romantic comedies I started to think that maybe I should have left it out and put it on this list instead. And then I had another thought, that maybe if I hadn’t added it, would I even think of doing this post?

I don’t honestly like the lovey-dovey films. It’s just not in my DNA to believe in love at first sight, at least not with people. Blogs, music, and books are totally different for me. You can tell a lot about those things with whatever cover is on the front. People can be very difficult to read I think. So honestly I have a love/hate relationship with the romantic comedies because there’s a lot of love-y scenes that usually make me want to barf, but yeah there are some that tug at my heart and I end liking it a lot more than I had planned on and that is why I decided to give you this list.

The Parent Trap (1998 – Natasha Richardson, Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan)

I actually watched this recently. I hadn’t watched it in a really long time and so the fact that I was wanting to watch it one afternoon was a mystery to me. Surprisingly, I still remember quite a bit of this film.

I think some of my favorite scenes are really when Annie and Hallie start playing tricks on each other at camp. I mean, the last one in Annie’s cabin is flat out hilarious and something I thought was weird was the fact whenever they show the scene inside the cafeteria and you see those pictures of the previous camp goers and then they have this last prank of these girls sneaking around putting shaving cream and honey on some of these girls, I thought how does one sleep through all of that?! Because I’m picturing loud creaks everytime the girls walked along the floors.

I did like the chemistry between Elizabeth and Nick, they seemed genuine and I loved the scene whenever Liz decides to take Hallie back to California and exchange her with Annie again, because she literally becomes this crazy woman! She’s nervous about seeing her ex-husband and the girls make up this big scheme to get their parents back together. The final prank to get Meredith out of the picture is funny as hell! See, I’d never be that clever to be able to do that to a person, but then again I’m naturally a fun, loving and warm type of person! I’ve got family members laughing at that sentence right now I know I do!

Look Who’s Talking (1989 – Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Bruce Willis)

I really love this movie! I’m still kicking myself for removing it on my DVR about two years ago because leave it to my mother to delete it on her side. And she wonders why every once in a while I go and delete some of her stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted¬†Fifty Shades Of Grey!¬†I think this is truly one of my best movies and I’ve watched a LOT of movies over the years! I can watch it in the morning, late afternoons when my energy is getting low and late at night when I can’t sleep.

I don’t really like Bruce Willis, but I absolutely love him voicing Mikey. I think he is freaking hilarious! I’ve always wanted to know what babies and toddlers are really thinking about the people that are around them 24/7 and he brought every thought and emotion in each scene, because babies don’t know any better and he manged to figure out what to say in each section so perfect! I wonder if he ever ab-libed any of those scenes?

The Back-Up Plan (2010 – Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin)

Every once in a while, I’ll see a trailer for a film and fall completely in love with it. This was one of those movies!

I am a sucker of anything with Jennifer Lopez in it, so it was only natural to get into this film I think. I thought the story was very adorable and made me wonder about my future.¬† I’d love to have a family of my own, I’ve wanted that for majority of my life so watching this woman have like a deadline that if she didn’t find her true love by a certain age that she was going to do her back-up plan and basically go to a sperm bank and create that family that she wants. It’s such a sweet and funny movie!

Legally Blonde (2001 – Reese Witherspoon, Matt Davis, Luke Wilson)

Years ago, I want to say a month or two before we left so I could have my surgeries, my aunt on my dad’s side gave me Legally Blonde and it was seriously the most played movie besides The Little Rascals! My roommate Shelby and I were freaking obsessed with it! The nights before our surgeries we would eat chips and salsa and watch Legally Blonde. When we were lying in bed recovering, we would have portable televisions and VCR on a table and we’d watch it as part to comfort us in those times!

My mom and I can STILL quote the entire film! We both have our favorite scenes and characters! We solely have a chihuahua because of Bruiser and when Matt Davis appeared on The Vampire Diaries in 2011, I was in denial because I knew I recognized him but I couldn’t place him in anything I had watched recently, but once I showed my mom, she was like that’s “Warner!” and so if it wasn’t for her I would have forgotten about that! She actually had a hard time watching Charlie Sheen’s¬†Anger¬† Management¬†during it’s first season because Selma Blair was in it and she had a difficult time not seeing her as the “rigid bitch” in LB!

What are some of your favorite romantic comedies? Is there a genre of film (besides horror!) you’d like me to talk about in a future post? Let me know!¬†


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Favorite Non-Disney Films!


I talked a lot about movies in January and it was mostly because the first two months of the new year are usually very unpredictable for me. Our weather can go back and forth between a typical cold day to freezing rain, thunder, and eventually a couple of inches of snow. I don’t usually have a lot of bright ideas like I did at the end of the year, because I’m not leaving the house a lot. So in other words, my nana and I are not getting together and coming up with our crafts and other stuff.

So if you are a little tired of all the movie posts, well this isn’t the post for you. Honestly, if February is anything like last month then I might be doing a lot of movie posts. This is your warning now!

I have been thinking about this idea for almost 2 years now and no, I’m not kidding! Technically you can blame Danielle of Underland To Wonderland. She is, in my opinion, the #1 best Disney blogger I follow on the blogosphere. She told me that she’s never liked the non-Disney films, but she has a fairly large collection of everything that isn’t Disney. For the past two years, I thought she had a post like this one and I thought if I posted it after her then it would have looked like I copied her or vice versa. So I’ve been sort of comfortable in waiting for the right time to unleashed my favorite non-Disney films ever!

I’m directing my focus on just Don Bluth films. I figured he had a lot more that he had created, so I figured that if I find any more animated, non-Disney flicks than there will be a second post.


1.) Anastasia – 1997

I love Anastasia! It was a beloved film in my household with my sister and I.

I have always wondered what really created my love of history and mythology. I believe one of the first stories, or conspiracy theories I’ve ever heard were the rumors of both the real Anastasia and her little brother future czar Alexei Romanov were thought to be alive after their entire family were brutally murdered in 1918. The reason why I bring it up because at this time I was interested in Ancient Egypt and Greek mythology after watching Disney’s version of Hercules.¬†Despite not knowing how I became a total history nut, I really love this film!

I think it also has a great soundtrack! I am still kicking myself that I had bought the album (even though I only wanted two songs!) like a couple of months before our home computer crapped out on us, and I had burned myself on it so I had almost all of the songs unchecked on iTunes and when I switched my iPod, I lost all of those songs and I haven’t been able to find them on Spotify either!


2.) Thumbelina – 1994

If you were to ask Blondie which of the non-Disney films we were obsessed with as kids, there’s a big chance she won’t remember; that’s where I come in because I’m pretty sure this was her favorite. I’m still surprised this wasn’t a favorite of mine though, but I think the “magic” of it and the face that finding somebody like me as a kid was an impossible feat. I had trouble believing in it.

I loved the songs and still do. I remember as a child getting very frustrated singing the songs from both Thumbelina and Anastasia and having the most difficult time hitting a high note and letting it go. Back then, my back was really bad and I wasn’t able to take in a deep breath and sing as well as I feel like I can nowadays. I’m proud to say that I can hit those infamous notes!


3.) The Land Before Time – 1988

If you were born in the late 80’s or sometime in the 90’s, you might¬†have heard of this film than any other because it was one of Don Bluth’s best films!

I do know for a fact that this was what got me interested in dinosaurs. There’s no question about it, because I tried to watch¬†Jurassic Park¬†with my parents once and was haunted by those suckers for most of my childhood. However, the fossils and bones seemed to intrigue me for some odd reason. And Littlefoot and his band of dinos were the perfect combination for me! Kiddie films about history of any kind, usually worked well! For a little fun fact, I wanted to be Littlefoot. I tried to stretch my neck out and everything. I’m starting to realize why my mom never takes me seriously, she had to put up with that for a number of years!


4.) All Dogs Go To Heaven – 1989

I’ll be honest I like the second movie a lot better compared to the first. I’ve always been interested in sequels more than the original, but here’s a way to think about it. If we didn’t have the original, we wouldn’t have the sequels.

Anyways, my favorite characters from the first were Itchy (of course!) and Annabelle. Even though, she seems more like an angel in this one than the second movie. Maybe it’s because she’s basically the “alpha” in Heaven. I also think this film is good if you have children and they ask you questions where animals go after they’ve passed on. Trust me, going this route is a lot better than a freaking pastor telling your sister that your pets don’t go to heaven after your family dog has died. Thanks a lot asshole! And if you have ever told any child that, you’re even worse!


5.) An American Tail – 1986

I’ll be honestly, I barely remember this movie. I remember the layout of it; I actually “rented” it for a couple of days back in October to see if any scenes or dialogue would jump out at me like if I would remember anything, but it didn’t work, but¬†watching it as an adult was pretty interesting, considering I wasn’t supposed to be awake in the first place so in ways I felt like I was a kid again!

I think it’s an adorable little movie. I’ve always liked movies with mice in it and I don’t know why! I kind of wonder if Blondie was into it as a kid because she’s a lover of mice (despite becoming a cat lady lately!) at one point we had two rats and over 7 hamsters–not at one time though! Dad would have had a cow if that ever happened! However, she did have a pair of twins once and we got their sexes wrong, apparently the female died and “Thomas” became “Thomasina”. They all seemed to like me too! We would always sneaked one or both out of their cages whenever dad would leave the house! We still do that, but exchanged the rodents with our cats instead!

What is your favorite Don Bluth’s film? Which character were obsessed with growing up?


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This Season and Next Season of Dancing With The Stars.

I feel good today. I stayed up late but I had to. I had to watch Dancing With The Stars, and for the second year in a row. I lost, but however, so did my mom too. We both hoped Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas to win, but I think we were the same at as long as William Levy didn’t win, we were fine. He came in third. I was very happy! I was going to be outraged if he was going to be in top two just for his good looks considering his freestyle sucked. Katherine and Donald had the most amazing freestyles. When they were about to announce the winner, I was standing in the middle because I’ve been a fan of both. I was literally on five teams this season. Gavin, Gladys, Maria, Katherine, and Donald. Surpringly I didn’t buy William Levy’s “hotness” that everybody else had a thing for. I’m just like my mom. She didn’t see it either. We’re still hooked to Derek Hough and Mark Ballas. I was also into the Chmerkosvkiy brothers too. I am still in envy of Melissa’s trio dance with them. I pretty much loved last night’s episode, even though it was the end.

My mom and I were talking about who we would want for next season. Since it’s not like a regular season of new celebrities. In the fall, some of the past contestants will be back for the All-Star Dancing With The Stars. Yesterday as my mom was washing my hair we were discussing this. We have only watched for four seasons, well she’s watched five seasons. She watched some of the year that Nicole Scherzinger won. After that, I started watching it with her. We both cast our ballots when we found out Jennifer Grey was going to be on that next season. If you didn’t think she wasn’t going to win, you were crazy. Her and Derek Hough were amazing. I think Julianne Hough should come back too. I think it would be interesting if she came back. So here is my list of celebrities who make their way back to the dance floor.

  1. Donny Osmond
  2. Emmitt Smith
  3. Chelsea Kane
  4. Kirstie Alley
  5. Romeo
  6. Marlee Matin
  7. Mario Lopez
  8. Audrina Patridge
  9. Kyle Massey
  10. Carson Kressley
  11. Kendra Wilkinson
  12. Kristi Yamaguchi

Christmas Cards

This will be my second year not doing any Christmas cards. Since I haven’t been in school I don’t have anybody to make and give out and I’m surprised to say this but I actually miss making them. So I think I’m bringing them back. So I got to thinking about how to send them to, my family would most likely get cards from my nana, so that takes care of them. I think I’m going to go even bigger than my Senior year. I think I’m going to send them out to my Twitter friends. I think it would be awesome to do that for them! Since I have so many of them and in different places around the world I’m going to have to be smart about this.

I feel like Santa Claus. I am going to the ones overseas first, since they are the majority of everybody on my Twitter. Thing is, everybody is in time zones. Two of my friends, Manaroma and Laricya are from the far side, so I might have to send theirs out first before anybody else’s. Then the ones everwhere else. I don’t think everybody will get one. I’m going to be making a list, and checking more than twice apparently. After them, I’ll do the ones in the U.S. and hope they all arrive on time. I’m crazy to be doing this, but I really want to do this. It would be very sweet and special for a lot of them. I’m going to make my list now.

Random Facts About This Blogger.

I’m in a random mood. My mood swings are going back and forth. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, but didn’t know if I wanted it on my “About This Girl” but then I started thinking hardly anybody really reads that but crazy people but me, so I decided to just do it this way. I was thinking about doing 40 random facts about me. 20¬†each week.¬†Enjoy, hope it makes you laugh.

  1. I probably close to a 100 CDs but several of them are missing. I’ve been looking for my Avril Lavigne CD “Let Go” since 2009 and have no clue where it is. Its somewhere in the house but probably broken.
  2. I live in a town where cornfields surround the place but I am not a country girl. Even though my dad is a country “boy” and listens to more Country music than anybody in my family. I’ve always felt like a city girl.
  3. I’ve had close to¬†9 different social network accounts. Bebo, MySpace, MyYearbook, Facebook (2), Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. I don’t use about 4 of them.
  4. My favorite Sucker flavor(s) is Orange, Cherry and Cream Soda.
  5. I still watch cartoons, especially Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Looney Tunes. I’m very excited to see that Nickeldeon is going back in time to play 90s shows. I watched Kenan & Kel last night!
  6. I think both women and men with brown hair and baby blue eyes are blessed. Example: Ian Somerholder.
  7. My nana loves redheads and men in uniform. I love redheads and men in uniform.
  8. In high school, I read a book just because it was dark purple. It turned out to be awesome book!
  9. I have two NKOTBSB posters.
  10. I am related to two celebrities.
  11. Winter is my favorite season.
  12. I’m not into chick flicks that much. I do love the movies Where The Heart Is, The Back-Up Plan, and Life As We Know It.
  13. I love unique names. My kids are going to hate me because they’re gonna have the same problem I had with misspelling their names.
  14. I can’t drink Mountain Dew. I drink it probably once a month. I can drink the alternative verison of it called, “Citrus Drop” or something like that. That doesn’t make my stomach hurt all that much.
  15. I have a learning disability. I am very slow at certain things.
  16. I use to hate reading, until I got into high school then I actually liked reading.  
  17. I love paint splatters.
  18. I am addicted to action movies! Fast & Furious movies are all time favorites ever! The Transformers movies are right behind. Something about the hot guys, amazing looking cars, and good music gets to me.
  19. My favorite dance is Tango, and Ballet and Hip Hop are right behind.
  20. Most rooms have a theme, mine doesn’t. Mine is as random as this list.